the strange man and mark

chapter 1: kidnapped

I don't remember much of what happened. I only remember being in my yard at home, kind of being ignored. My family had better things to do than to keep an eye on me. They probably should have been paying more attention, because as soon as they turned their backs a tall, bald man approached me. I was backed into a corner of the backyard, begging him not to hurt me.
"I'm not going to hurt you, girl. No that's not my intention at all. You'll see the others and understand", he said, grinning at me with the widest and most menacing smile I'd ever seen.
He tackled me to the ground in the most gentle way and forced me to drink what looked like a glass bottle of water. After that I remember nothing.
I woke up confused, in a strange box of a room that looked like a shower. The walls were red and black and there was a large spout near the ceiling. The floor felt like metal but covered in some kind of rubber material; it was oddly comfortable. There was no real ceiling to the area, just the slightest amount of open air above me. I tried to keep myself calm but the more I thought about the situation I began to panic. Suddenly I heard someone speaking in another shower-like contraption beside me. His voice was very deep but soothing; he sounded a bit like a radio announcer.
"Stay calm. I'll try to get us out of here. But you must comply, or he will hurt you," he told me.
I settled down and tried to stop from freaking out. The man in the stall beside me kept talking to me until our kidnapper came in. I couldn't see him but I heard his loud heavy footsteps on the floor outside the stalls.
"I'm going to start the showers soon, Mark. You know what to do," he said. "As for you, my new princess, just drink until I say to stop."
There was a maniacal kind of laugh before there was a sudden rush of orange liquid coming from the faucet. I leaned up to drink out of it, knowing that's what was expected of me. It was orange soda, my favorite drink. I liked it, and drank far more than I've ever drank before. It was starting to hurt and I was about to beg the man to stop. The faucet let out a larger stream before eventually slowing down to a complete stop. I had sticky soda residue all over my face and in my hair. I felt bloated and uncomfortable. My dress had become tight in the process. I couldn't help but lay down on the floor and breathed heavily. I felt like my dress was about to rip.
Finally the door to the stall opened and I saw the man again. I lifted my head as much as I could to look at him. He smiled as I just collapsed back down, clearly pleased with me. He made his way back to Mark's stall and opened the door, taking his time to admire Mark. I was excited to see who Mark was, glad that he might help me. He sounded so kind. I was hoping that the man would leave us alone to get to know each other, and to my happiness he did just that.
"Be good, my pets. I'll let you get to know each other, but remember, I will be back, and next time will be even more exciting!"
The man left, closing the door behind him. I slowly crawled out of the stall, the pain starting to dissipate but leaving me with discomfort in its place. Mark was making his way out too, his feet coming out of the doorway first. I took a moment to look around at where we were. It was a large normal looking room, kind of like a re-purposed living room. There were potted plants on top of white marble holders. The whole room was white aside from our stalls, which looked mighty strange being the only things in the room aside from plants. There were doors on either side of the room, though I was unsure what they led to; I didn't bother to find out.
I heard a grunt from Mark's direction as he pulled himself to his feet. He was short, a little tan, and slightly muscular. Not at all my type but his face looked kind and his eyes were gentle. He looked Asian or Korean, and his hair was a mess. It was black but some of it had been dyed red, and it matched the walls of our showers. Mark offered a hand to help me up and I gratefully took it. I looked at him for a while, trying to understand what was going on. Eventually he spoke to me again.
"I don't know how we're gonna get out of this mess but we'll be okay. I've been here for a few weeks and I doubt this guy- his name is Malakai- is gonna hurt us too much. The only thing that hurts is the pressure, but you must do as he says or he'll beat you."
I nodded, understanding his words. I was tempted to hug him and after some thinking, I did. I reached my hand under his shirt and squeezed his sides. He had soft love handles but strong abs. Malakai had been softening him up.
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FrecherTyp 6 years
hehe i love the interesting plot would love to see the two struggling more and more trying to escape with every added pounds only hindered by wicked traps of malakai each time ...

great story