the wicked step-mother

Chapter 1 - the step-daughter's new boyfriend

Marie had not liked her step-daughter’s new boyfriend from the moment she met him. But was she allowed to admit that? After all, she’d never been much of a step-mother to Chelsea. She’d married the girl’s father when Chelsea was fifteen and divorced him less than two years later. Now they were still in that interim period, where they were still trying to make an effort with each other.

Chelsea had turned eighteen and had just graduated high school; not that Marie had been allowed to go to that. It was her own fault, she knew that. She’d been a party-girl for too many years; sprinkled with the odd marriage along the way. Plus, she was only thirty-three and a naturally very beautiful woman who didn’t have to work too hard for any sort of male attention. She was tall in stature, slim, despite being big chested, well-styled and fashionable; with a sense of humour that most men seemed to like. In her life, she was used to variety; not one man every single night.

One thing she could take from most recent marriage was her step-daughter’s ongoing fondness for her. Marie wasn't a woman to have many female friends, and so she guarded this relationship more than she might have done otherwise. Chelsea was such a lovely young woman; sweet, kind and incredibly funny. But, unlike her family, she was also a very big girl; a casualty of her mother and father’s divorce when she was younger; two warring parents who tried to buy her affection. That was why she was always going to fall prey to, and attract, men like Daniel; a low-life, a no-hoper; a laid back, lazy louse, without anything resembling a career; a man who liked Chelsea for her larger size. A feeder.

Marie knew enough about kinks like this; she’d been around long enough to spot a fetish being played out. The first clue was how slim the guy was; about 5’9 tall and mildly athletic-looking. Standing next to Chelsea’s taller, 280lb form, they looked quite the pair. The next clue had taken more observation. It was the way Daniel had touched Chelsea that Marie hadn’t liked. A little pat on her leg or a tap of her butt were all well and good, but Daniel’s hands always went straight to her fleshier areas: rubbing against her large tummy, or a little too high up her thicker thighs. Then there was the final clue: the way he’d encouraged her to order the bigger meals, the side dishes and the larger desserts when Marie had taken them both out for food to celebrate Chelsea’s graduation. It was working as well; she’d never seen her step-daughter looking so large.

Yes, Marie knew a kinky guy she saw one. Normally, she wasn’t one to judge – she’d certainly had more than her fair share of experiences with kinks. But Chelsea deserved better than this.

“Daniel has actually decided to follow me up when I move to college,” Chelsea smiled happily; gazing adoringly at her handsome, nineteen year old boyfriend.

“Is that so?” Marie nodded, trying hard to keep the disapproval out of her voice. When Marie had been Daniel’s age, she had been working three jobs, trying to get ahead in business. This guy had just been drifting from one lame job to another in the year since he had graduated high school. Now he wanted to follow Chelsea to college and ruin that experience for her as well?

“I can’t have you fending for yourself out on your own!” Daniel smiled, placing his palm on Chelsea’s large chubby cheek as he spoke; his other hand drifting back onto her fat stomach.

That was it. Marie couldn’t sit back and watch this anymore. “Actually, I was going to speak to you about something else tonight, Daniel,” she jumped in. “I’ve been rather impressed with you the last couple of times we’ve met,” she lied. “And I was wondering whether you would be interested in a junior position at my hotel? It’s a great opportunity for someone, such as yourself, with limited qualifications.”

Daniel was pulling an awkward face, but Chelsea turned to him excitedly. “That’s amazing!” she squeaked excitedly. “You could work your way up!”

“Yeah,” Daniel nodded unenthusiastically. “But what about coming with you, when you move to college?”

“This is a much better plan for you!” Chelsea stated; always having had wise head on her shoulders. “I’ll be busy with assignments and studying. Now you can be building up a career in hotels, just like Marie did! It’s a BEAUTIFUL hotel! And you’ll get to meet so many interesting people! Lots of the staff even have their own lodgings there. You wouldn’t have to stay with your mom and dad anymore!”

Daniel nodded. He could clearly see the logic.

Marie held out her hand to shake on it, willing the idiotic boy to do the same. This way, Chelsea could go to college and find someone better - and Marie was sure that wouldn’t take long!

“Do we have a deal?” she asked.
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GrowingLoveH... 2 years
I love the ending. Great story
Feeder862 2 years
Thanks to those who are reading, liking and commenting. This story will have eleven chapters once it is all posted.
Akwolfgrl13 2 years
I may he all for chelsea being fed but by someone eles cuse daniel seems like a loser
Growingsofter 2 years
More please
Azismiss 2 years

Can’t wait for the descriptions of his increasing size. Looking forward to more!
Jens01 2 years
wow yes so good....... food and more and more beer for daniel
Growingsofter 2 years
More, soon please.
GrowingLoveH... 2 years
What a great start! As always, excellent storytelling skills.
Growingsofter 2 years
More please
Azismiss 2 years
Your stories always stand out. I’m excited for this one. Great premise!