the wife's appetite

chapter 1

The Wife's Appetite

*This is based on a true story. There will be some exaggerated encounters but most will be real. Names and locations have been changed for this purpose.

The first party at the frat house. It was October and the weather had already turned. I sat in the recliner next to Chris and Ryan when the phone rang. "Hey John." "Sup Caro."
"I'm planning on coming over tonight but if I drink can I stay at your place tonight?" This is what I had been waiting for. We had been going on "dates" for what felt like years but we had really
taken things slow. I was ok with that but really wanted to explore that body. "Of course, bring some extra clothes and what not." "SWEET. See ya tonight." Just like that, I knew I was in for a night.

My whole life I had dated bigger woman. Carol didn't know that, but I had spent years after highschool dating woman all over 200+ pounds. Carol was no where near that size. At the time,
she couldn't have been over 150 pounds or so. She had smaller breasts, a small gut, and a big ole ass. As you can guess, I was an ass guy. Normally, she would never been my type, but we became best friends
over the years and decided to try something more. I also knew going in she had an appetite for both food and beer. The amount of times I had seen her polish off a pitcher of beer
and a pizza was extrordinary. I was 6ft4 at about 220 punds with a good chunk of muscle. I was a personal trainer for years and worked in sales here and there. I was her type and I knew it.

As you can imagine, we partyed that night. My roomates and I threw a bash that grew out of control quickly. Drunk 23 year olds everywhere, booze on the ground, and cigarette
smoke filled the house. "Caro, patron SHOTS!" Carol and her friends lined up quickly. 7 guys and gals hit shot after shot. I played moderator all night and made sure I was never too drunk
to control the crew in the house. "John, I'm pretty fucking ***d...and I want your dick" she whispered in my ear. This was it. After 6 months we were finally moving to this point.
"You cool if we go lay down? I'm sure everyone will be cool and Ryan and Chris can handle it." She nodded. I grabbed her hand and led her to my room on the main floor. I quickly moved the comic
books and xbox controllers off the bed just in time. As I turned around, she came charging at me. Her weight quickly knocked me over and the make out session began.

As she quickly took her shirts off, I could see how beautiful her body was. All of her fat was either in her belly or her ass. She had an amazing muffin top before she ripped
off her skin tight jeans. With her crazy bloat from beer and pizza, she looked 6 months pregnant. I was instally hard. She turned around and pulled her jeans off slowly. She knew her best assets.
The jiggle of her ass gave J-Lo a run for her money. I literally wanted to bite it, so tempting, just jiggling there in slow motion in my head. She slowly turned around. I was ready.
The sex was a mix of passion and drunken slop fest. Her moaning drove me insane and she knew it. She grabbed my wrists and pinned me down as she rode me. I had no idea I could be so turned
on in my entire life. Her tiny breasts and bloated gut shook wildly and it quickly ended with an amazing climax. She rolled over, heavy breathing and moaned. "Again?" I quickly nodded.
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Td0057 6 years
Great story! Your descriptions are great. Would it be possible to get your wife's perspective on things intertwined with yours? In an case, please continue soon.
Urlacher127 6 years
Yes I plan on adding more chapters. Just picking events from 10 years of life is difficult lol
QuebecFA 6 years
I really love this story! Will there be a Chapter 5? ;-)
Jazzman 6 years
Great Story. A little proofreading is in order. Desserts. You're. And were you mad about the table or Not mad about the table? Please keep going.