the surprise treat

chapter 1

Jasmine woke up tired and groggy from the night before. She felt her pipe still in her hand, and she could see wrappers surrounding her in her peripheral.

"How much did I smoke last night?"

Sitting up slowly, she tugged the waistband of her pajama pants down, feeling relief as her now-not-so-small gut poured out. She couldn't remember the last time she hadn't had red marks carved into her belly. What had happened to her? She had always been a little thick and had a love for food, but all the softball practices and games had kept her lean and toned. It wasn't until she had met Sasha that she had started to slack off.

She thought back to that first hit she had taken off of Sasha's bong. She had been hit with uncontrollable laughter, an off sense of balance and - of course - the munchies. Her stomach, though small, had felt like an endless pit that couldn't be satisfied and everything she ate tasted like heaven in her mouth. Sasha had been a good friend - even drove her around to whatever fast-food place she wanted to go. They talked for hours while Jasmine satisfied her hunger and it wasn't long before they were hanging out regularly.

It had been months since then and Jasmine had since taken up smoking even when Sasha wasn't around to encourage her. Her softball career hadn't been able to compete with her munchies and she had left the team and taken up a less active extracurricular to put on her high school resume. As she swung her legs out to the side of the bed she spread them apart to let her once flat stomach rest on her bedspread. Her shirt - she didn't even know why she had bothered to put it on last night; it stopped halfway between her breasts and her belly button. There were holes in the seams of her pajama pants where her thighs had started to ooze through and she felt a sharp pain when she realized how tightly her small t-shirt was digging into her arms.

She walked downstairs slowly, peeking her head around the corner at the bottom to make sure her parents weren't home. They hadn't been happy with her eating habits the past few months and her mother was always pestering her to eat more.... vegetables.

The only vegetables I'm eating better be seasoned and drenched in butter, she thought.

Seeing the coast was clear, she - waddled?? - over to the kitchen to take inventory. The fridge was bare as usual. Her mother had stopped being so liberal with the grocery shopping after Jasmine had outgrown her fourth pair of jeans in an effort to make her cut back on her calories. Luckily for Jasmine, Sasha always came prepared with bags of McDonald's, Wendy's or Del Taco stashed in her tote-sized purse when she was invited over. They would shove a towel up under the door, light up, and Jasmine would eat while Sasha told her about her newest fling. She always felt like she was eating the majority of the goodies, but Sasha always insisted that she had eaten before she came over.

She was about to close the door to the fridge when something bright caught her attention out of the corner of her eye. It was stashed in the very back of the top shelf - only noticeable to someone who would be bent down and actively scouring for food. Moving an abandoned ketchup bottle out of the way she saw that the bright pink she had seen was actually a carefully wrapped cupcake. As she pulled it out of the fridge she noticed there was a post-it note stuck to the bottom.

"I went to this little hole-in-the-wall bakery downtown and had a special cupcake made for you. You weren't home when I stopped by earlier so I'm hiding it in the fridge. Hopefully you find it before your mom does!

- Sasha"

"Awww, how sweet," she murmered. As she unwrapped her treat and threw a piece in her mouth, she could feel her tongue and pussy tingle in pleasure. "Whoah...." she breathed, "I should probably take this back up to my room."

Climbing back up the stairs was more troublesome for her than it had been yesterday. She tugged on her shirt, but for some reason it barely went down past her breasts now. As she finally reached the top of the stairs she heard a loud tear and noticed that more of her thigh was squeezing out of her pants.

Stupid stairs...

After her door was securely locked she cleared the wrappers off her bed and sat down, cupcake in hand. She took another bite, and another and another - it was gone in less than a minute. She had never tasted anything like it before. It almost melted in her mouth and she felt like she could taste each individual sugar crystal when it touched her tongue. She placed a hand on her stomach in satisfaction and laid her head back on the headboard.

Suddenly she felt a warmth wash over her and she slid down on her bed and slowly reached into her panties. She placed two fingers on either lip of her pussy and used them to gently massage her clit, closing her eyes so she could lose herself further in the pleasure. Unbeknownst to her, as she rubbed herself her body began to expand.

Her bra-less breasts were inching closer and closer to her face, pushed up by her tightening t-shirt and her belly - only slightly rounded when she lay on her back - began to rise like dough. She felt the waistband of her pants starting to put more resistance on her wrist but thought nothing of it. Had she not been breathing so intensely she would have heard the seams splitting in her shirt and further in her pants. The bare spots of her inner thighs began to ooze closer together, surrounding her hand as she masturbated vigorously. As her stomach progressed past growing up and began to spread out to her sides, she felt her arm being pushed away and her reach diminished. She tried to ignore it, but as her fingertips were finally pushed just out of reach of her clit she opened her eyes in frustration.

She was startled to find that all she could see in front of her was a long line of cleavage, barely having time to process what was happening before the last few seams on her shirt gave out and her now bowling-ball-sized breasts fell to her sides. Her stomach loomed beyond the closing gap between her spread out breasts like a mound of Jell-O. She winced in pain at what she thought was her waistband digging into her under a now massive - and still growing - muffin top.

She struggled to sit up so she could better see what was happening, her face growing red and sweaty with the effort. Her breasts were weighing down on her arms as she used them to slowly hoist herself up, and she dragged her heavy thighs even further apart from each other to make a spot for a stomach. Eventually she was able to get her back up against the headboard of her bed and she looked to her right to glance in the mirror doors of her closet.

Her upper arms looked like giant marshmallows, almost as big around as her thighs had been back when she was a tone 120lbs. She had developed massive side rolls that only continued to multiply as she watched her view of them being slowly eaten up by what now resembled two kid-sized bean bags on her chest. Her stomach.... it protruded in front of her enormously in her profile, and she could SEE it slowly inching forward and covering her blanket. In both pleasure and horror she watched and felt as her back became arched towards the headboard of her bed to make room for an ass that quickly became a shelf and merged with her thickening thighs to form a makeshift armrest.

Feeling a twinge in her clit, she turned her attention back to her unreachable pussy, realizing for the first time since she opened her eyes that she could feel the pressure and weight of her stomach pressing against it. The pulsing of her belly being pumped with lard felt amazing. Her legs were near horizontal now, pushed apart by thighs she could no longer see, but she didn't care. Her Queen sized bed groaned in protest as her widening body covered it more and more.

Jasmine was too lost in the pleasure to notice anything, let alone the front door opening downstairs. The weight pushing against her sopping pussy soon became too much for her to bear and she came with full force. Nobody heard her cries of pleasure as the jolting of her body as she orgasmed finally snapped the slats under her mattress and she slammed to the ground.

Slowly opening her eyes, Jasmine noticed that she had stopped growing after she came, and heard rushed footsteps coming up the stairs.

"JASMINE?? What happened up there, are you okay??" She recognized the concerned voice of her mother right before her locked doorknob began to jiggle.

Despite the circumstances she grinned, thinking about what her mother's reaction would be when she saw her.

"Yeah Mom, I'm fine," she said, "but you might want to get a screwdriver..... I can't get up."

She heard her mother sigh as she walked away and her mind drifted to Sasha and whether or not she knew what the cupcake would do to her.

Either way, she thought, that was one hell of a cupcake.
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