the video star

Chapter 1

“Oh my goodness! Look at how tight this belly has gotten!” Before the blinking red ‘recording’ light of her webcam Amelia lifted up her loose white T-shirt to reveal the belly in question. She was sitting in her gaming chair in front of a livestream of all her hundreds of fans both near and far. Despite a soft coating of fat that covered her entire body, her belly still stuck out prominently, filled to the brim with an an entire large meat lovers pizza, 2 orders of chicken nuggets and a large triple thick chocolate shake, all of which her live audience had just watched her guzzle down.

BellyFan2 was typing…

‘Wow! I could really see your stomach expand right before my eyes!’

Amelia giggled. “Well thanks!”

BlowHerUp sent her a hundred dollars as a tip to be used towards food purchases.

“Aww thanks Blowy, you’re always so generous! I’ll make sure that doesn’t go to waste. Well I suppose it will go to my waist…” She smiled big for the camera and made a big show of grabbing her gut with both hands and jiggling it, showing off the softness of her plush pudge and the firmness of her food baby all at once.

ThisLezLovesChubz was typing…

‘Just sent you a few things from your Amazon wishlist, a few of those crop tops you wanted plus booty shorts with a snap that your stuffed belly can pop out of!’

Amelia was only into guys, but she would play it up for her female audience. She still remembered first learning she was into all of this and the confusion that came. She had watched belly videos, both male and female, enraptured with lust, but something was always missing. It wasn’t until she embraced her own feedee desires that she felt fulfilled as her ultimate self. Sure her family was always making snooty comments about her climbing weight these days, but between concept writing for a video game company and moonlighting as a feedee model she was plenty self-sufficient on her own and if she could give the gift of satisfaction to others by merely showing off her appetite, as that gift had been given to her so long ago, she was happy to do it for anyone of any gender.

“Thanks, LezLoves! I’ll try them on as soon as the package gets here! You’re on my private Snap, right?”

Those watching at home would hear a crinkling sound as Amelia opened a bag of chips under the desk. “Who wants to see me eat even more? I might be stuffed but I can always go for a snack.”


What Amelia didn’t know was that as her fanbase and her fat cells both grew, she had caught the attention of a dedicated follower named Alex, who was captivated by Amelia's radiant spirit and infectious laughter. Alex had always been attracted to women who embraced their curves, and Amelia’s page satisfied his every craving. He sent her huge tips, but in the beginning he was too nervous to talk to her, so he settled for leaving anonymous compliments on her growing figure.

But as the months went by, Amelia started to notice a certain ‘AlexTheGreat’ liking all her stuff. Eventually, he got brave enough to leave his thoughts in the comments section. His thoughtful words stood out to her, and Amelia began to feel a connection with this mysterious fan. Intrigued, she decided to reach out to him personally, thanking him for his support and expressing her gratitude.

Alex couldn't believe his luck when he received a direct message from Amelia. They began chatting regularly, and a friendship blossomed between them. As they got to know each other, Amelia discovered that Alex was not just an ordinary fan but an eloquent and sensitive person who shared her passion for body positivity. He was also a talented comic artist, and his dream was to illustrate comics and mangas that featured plus size characters in a positive and endearing light, not just as villains or comic relief. Their conversations grew deeper, filled with laughter, vulnerability, and shared dreams.

As Amelia learned more about Alex's preferences and his admiration for her, she became intrigued by the concept of having a feeder in real life. It wasn't something she had ever explored before, but the idea of someone genuinely appreciating and supporting her love for food and embracing her curves in person was undeniably appealing.

Curiosity turned into excitement, and Amelia decided to meet Alex for lunch, lucky for them they lived in the same state. They arranged a rendezvous at a cozy café, where they could talk freely and enjoy a cup of coffee together. The anticipation was palpable as they caught sight of each other for the first time, their eyes locking in a moment of recognition and understanding.

Over the course of their conversation, Amelia shared her desires and the thrill she felt about potentially exploring the feeder dynamic. To her delight, Alex responded with respect and empathy. He was decidedly on the softer side of feeders, expressing with a shy smile that he would like to dote on her and bring her treats while she worked or played games. Force feeding was strictly a turn off for him, as much as he liked to see a woman stuff herself. All he wanted was to please her, or occasionally pop a coveted chocolate into her mouth when she needed both hands at her keyboard.

Over the weeks their bond deepened, and they embarked on an extraordinary adventure together. Alex became Amelia's confidant, companion, lover and best friend. With his encouragement, Amelia's feedee videos took on a new dimension as she fearlessly shared her experiences and desires, inspiring others to embrace not only their kinks, but the pursuit of romance.

A year later they were still going strong. Amelia’s computer screen happened to be open, and Alex wasn’t the snooping type, but a ding from her speakers caught his attention. “Oh, that lesbian feeder sent you some more bras and stuff in the mail,” he told her while she munched away in bed. He had baked her the most wonderful devil’s food cake earlier that afternoon and she was determined to eat up every crumb.

“That was sweet of her. She’ll go crazy when she sees me in them, but I’m sure you’ll go even crazier.”
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