the witch and the wolf

chapter 1: the beginning

A wolf was simply wandering around. Hungry. Starving. He felt so weak and small and... skinny. But he couldn't hunt, as he was too weak to do so. And there wasn't a village around for miles. ...He didn't want to starve, but he felt he might anyway. He continued to wander, getting slower and weaker with every step. ...Then he began to smell something in the air. He looked around, and saw it. ...A Gingerbread house? It was better then nothing. He slowly made his way to it, and tried to eat some of the junk food off of it. ...And he loved the taste. He kept eating, too hungry to think. Then the door opened, and someone stepped out "My my, what do we have here?" The wolf froze and looked over. It was a female human, smiling at him. He wasn't sure whether to run or what. Then she simply went over to him, and pet him "You must be starving... would you like to come inside?" Without thinking, he nodded. He just wanted more of the delicious food. So she took him in, and closed the door behind them. As soon as he entered, the wolf saw pies, cakes, all kinds of sweets and junk food. Enough to last for god knows how long. She got him several sweets and laid them on the floor for him, and he began to eat as she pet him "Eat as much as you like." She said "You look like you need it." He nodded, and kept eating, not noticing he was gaining a layer of fat onto his small and skinny frame as he ate. When he finished, he was a bit chubby, but still hadn't noticed, and he would let out a yawn, tired "Sleepy? Don't worry. You can rest here, wolfy." She smiles and pets him more, before picking him up and giggling "You've gotten a bit softer, you know that?" He blinked and realized he did feel warmer and comfier then before, as she took him up to a bedroom. She then laid him onto the bed and kissed his forehead "Now rest, wolfy. ...You'll need it for what i'm going to make for you tomorrow." He didn't really think on what she said, as he drifted into a deep, comfy sleep. As he slept, he dreamed. He dreamed of eating tons, and tons of food. Of his body being gigantically fat and immobile. Of eating, and eating, and growing. It felt so good. He didn't want it to end... he was growing so big...
But then, he woke up, and let out a silent whine. He wanted it to end up real...
If only he knew...
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Doggy375 6 years
I want youu to continue the story and never finish it which I would like more chapters to this story which I like it so much!
Zephyr118 7 years
This is awesome please make more chapters
MikeTehCakeBoy 7 years
Keep going :3
Zerojr666 7 years
I like it please continue