the two teasing beauties

Chapter 1

Its getting close to noon. The girl you met on Feabie should be here any second.
   You shift on your seat, attempting ro get comfortable. She asked you to wear a size 2xl red shirt so she would recognize you. Seeing as the shirt was about three sizes too small, it was causing your belly to stick out quite bit. The bottom of your shirt barely covered the top and middle of your flabby apron belly, which hung down to your knees. The shirt would pull up everytime you shifted your weight around, and became little more than a crop top when you waddled from place to place.
It was hard to be any sort of comfortable when youre getting stares and hearing people whisper about you behind your back.
   Especially the women sitting behind you. Youd noticed them when you first came in. A skinny redhead with huge breasts, and a thick, curvy blonde with juicy lips. Both looked like they were in their mid twenties. Youre able to make out a conversation between the two.

"Oh my God! Look at him!" A woman loudly whispered to her friend. You assume its the blonde. She seemed chatty when you walked by at first.

"You mean the lardass in front of us? I know! He looks like an overly stuffed sausage!" The redhead quietly giggled back.

You can feel your self starting to blush from their comments. But youre also feeling a bit...turned on by it. You continue to listen to them speak.

"What made him think he could go out looking like that!?" The blonde was giggling now too. "I mean, does *** even own a mirror?"

"Shhhh! Not so loud!" The redhead hissed in a whisper. "If he hears you, he might try to eat us!"

Both women burst out laughing. You feel yourself wriggling in your seat even more and start pulling on your shirt in a sad attempt to cover your bulbus belly. But in the wnd you just ended up tearing it and causing the rest or your belly to swell forward a bit. The woman heard the tearing and didnt hesitate to stare and laugh as you try to salvage your dignity.

As youre about to get up and leave, the two women sit at you table, each taking on of your sides and grabbing your arms gently. Its almost as if theyre...caressing them.
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