the weight shift

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Start of a New Journey

Cosmos was not your average twenty-two-year-old. She carried a sense of vivaciousness that was infectious, her eyes always filled with joy and eagerness. She was a kind soul, always looking out for others and making sure everyone around her was comfortable. At a height of 170cm and weighing 180lbs, she was a sight to behold. She had a robust figure and was proud of it, often accentuating it with her sense of style and fashion. Her body was a canvas, and she wore clothes that depicted her personality- lively, bold, and always ready to seize the day.

She had just graduated and was about to embark on her first professional journey. She was eager, filled with anticipation as she stood outside the towering building that housed the company she was about to start working at. Taking a deep breath, she stepped in, her heels clicking against the polished marble floor.

Mrs. Lee, her supervisor, was already waiting for her. As she walked into the office, she noticed Mrs. Lee immediately. Mrs. Lee was a large woman, her 420lbs figure taking up most of the space behind the massive desk. Despite her size, Mrs. Lee was rather attractive, with a very pretty face that always held a warm smile. She was welcoming, and her talkative nature filled the room with life.

"Hello, Cosmos," Mrs. Lee greeted her, her voice as inviting as her smile. "Welcome to our team."

"Thank you, Mrs. Lee," Cosmos said, returning the smile. She was surprised by Mrs. Lee's size but didn't show it. Instead, she admired the confidence that radiated from her.

The two engaged in a pleasant conversation. They talked about the company, Cosmos' responsibilities, and a bit about their personal lives. Mrs. Lee shared her passion for cooking, something Cosmos found quite intriguing.

As the conversation ended, Cosmos moved to her new chair. It was notably larger than most office chairs, making her feel small. She glanced at Mrs. Lee, noticing that the chair was probably made to accommodate her size. However, she found it quite comfortable.

Throughout the day, Mrs. Lee helped Cosmos understand her new role. They shared small talk, and Cosmos was amazed by how friendly and approachable Mrs. Lee was. Despite her intimidating size, she was nothing short of kind and considerate.

As Cosmos exited the office building, she noticed the bright lights of a fast food joint, its neon sign casting a welcoming glow in the evening. She felt a pull towards it, her hunger pangs intensifying. A part of her argued to go home and cook something healthy, but the other part, the part that was ravenous and oddly excited, wanted the immediate gratification of fast food.

She walked in, the aroma of the food engulfing her senses. As she moved towards the counter, she mentally prepared her order. She had always been a moderate eater, often opting for smaller portions. Tonight, however, her stomach seemed to demand more.

"I'll have a regular cheeseburger, a small fries and..." she began, but then something odd happened. Her mind seemed to zone out and when she returned to her senses, she found herself saying, "... actually, make that an extra-large burger, extra-large fries, and an extra-large soda."

The attendant behind the counter raised an eyebrow but quickly shrugged it off, punching in her order. Cosmos, on the other hand, was surprised at herself. She couldn't fathom why she'd ordered such a large meal, but there was an odd sense of satisfaction and anticipation that made her feel giddy.

When the food arrived, it was indeed enormous. The burger was twice the size of a regular one, loaded with multiple patties, cheese oozing from its sides. The fries filled a gigantic carton, golden and crisp, and the soda was in a jug rather than a cup.

Cosmos took a deep breath and started to eat. The first bite was heavenly, the explosion of flavours sending her taste buds into a frenzy. She felt a strange pleasure coursing through her veins. Each bite, each sip was more satisfying than the last. The food was delicious, but there was something more - a guilty pleasure that made her heart race.

As she finished the enormous meal, her stomach was filled to the brim. She felt extremely stuffed, a sensation she wasn't familiar with but found strangely comforting. However, without understanding why, she found herself walking to the counter again, ordering another round of the same XL meal.

As she sat down with the second round, she was in a daze. It felt so wrong, but it also felt so right. She was full, and yet she craved more. It was an internal battle between her mind and body, a battle that her body seemed to be winning.

By the time she finished her second meal, she was absolutely stuffed. She sat there for a moment, taking in the strange, overwhelming sensation. It was a guilty pleasure that left her feeling oddly content. As she stepped out of the fast food joint, she couldn't help but wonder why she'd done it. But, she also couldn't help but anticipate the next time she would do it again.
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Ffafan 2 months
Very hot
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Great story
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Great job
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Good story! Mrs. Lee is a little bit absent, you could have included her a bit more for contrast.