the way a rose blooms

Chapter 1 - the way a rose blooms

Rose had always been a little on the chubby side. Ever since she hit puberty her body got a little rounder, a little fuller, and a little softer. She graduated high school and found herself weighing a solid 200 lbs, the heaviest she had ever been. She found herself alone at TCU as a freshman, a dark haired plumper among a sea of blonde barbies. She walked on campus that first day totally overwhelmed and surrounded by people when a bubbly voice called over the herd.
“Okay yall if you need some help or don’t know where to go come on over here!”
Rose wobbled over to the where she saw a group of young lost looking people, nervously drawing up her backpack and pulling down her shirt that had bunched up around her heavy breasts and l stomach. She worked her way up to the crowd to find the speaker and her jaw hit the floor.
She was an absolute knockout. Tall, at least six feet, with long slender legs that went on for days, small but round breasts, a short blonde pixie cut, bright blue eyes and an easy smile. Rose’s legs felt weak.
“Hey yall gather round gather round freshman we will get ya set straight. One at a time show me what you need and we will get ya moving!” The tall girl instructed.
The crowd of sweaty, nervous new students line up one by one being whisked away as she sent them on their way. Rose gulped and straightened her slightly too tight freshman orientation shirt. She was acutely aware of the sweat on her forehead when she finally got to the head of the line.
“Hey darlin where you headed?” the tall beauty asked.
“Sid Rich building I think” said rose nervously, handing the tall girl her itinerary and stroking her dark braid.
Up close the girl was even more stunning. Her eyes were like pools of water, crystal clear that drew her in. And her body… everything was tight and firm, god she was sexy..
“Hey did you hear me?” the girls voice woke Rose from her daydreaming.
She smiled and extended her hand “I’m Connor, nice to meet you”
“I’m Rose. I’m sorry I zoned out for a bit”.
“No problem darling, Sid-Rich is just down the path and I happen to be heading that way. Walk with me!”
Connor walked down the path with a bounce in her step, rose training behind with an entirely different type of bounce. They made small talk, Connor enthusiastically showing her the scenery of the campus and explaining how things worked. Rose tried to keep up, offering a smile and laughing when Connor told her a joke. They arrived at the building and Connor turned to her with a smile.
“Well you’re here. Listen they do a thing tonight for new arrivals around the bonfire, some student leaders talk, there’s some music and other things. Why don’t you come it will be fun?
“Absolutely I cant wait” Rose said, and gasped when Connor pulled her into a tight hug, quickly letting her go and turning and walking away. She may have imagined it. But Rose was sure Connor had squeezed her love handle as she left. Rose pushed down the butterflies in her stomach and stepped into the building trying to focus on class. The classes flew by without incident. Rose’s mind wandered in and out and before she knew it her classes were over the day and it was time for her to pay a visit to the campus cafeteria.
It was a huge room, teeming with students. The smells overwhelmed her. She cold smell warm Italian, the succulent grease of fried chicken and more and it made her, excited... She fought to push down the excitement blooming her chest. She knew she had to control herself. She got in line and got a little salad, some pasta, and some desert all in reasonable amounts and sat down. In the clamor of the cafeteria no eyes were on her and enjoyed her food, a bite at a time. Her small stomach was warm and soft on her legs. The feeling was, indescribable. Despite the fact she had gained almost a hundred pounds through high school the secret she kept to herself was this. SHE.LOVED.TO.EAT.
It was only through the greatest efforts to control herself that she was not bigger. As much as she loved the feeling… it just was not right. That is what everyone said anyway so she tried to control it. But every single bite was pure bliss. When she ate it was bursts of pleasure that shot down her entire body. The warmth that it brought, and the weight and somehow soft pressure of being full was enough to drive her to orgasm if she let it. So, everything she ate, she forced herself to remain in control. Just as she finished, she turned to see Connor, plate piled high with salad, smiling at her from across the room. Rose blushed and waved pulling her shirt down over her heavy round gut and walked out with just a little more pep in her step.
Later that night Rose stepped out from her dorm, her long dark hair curled around her shoulders and dressed in jeans and a baggy sweatshirt, following the heard to the bonfire where the other students were gathering around. Every where she looked people were chatting, playing games and laughing. The music was loud, she had a hard time hearing anything anyone was saying until she finally saw Connor up in the bleachers by the fire.
Connor looked amazing, she was wearing skintight jeans and low-cut tank top that showed off vibrant tattoos she had not noticed earlier. She was laughing with some friends but had a conspicuously open spot next to her, with an exceptionally large soda and a host of snack food. Rose shimmied her way through the bleachers, awkwardly trying to prevent from bumping into the tanned muscular men in polos and too short khaki shorts who were accompanied by the tiny blond girls in shirts down past their knees.
“Hey Connor!” Rose called, waving to get her attention.
“Rose!” Connor hopped up, smiling with those dazzling white teeth and scooted the tantalizing calories to the side patting the bench. “Come here take a seat!”
Rose scooted down while awkwardly apologizing every time her overfed curves bumped into someone. She finally got down to Connor and sat down, pleased to no longer be the center of attention.
“ I’m glad you could make it here sit with me. I set some food aside for you” she said, gesturing to the tray of fried goodies.
“Thanks your so sweet!” Rose sat down picked up a fried cheese stick, hesitating for a moment.
“Go ahead take a bite they are REALLY good.” Connor said, gently laying her hand roses soft shoulder.
Rose took a deep breath and bit in, her eyes almost rolling back with the explosion of flavor in her mouth. The warm cheese and breading spread pleasure through her entire body, and had she not been distracted, she would have seen Connor’s sly smile, and the twinkle in her bright blue eyes.
The night carried and they got to know each other. Rose told her about her mother and two older brothers back home in New Mexico, and Connor told her about her wealthy restaurant owner family from the area. Rose had been a bookish girl her whole life, and Connor had been into sports. And the whole night, Connor encouraged Rose to eat. She worked her way through the tray, cheese sticks, funnel cake, candy and pizza. All washed down with continuous soda. Connor made her so comfortable she felt free to enjoy herself without judgement. Her stomach swelled with grease and calories and sugar and in the back of her mind, she had never felt sexier.
Eventually the night came to an end and the students filed away back to their individual corners of the school. Rose tried to stand and groaned from the pressure.
“Whoa baby, hold on there for a minute I think you may need a little help” Connor said with a smirk, taking her gently by the hand.
“I think your right. I’m sorry” Rose said, trying to hide her intense arousal and embarrassment.
“Why don’t you come back with me to my place, your freshman dorm is too far away. You can sleep on my couch and I’ll drive you back in the morning.” Connor said
Rose nodded, allowing herself to be led down to Connors bright red little VW bug and strapped in by Connor. They rode in silence, Roses thoughts swirling with the hope of what may be coming but trying to balance them with reality. Sexy, confident girls don’t fall for out of shape nerds. Not in real life.
They pulled in and Connor walked her inside, locking the door behind her. An everlast punching bag hung in the corner next to the large overstuffed couch. A huge flatscreen was mounted to the wall above an entertainment center bursting with games and movies. There were posters up everywhere and it still smelled of fresh baked cookies that Rose spotted on top of the oven.
“Take your jacket off and get comfortable Rose, I’m just gonna go change” Connor said, walking away into the darkness of her bedroom.
Rose eased her way in taking in the environment around her. It was homey. It felt like someplace she already knew somehow. She sat down on the couch and kicked off her shoes. She stretched out her legs and uncovered her massively swollen gut. She allowed her eyes to close while she rubbed her stomach pleasurably and was shocked when she felt a set of small hands take the place of hers. She opened her eyes to find Connor, dressed in a slim black teddy, with the plate of cookies next to her.
“Connor wha” Rose started to speak and Connor knelt down and kissed her hard on the lips.
“I saw the way you looked at me this morning, I noticed you to” Connor said with a smirk.
Rose didn’t know what to say, she tried to roll herself to get up off the couch and Connor stopped her by popping a cookie in her mouth.
“I saw your face when you ate in the cafeteria, and again tonight at the event. You get turned on don’t you. Every single bite you take. That’s why you keep eating. Even though you know you shouldn’t. You know your getting plump, and round, and that you will only get bigger if you keep going, but you cant stop yourself can you?
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