the summer of love

Chapter 1 - the summer of love pregnantstuffer

The Summer of Love

The school bells rang for the last time and a roar of excitement was in the air in Gluttonbury High School. It was the last day of school and Lauren was excited to be done with school but she also would miss being the "queen bee" and all the attention she received from the boys and even some male teachers. After a joyous four years as cheer lead captain Lauren's body was as tight and toned as a profession volleyball player. With blonde hair and standing 5'4 and 115 pounds she was the "perfect" woman. As the hottest and most desirable girl in school Lauren maintained her figure by eating salads and yogurt almost exclusively.

As Lauren signed yearbook after yearbook of her friends and admirers she couldn't help but get excited for the exciting summer her very well to do mother and father had planned for her and her other "besties". Lauren was raised by the two richest parents in the town and she was accustomed to getting her way, one way or another. If she was ever told no by anyone she would pout and if that didn't work throw a fit and stamp her feet on the ground demanding her way.

Walking to the parking lot Lauren hopped into her BMW and tossed her backpack into the back seat. Driving home she saw the neon signs of a McDonald's and Dairy Queen and her tummy grumbled in protest! She fought the cravings and made it home in time to satisfy her cravings with her usual salad and yogurt. As she ate she ran her hand across her toned tummy and down to her slender thighs, feeling her soft skin while she slowly chewed the bland and boring meal.

A hot shower followed the "meal" and Lauren took the time to lather herself up in her mango extract infused body wash and sensually wash her hair with expensive imported shampoo. The shower was full of steam and Lauren closed her eyes and let the hot water hit her skin as she smelled the mango body wash waft through the air. After patting herself dry Lauren put her hair in a bun and walked down the hall to her room, which was also the biggest in the house. Throwing on a pair of black yoga pants and a pink skin tight tube-top that generously exposed her midriff she walked down to the den to watch laguna beach re-runs until her mom and dad came home.

Sitting on the couch her tummy started to rumble letting Lauren know she was in need of a snack. She just ignored the bubbling and grumbling of her belly and focused on the show. Seeing the girls on TV reinforced that only thin girls could be happy and find love. Lauren kept telling herself that as her tummy kept up the demands to be fed. At six o clock sharp her mom and dad walked through the front door and Lauren got up to greet them.

"Hi mom!", She said and gave her skinny mother a hug.
"Hi daddy", Lauren squeaked and gave her dad a peck on on the cheek.

They mumbled a lifeless hello back to Lauren and trudged upstairs. Lauren thought it odd for her parents to seem so burned out as usually they were upbeat and always put her first. Again her tummy grumbled and Lauren looked down at it and said, OK, OK, you win! She quickly walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. The glow of the fridge lit her beautiful face up and she bit her lower lip while she decided what to eat.

Well, there's yogurt, salad and.....cake. Her eyes lit up for a moment seeing the huge slice of triple chocolate cake saran wrapped to a plate in the fridge. Lauren shut the door and put her back to the fridge.

"No, no, I cant give in" She stammered out loud.

Thoughts and cliche phrases raced through her head. "You are what you eat, a moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips" The pain and discomfort of her empty belly amplified. She felt a twinge of pain and doubled over.

Lauren stood back up after the cramp subsided and slowly opened the door and reached for the cake. The plate was cold and heavy she looked to the side door and grabbed a half gallon of milk. Shutting the door with her foot and swinging around she quickly as if not to be seen, darted up to her room. Lauren put the cake on her bed and shut and locked her door.
"Why is this so exciting," Lauren asked herself, feeling a rush of excitement surge through her. Maybe knowing that she wasn't supposed to eat this or how she was so stealthy about bringing it to her room got her excited.

Lauren peeled off her yoga pants and tube top and thew them on the ground knowing the maid would clean up tomorrow and slipped into a comfy cotton pink bed time jammie. Lauren slid into bed on the other side of the cake and propped a few goose down pillows behind her and grabbed the plate. She then realized that she had forgotten a fork. Looking at the gigantic piece of rich cake Lauren instinctively grabbed it and took a huge first bite. Closing her eyes Lauren chewed the rich delight slowly, quietly, moaning in ecstasy.

How is this so good she exclaimed! Her face had a little chocolate smudge on both sides ofter mouth as she went in for another bite. Swallowing the second bite Lauren leaned over to grab the milk. Unscrewing the top as quickly as she could with one hand she grabbed the handle and held it up to her chocolate covered lips. The cold rich milk flowed into her mouth and washed down any remaining cake. Bite after bite the sensual taste of decadent chocolate filled her mouth. The last bite was gone in a poof and Lauren was licking the chocolate of her fingers one by one. She held up the half gallon and polished the last bit of milk off and tossed it to the ground and let out a burp.
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