the wonderful dinner

chapter 1

c'mon Ashley and Austin! " said Arica ecstatic. " I don't know Arica mean I'm not really a buffet person you know ." says Ashley contemplating on either entering the odd restaurant." Arica well be there soon geez." Say Austin as he parks the car.The sign read "Marks Big And Wonderful Buffet ". The new Buffet was the buzz for the small town. The owners were from Italy and France making there food a delicacy to try. An so the three friends where at the front door waiting in the line of people waiting to get in.
Austin wasn't excited about wanting to go in,because he was scared he may gain weight which he was trying to lose.Austin was 20 years old, 5'5 tall. He wore 202 pounds rather well as he wore a oversize jacket, grey sweats,and a beanie. Austin had lost 28 pounds and was very proud. Though Ashley his girlfriend didn't matter cause she was a chubby chaser a bit. She found him cute, adorable also she as well wanted to see him gain the weight back slightly because the thought excited the 21 year old. Even if she were to say this truth to him she was scared he turned it down because of her idea of him being bigger. Ashley was also 5'5 and weighted 176. She had the body of an hourglass. As the mixed African American girl with a nice caramel skin she was beautiful and loved hang with Arica.
Arica was one of Ashley and Austin's best friends. Arica was the youngest at age 19. As well she was the heaviest at 210 pounds of pale skinned. As she had a pear shaped body. As her big ass carried half her weight and her belly being the second largest. It had a soft roll and a small second one forming on top of it. As her c-cup breast were the area the fat didn't get into much. Even so her smile always seemed beautiful even with chubby cheeks and a slight double chin the 5'6 girl loved everything about herself. As for Arica's loving husband he could not be there to do his business trip overseas. she decided to ask Ashley and Austin to go to this dinner. She didn't want to go alone and having friends always seemed fun.
Ashley and Austin except that they couldn't talk her out of it and decided to go with Arica as the best friends they were.

They walk into the buffet smelling wonders of food. The smelled different assortment of meats, pastas, pizzas, burgers, tacos, pies, cakes, and etc. This made all their stomachs rumble as Austin and Arica lick their durol from dripping their mouths as they watered effortlessly. This made Ashley blush a bit as she imagined what the other two would look like bigger.

As the waiter shows them to a table as Arica said she had made reservations weeks prior, due to the popularity of the restaurant. As they sat down and take off their jackets looked at the massive buffet. That went from one end to the other of the restaurant. It even had its own line for the desserts which Ashley looked at in love with the thought of putting pieces of chocolate cake ,strawberry cheesecake , vanilla ice cream, and the m&m cakes. Austin on the other hand was looking at the massive meat plies. The meats arranged from pork all the way to deer.. As the waiter says they can go to the buffet as much as they like, Arica gets up to get food as she says jokingly To the couple " if you guys don't hurry there won't be anymore." As she pats her belly in response. As the couple looked around and saw the restaurant was full. Thousands of people were shoving mountains of plates piled high with the rich foods. This was from small to big, children and parents ate with gusty that was very remarkable. Ashley blushed lightly and straightened up saying " shut up Arica go already i'm going to the bathroom first. '' Arica put out her tongue and went to one of the many areas in the buffet. Ashley looks at Austin and smiles laughing getting up from his seat" don't take too long my beautiful love ." He blows her a kiss and goes to the meat that he's been dying to try.
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GrowingLoveH... 2 years
I always enjoy seeing a character have a bit of inner conflict about fattening. Good job!