the taste tester

chapter 1

It was quiet again at the bakery. 6 months ago, I could come into work and not be able to leave till 7-8PMbecause it was so busy. I had been thinking of ways I could attract more customers, I couldn't introduce gluten free because no one was really interested unless they were dieting and if they were dieting, why would they be eating pastries? The only other option I had was to re-vamp the pastries I already made and introduce new recipes. This however would require a taste tester because I don't have much of a sweet tooth. I decided the latter would be the best plan and quickly made an advertisement and put it in the shop window and went home for the evening.
In the morning I went to the bakery to start work testing out new recipes trying to make them look like they should at around 1PM a man came into the shop. He was tall and muscular wearing a flannel checked shirt, his biceps bulging against the material of the shirt and his pecs were making the top buttons gape. He walked over to the counter. I realised I was staring and interrupted it by saying,
"how can I help you?"
"hi! I just noticed your advertisement about the taste tester in the window and wondered if the position is still available?"
"yes!" I said with a little too much enthusiasm "I'm Gemma the manager, the position is for 2 months roughly, maybe longer depending on how long it takes to perfect my new recipes you would be here 5 days per week 2 till 7 tasting anything I put in front of you plus I'll give you your evening meal and you'd be paid £7.50 per hour. There's a chance you may need to use the rest of your time to do some form of exercise as, as you can imagine the food sold here isn't the healthiest but judging by your physique" I said leaning over the counter and lightly squeezing his bicep "you already do enough at the gym"
"I'm Adam. l work in a warehouse lifting boxes 6am-12 so it'll be enough of a workout I'm sure! The rest sounds perfect!"
"Great! I just need you to fill out these forms and then you can start as soon as you can"
"okay ill fill them out on the table over there if that's okay?"
"yep that's fine. Would you like a tea or coffee? Anything to eat?"
"could I have a coffee 2 sugars and cream please with a glazed donut?"
"sure! You make a start and I'll be over in just a second"
I quickly made him his coffee and put a donut on a plate and took it over to his table.
"Is there anything I can help you with?"
"yea I have quite a large appetite normally but bakery goods are normally quite filling, what happens if I get full?"
"The trick is to eat as much as you can as fast as you can. Then if you get full before you finish you have to keep eating, it is your job and what I'm paying you to do. I wont immedietly serve you obscene amounts of food but over time so that I can get the food perfect and on sale as soon as possible the amount of different foods I will ask you to eat will increase so you can try as many as possible and I can work on getting them right quicker."
"sounds fair"
He signed at the bottom and smiled up at me. His deep blue eyes staring deeply into mine. I smiled back and got up from the table.
"when would you like to start?"
"whenever you like?"
"I actually just took some new things out of the oven not so long ago they should be cool enough now. They don't look amazing because I haven't got that bit quite right but they will taste the same as the finished product if my taste tester thinks they're suitable for sale."
"sounds great!"
"follow me"
We went into the kitchen and I set out 6 different flavoured muffins 3 different croissants and a quarter of a cherry pie.
"I may have gone slightly overboard but eat as much as you can you not under pressure today."
"okay. Thanks" he said smiling up at me from his chair"
I gave him a pen and paper to write his thoughts on and then went and started cleaning tables and mopping sweeping dusting restocking the counter. I went back to check on him and he had finished everything apart from the cherry pie he was still eating. I stood back and watched him for a moment out of eyesight and once he put the last mouthful in his mouth I went in.
"wow! Great stuff! You finished it all!" I said taking him in, noting his unbuttoned trousers and now completely skin tight shirt.
"haha you are amazing at this! It was hard to pick fault with anything, the only thing id say is the muffins are a little dry. They taste amazing, but they just need a bit more moisture in them."
"perfect thank you! I wont keep you today as you've finished everything so early but ive boxed up the rest of the batches of muffins and croissants and the other ¾ of the pie. You can take those with you or they'll only go in the bin. Im sure you and your girlfriend or wife will appreciate them."
"thanks, although, they'll just be for me. I don't have a girlfriend or a wife."
"What?! How!?" the words fell from my mouth before I had chance to catch them.
"I just haven't found anyone special enough yet" he said with that smile on his face he did before, staring right into my eyes again. "right I best get going ill see you tomorrow"
"s-see you tomorrow" I said melting inside.

3 weeks went by in a similar fashion. He came ate, we chatted more and more each day and then he would leave taking with him the leftovers of any batches that were wrong. Today I was preparing what I hoped would be the perfected muffins and croissants and the cherry pie, I had also given him 2 new things to test. Cinnamon swirls and pizza swirls. He came in at 2 and walked upto the counter. He was wearing the same shirt as he did the first time he came into the bakery, but it was a lot tighter around his middle. This intrigued me, I decided to press and ask questions.
"hey how was work?" I said with a smile.
"hey I left about 10 days ago"
"oh? What happened?"
"I was fed up there was no career progression and I earn enough here to live off comfortably since I don't need to go shopping anymore, I get my lunch and dinner here and then you give me all of those leftovers which I have for breakfast."
"oh cool what are you doing with all that free time?"
"not a lot really" he said as he patted the side of his beginnings of a belly "as you can probably tell, im enjoying laying in and then sitting infront of the tv having a nice gentle morning"
"watch out eating all my food, it might leave its mark" I said smiling, internally drooling and hoping it would.
"it doesn't bother me much except Ill need new clothes soon. What do you think of it?"
"well if your okay with it I think it suits you, you look really good."
"thank you" he said grinning. "which leads me to my next question... are you free tonight?"
"I might be" I said blushing hard.
"great! Can I pick you up at 8?"
"ofcourse! We need to actually do some work though before then." I said smiling happily
"we do! I have more delicious food to eat!"
We walked though into the kitchen and I loaded up a tray with the same 6 muffins, 3 croissants and the quarter of the cherry pie. I also added 2 pizza swirls and 3 cinnamon swirls. Walking over to him I see his eyes study me and then the food.
"how do you stay in such great shape when you're here all of the time and your surrounded by all this amazing food?"
"ahah well I don't have a particularly sweet tooth, once in a blue moon I might have something sweet but im more savoury and my bakery specialises in sweet foods."
"more for me then" he said biting into his 3rd muffin"
I went away to clean the place up ready for closing at 6 while he finished eating.
Once Id finished I went back through to check how he was getting on. He was just eating the last cinnamon swirl I pulled up a chair infront of him and noticed his shirt buttons gaping letting a sneak view of his hairy bloated midsection come through the gaps.
"you do like it don't you"
"hmm?" I snapped out of my daze and looked up at him my face flushed as he smirked at me.
"its okay, Im enjoying its presence too and its only gonna get bigger having you around." I just smiled at him. He leaned closer "your so beautiful" he said as he leaned further and pressed his lips to mine. It was like heaven, his soft lips tasting of cinnamon as he encircled me in his muscular arms pulling me closer. There was a few creeking noises and a few popping noises, being lost in the moment I thought nothing of it. He ran his hands through my hair and pulled me onto his lap. His hand slowly found its way under my top and rested on my waist.
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Oooh please do more I like this story so far!
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I love your writing. Looking forward to more.
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That could be because its not quite finished yet.
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I’ve given you a like, but it’s far too short!