the weight gain of a princess - once upon a time (tv show)

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Chapter 1: A marvellous idea

"Emma, please..." pleaded Queen Snow in a trembling voice, her eyes filled with pain and sadness, "try to understand us."

"Understand you?!" cried Emma, turning violently to face her mother, her eyes glistening with tears. She felt nothing but anger and disgust at Snow White's last words. How dare she call her bluff like that on her eighteenth birthday? She, who had always admired the Queen from an early age, could not believe her ears. She didn't recognise her own mother, whose kindness, selflessness and courage were renowned even in the furthest reaches of their kingdom. With her jaw clenched and her eyes menacing, Emma tried to contain her anger, which threatened to explode again when she thought back to her mother's words a few moments earlier. 

Curled up on the soft sofa in the boudoir, Emma was reading for the umpteenth time the story of Snow White and the Evil Queen, the outcome of which she knew inside out. How could it be otherwise when this woman had sworn to destroy her family's happiness? The shadow of the Evil Queen still loomed over their kingdom, although her presence became less noticeable as the heiress to the throne approached her eighteenth birthday. Emma couldn't help wondering about the Evil Queen her parents were so afraid of. She knew what her mother had done. She knew the pain she had caused and the fate she had broken. Her first love. Emma couldn't help but feel a certain sadness as she turned the page of her book. Her eyes widened as she came upon an image she had never really paid attention to. The dark face of the Evil Queen, whose fine, aristocratic contours emphasised her cold, piercing gaze. The blonde brushed her fingertips over the Queen's delicate face, as if fearful of damaging it, and stopped at an inscription engraved beneath the portrait of the Evil Queen: Regina Mills. The White Queen chose this moment to enter the boudoir. She walked silently towards her daughter, who seemed unaware of her presence. However, the Queen could not hide her surprise and shock when she saw Emma's intense gaze lingering on Regina's portrait. 

"Emma, I have something to tell you," began the Queen in a low tone, staring intently at Emma. Emma's face closed at the words and she raised her head to meet her mother's gaze. Several seconds passed before Snow decided to reveal the reason for her visit. "Today marks your coming of age and your first steps as heiress to the throne. For this reason, your father and I have decided to make you an official attendee at the Debutante Ball to be held in a month's time at the Castle." 

"The debutante ball?" gasped Emma, closing her book and placing it on the sofa beside her. "Yet I thought you and Father thought I was too young to attend that event as soon as I came of age."

"It has been decided otherwise, Emma," the Queen replied in a gentle but firm tone. "The Crown cannot afford to be complacent while the Evil Queen remains a threat. She will not rest until her black heart is satisfied. She knows no love or forgiveness, Emma, don't you forget that." Although Emma doubted her mother's words, she preferred to say nothing more and broached another, equally important subject: the debutante ball. 

"Mother, have you chosen my dress for the ball yet?  I hope I don't have to wear that awful pink dress you're so fond of," Emma grinned. 

"Yes, your outfit is ready," the Queen replied, ignoring her remark. "Your lady-in-waiting Ruby will help you prepare. I've put her in charge of getting you ready for the ball. She will make sure you look your best so that you can eventually win the favour of your future suitor, my dear," the Queen informed her with a smile. "The future of the kingdom depends on your marriage to Prince Jones". 

Yet another comment from her mother brought Emma back to reality. 

"We've spoken a lot about you to Prince Jones. His family isn't one of the most influential in the Enchanted Forest, but he has the merit of having lost his hand in a battle to clear a woman's honour. What's more, he's notorious in his kingdom for being a sultry seducer who seeks out women from both the common people and the nobility," Snow White revealed to her daughter. "However, he has never been seen in the company of women who are, to say the least, fleshy," her mother added thoughtfully, not paying attention to Emma's reaction, whose eyes widened. Then an idea occurred to her. An idea that would not only have consequences for those around her, but also for her... waistline.
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