the witch's curse

chapter 1

Hannah slammed her front door shut as she tried to catch her breath, trying to wrap her head around tonight’s events.
For whatever reason, the curse hadn’t affected her yet. On her sprint home from the annual Halloween party she watched as people she knew turned into vampires, werewolves and other monsters before her very eyes. Was she just lucky? Did the witch’s curse somehow miss her? She wasn’t taking any chances either way, locking her door tightly and closing all of her curtains.

Despite the fear she was currently experiencing, Hannah was weirdly hungry. She did manage to get some trick-or-treat goodies from the period of time she was out, maybe a couple pieces of chocolate wouldn’t hurt.
With a sigh, she flopped down onto her sofa, opening up her trick-or-treat bag and began to nibble away. The nibbles quickly became handfuls, which became face stuffing as she uncontrollably ate the entire bags contents in mere seconds. Usually it would take her at least a week to get through all of it.

Hannah frowned as her hand was met with an empty bag. Forcing herself back up, she made her way towards her fridge. There was some leftover birthday cake from a friend’s party which she took out, using her hands and digging into the icing, shoving it in her mouth. The cake lasted just as long as the chocolates did, but it still wasn’t enough. She began to gather armfuls of things from the fridge and cupboard until she couldn’t carry anymore, taking it back to the living room.

The sight of herself in the mirror which hung up on the wall caused her to drop everything by her feet. Her once skinny, cheerleader-esc body was now sporting a pretty hefty pot belly. The elastic string pig snout she had as part of her costume was now an actual snout on her face, as well as pig ears and a small curly tail sprouting from her tailbone. She squealed at the sight, literally. It was a high-pitched pig squeal followed by grunts and oinks as she tried to speak, realising she could no longer speak words.

She felt a force upon her body, making her fall down onto her knees and then onto all fours. Hannah’s pot gut hung down in this new position and it only begged to be filled more. Using her mouth, she tore open the packets of food she had originally dropped and began to eat off of the floor. Each bite made her swell and fatten up, causing her to tear right through her clothes and leaving her as a fat naked mess.

It got to a point where her stomach was brushing against the floor it was that large, her breasts not far off either. Her nipples had grown considerably to match, and one could pinch them in between their fingertips. If it weren’t for the pig tail, she could have been mistaken for a cow.

She collapsed onto one side once she had eaten everything she could, chocolate and crumbs smeared around her face and her belly was large and taut. Why did she decide to be a pig this year?
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