the weight of a word

Chapter 1 - morning glory (1/2)

The gentle morning light pierced the city smog and streamed into Alexa's high rise condo. The rays danced across the hardwood floor until they reached her bed, her long, raven locks erupting in shimmering brilliance. Despite the mass of silky, dark hair that pooled around Alexa's head, it could not shield her from the rising sun that drew her into the waking world. While other New Yorkers would be livid to find themselves suddenly roused at the crack of dawn, punted from their peaceful dreams and into the cruel reality of another foul and bustling commute, Alexa Mendez was elated to wake to the warm sun tickling her olive skin. She could have spent the entire morning tangled in her sheets, basking in the heat. Most of her days, in fact, were spent sunbathing, bikini clad and margarita in hand. There was nothing she adored more.

It was an expensive habit, sure, traveling out to beaches and resorts just for the chance to flaunt her figure and soak up some sweet vitamin D. Still, she had the funds and her skin certainly wasn't complaining. Her Hispanic heritage, entirely the courtesy of her father's bloodline, converted every hot speck of light into another inch of unblemished, evenly tanned flesh. Alexa couldn't imagine being another pale, bloated rat racing around the city, rotting away at a soul sucking 9 to 5.

Her father had saved her from that, thankfully. Coming from a wealthy family had its perks and, while Alexa had no interest in the nitty gritty of her father's profession, his willingness to bankroll his baby girl's expensive tastes had made her who she was today.

Of course, Alexa loved that he still spoiled her, but now she was more than able to sustain her extravagant lifestyle. She only initially needed her father's funds to craft a pristine online image. Constant traveling, lavish meals, extensive shopping sprees, saucy bikini pics, and a handful of gym selfies compounded into the perfect persona. She lived a charmed life as a bubbly, carefree goddess. She was untouched by the cold cynicism of the world. She was an escape for all the sad wage slaves who longed to have her life. That's how her followers saw her, at least. With everything in place, the networking process began.

Alexa would meet up with other so-called "influencers" to travel and shoot videos. Some were already established in the social media scene and taught her how to leverage her intangible online persona to get her hands on cold, hard, corporeal cash.

It didn't take long for the money to come rolling in. There were photoshoots, sugar daddies, collaborations, and an abundance of brand deals to be made. Her Instagram page was populated by not only her own vanity, but also a relentless shilling for the latest gym gear, miracle diet supplements, and a myriad of beauty products.

All sold with a smile.

Thankfully, what would have been a long, thin lipped slit of a mouth was saved by her mixed background. While her mother's lips looked perpetually pursed, Alexa was blessed with a bit more volume. Free from the curse of "white girl lips", her's were just plump enough to give her a little extra edge to work with. They were temptingly kissable.

Having enjoyed the rising sun's embrace for long enough, Alexa finally lifted her head from her nest of pillows, waves of obsidian black hair tumbling down past her bust and tickling her stomach. Her pearly whites glinted in the dawn's light, finally free from the veil of tresses that once covered her visage.

Her face played a pivotal role in establishing her online empire. As much of an empire as an Instagram influencer could have, at least. But nonetheless, pretty faces and tight bodies were a dime a dozen on the web. Any poser could flash a smile and show some skin to sell some banal shit to their mindless worshippers. But that face, its allure was totally disarming.

Alexa had the ever coveted "girl next door" kind of beauty. The kind of appeal that radiated innocence and carried with it the perfume of young love and boundless youth. She could have sold a man his own liver if she advertised it on her Instagram. She was irresistible.

Unlike the huddled masses squirming in the streets below, Alexa's face was devoid entirely of blemishes or wrinkles. Her sun kissed skin was tight and smooth around her skull, with just enough flesh on her cheeks to keep her face from looking sunken. The only time her smile lines were really ever visible was when she broke out in the kind of pure, unbridled laughter that only a candid shot could capture. At least, that's what one would think. Alexa didn't just skate by on her privilege alone; she could ham it up for the camera on command. Any kind of vivacious facade she constructed could be torn down just as quickly. It was an uncanny talent, and her followers were none the wiser.

She brushed the rest of her hair from her vision, revealing the heart shaped frame of her face. Even her jawline, although definitely defined and free of any excess flesh, curved just softly enough to give her an almost cherubic air. That, in tandem with her adorable button nose, shaved years off her appearance. Although Alexa was in her mid twenties, she looked as if she were fresh out of high school, yet to be burdened with years of crushing college debt.

Following the shallow slope of her nose upwards, one would be met with narrow, sultry eyes. Her deep brown irises were on the border of black, and their dark enticement was the only betrayal of her naive demeanor. They shimmered with desire, telling tales of excess and indulgence in which only the upper crust could ever partake. Despite her meticulously maintained and disciplined exterior, Alexa sucked the marrow from every moment of her life. Her eyes concealed their own secret cravings, and when framed by the acute arches of her thick eyebrows, perhaps the only sharp angles on her body, her gaze could turn scrutinizing and piercing in an instant.

They were, as they say, truly the windows to her soul.

Before freeing herself from her twisted sheets, Alexa plucked her phone from the bedside table and immediately opened Instagram. It was her lifeblood, after all. Every day began and ended with the same ritual. She would update her profile, check her engagement, and ride the serotonin high that hit whenever her loyal fanbase stroked her ego.

It couldn't get any better than this.
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Richman92 1 year
Very interesting story!
Plushush 2 years
If that is not in your budget, totally fine! I have not abandoned any of my stories, this just isn't what I do full time, sadly, so I do require patience.
Plushush 2 years
I will be updating this story whenever I'm on break from The Boss's Daughter. If there is something you want updated ASAP, I can accommodate if commissioned.
Plushush 2 years
The current order of my priorities, as it stands, is first finishing Maybe She's Born With It, then posting newly commissioned chapters for a piece I've had in the works, then I will be returning to The Boss's Daughter
Davidewol 2 years
Is this going to be finished?
Plushush 3 years
Thank you, di905! I have a definite timeline planned out, and I’m hoping to be building to the conclusion fairly soon, with any luck. Revisiting Maybe She’s Born With It for the time being, but expect more chapters here as well!
Di905 3 years
I somehow missed this one completely. Fabulous piece of work! Don't dare abandon it.
Xandercroft 3 years
Hm. Not bad. Bit of non consent here.
Davidewol 3 years
Loving the story so far
Plushush 3 years
Thank you, Cyril! When plotting the overall story, I got kinda carried away, so the lore is pretty extensive. I think that’s a good thing, though! You’ll definitely be getting some backstory breadcrumbs as the chapters continue!
Xandercroft 3 years
Yes, everything's fine, nothing to see here.
Xandercroft 4 years
Like the other stories better but earn that money! This earned a follow.
Champ 4 years
Excellent start! I can tell this story is gonna be great! Anxiously anticipating more! 🍻👍🏻
PlumpSoftKitty 4 years
Very well written. Enjoying what you've started
Plushush 4 years
I definitely have a few twists and turns prepared, Cyril, so hopefully you enjoy the ride! This is a commissioned piece, so it'll be complete before the month is out. Now that the juices are flowing, I think I'll be ready to resume my other two stories on