the world stuffing championships

chapter 1 let the stuffing begin!

Good evening and welcome to the 2021 World Stuffing Championships! Tonight, I am here on the beautiful island of Grasa in the Pacific Ocean with 8 stuffing teams from around the world ready to compete for the title of the World’s Greatest Stuffers. Are you unfamiliar with the World Stuffing Championships? Here is how it works: Every country in the world has already crowned their own male and female pair as national champions in the last couple weeks by gaining the most combined weight in a 7-day period. The 8 countries with the highest combined weight gain total have been invited here to compete for the world title. This year the usual favorites of Germany, UK, Canada and the USA are here, along with Australia, France, The Netherlands, and Sweden who also qualified.

Due to Covid concerns this year, the sponsor,, has built an amazing new venue on this small but beautiful deserted island. The site consists of 8, two-bedroom ocean side cabana’s, one for each team while they are competing. The competition hall consists of a world class kitchen where all of the food is prepared for the entire event, the dining room where there is a table and a chair for every team, and a shower room where competitors shower after each stuffing.

The rules are simple. Every day, for 7 days, each team will report to the dining room at 8:00am for breakfast, 12:00pm for lunch, 4:00pm for a snack, and 8:00pm for dinner. No food is allowed in their cabana’s or anywhere else outside of the dining room. Each team has a table, and for every meal, each team will receive an equal and identical amount of food and drinks totaling a minimum of 5,000 calories. The tables are located 6 feet (2 meters) behind “The Chair” where the stuffing takes place. The chairs are like dental chairs in that they can be adjusted up and down and rotate forward and backwards. But unlike dental chairs, the team member in the chair is restrained by Velcro straps at the wrists and ankles. The teammate bound in the chair is only allowed to be fed by the the other teammate. The females on each team go first and are fed by their male teammates. After 30 minutes, the girls get out of the chairs and make their way to the beautiful common shower area located just in front of the dining area where they can clean up. After 15 minutes of showering, they return to the dining area and become the feeders and feed as much of the remaining food and drinks on the table to their male teammates. This process is repeated 3 meals and a snack every day for 7 days. Next Sunday, one week from tonight, every team will be weighed and their weight subtracted from tonight’s starting weight. The 6 countries with the highest combined male and female gains will move on to the quarterfinals the following week. The following Sunday, the 4 highest countries will move on to the semi-finals and for the final week, the 2 countries will highest gains will battle it out for the title, culminating 28 days from now. This promises to be 4 weeks of intense belly stuffing, with over 20,000 calories available to each team every day, the competitors are going to gain weight incredibly fast. Which country will win? We will just have to see who wants to stuff their bellies to the max!

Let’s take a look at this year’s teams with age and starting weight:

Charlotte, 26, 133 lbs. (60 kg.)
Jack, 25, 241 lbs. (109 kg.)

Zoe, 28, 134 lbs. (61 kg.)
Justin, 27, 243 lbs. (110 kg.)

Celeste, 24, 130 lbs. (59 kg.)
Andre, 21, 240 lbs. (109 kg.)

Marie, 25, 136 lbs. (62 kg.)
Karl, 24, 246 lbs. (112 kg.)

Eva, 21, 135 lbs. (61 kg.)
Jan, 23, 240 lbs. (109 kg.)

Elsa, 19, 130 lbs. (59 kg.)
Nils, 23, 242 lbs. (110 kg.)

United Kingdom
Chloe, 24, 135 lbs. (61 kg.)
Jack, 25, 245 lbs. (108 kg.)

United States
Ashley, 22, 132 lbs. (60 kg.)
Dillon, 21, 240 lbs. (109 kg.)

Good morning ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to the beautiful island of Grasa and the World Stuffing Championships! This morning each team is dressed in their stuffing attire, men in speedos and women in sports bras and thongs. These items are made of Spandex, so they will stretch, but only so far. Each competitor was fitted yesterday with a size medium and they are not allowed to change clothing during the competition. You know that the teams that will go far in this competition will be bursting out of these by the end!

Okay, the girls are getting strapped in now. Let’s take a look at what’s on the table for each team this morning. It will be 50 Pancakes with 1 LITER of maple syrup and 250g. (1/2 lb.) of butter, 25 strips of bacon, and 24 donuts. Wow, that’s a mountain of food for each team!

Everyone is set, the referee has blown the whistle, the stuffing has begun! Most of the men are putting 3 or 4 pancakes on a plate and covering them with butter and syrup and bringing the plate to their female teammates strapped in the chair and feeding the girls in the traditional way. However, the Dutch are skipping the plate, fork and all the toppings and Jan is just stuffing whole pancakes in Eva’s mouth one at a time. Wait! What? The Canadians have just decided to skip the pancakes all together and now Justin is just slowly pouring the syrup directly in Zoe’s mouth. I guess Canadians do really love their maple syrup! Oh my, so many calories going straight into that beautiful body. Zoe is a mother of two, so she knows what it is like to be fat, but this week she is quickly on her way to a food baby! From what I see, they seem to be getting the most out of this breakfast in the 30 minutes that they have – it is a good thing that the dividers between the chairs prevent the teams from seeing each other – so far only the Canadians are trying to drain the 4,000 calories in the syrup bottle. The Americans have moved off the pancakes and Ashley is just finishing up the last donut in the first box of 12. The Brits and the Germans have used much of their time with the bacon. The Aussie’s, Swedish and the French are all mostly sticking with the pancakes using the fork to stuff 3 or 4 pieces of pancake, dripping with syrup and butter, into the girls as quickly as possible. I am not sure this is the most efficient way, especially Elsa from Sweden is chewing quickly and having to wait for Nils to bring her more. All 8 teams are going strong now with just a few seconds to go. Yup, there’s the whistle and the men are stepping back from their stuffed female teammates. Oh what a mess! All of the girls are covered in bits of pancake and sticky syrup and butter – especially the Canadian – apparently Justin didn’t always hit the intended target. Zoe has syrup running down her face and down between her tits, glad they can get cleaned up before it’s the men’s turn. All 8 women have made their way over to the showers moaning and holding their swollen bellies. They have each opted to remove their sports bra to give everything a thorough cleaning. Ashley, the American ended up eating 18 donuts and I don’t know how many pancakes. I don’t think that cheerleading uniform is going to fit her when she returns to the University of Georgia at this rate.

Okay, now the girls are back in position ready to stuff the boys. There’s the whistle and the stuffing has begun! Not surprisingly the Canadians waste no time going back to the pouring of the syrup straight out of the bottle. That is such a beautiful sight seeing Zoe with her bloated belly concentrating on getting every drop in Justin’s belly. Now it’s the American, Dillon, to be on the receiving end of jelly and chocolate filled donuts from Ashley. She has a big smile on her face has she pushes one in after another into his mouth. Karl and Jack have made quick work of the greasy bacon and the German and Brit are getting slammed by pancakes that appear to be more butter than pancake. Donuts seem to be the breakfast dessert for all 8 teams at the moment with the beautiful blonde from Sweden hardly allowing Nils to breathe, shouting at him in what I am assuming means “chew faster” in Swedish! Celeste has managed to make a mess of poor Andre has he has done his best to get everything into that French belly. Ok, that’s the end of breakfast. The men are showering and actually all of the women are back in the showers again also, each giving their teammate a well-deserved belly rub while getting cleaned up at the same time.

Welcome back everyone. Day one has now come to an end. For lunch today was, hotdogs, potato chips (crisps), soda and cupcakes. I thought The Aussie’s and the French did very well. The snack this afternoon was a 2kg. bag of Haribo Gummy Bears and the German team was the only team to finish the snack of over 7,000 calories. I have never seen that before – the German team crushed it! Dinner tonight was spaghetti, buttered & toasted bread and molten lava cakes for dessert. The Dutch and the Americans did surprisingly well tonight, focusing on the bread and lava cakes instead of the messy spaghetti. The showers tonight were particularly fun tonight. Not only were each team washing and rubbing each other, but in a beautiful display of international sportsmanship, all 16 competitors formed a human blob of bloated bellies and bare breasts in the center of the shower room. The American and Swedish girls seemed to receive the most attention from several of the men, but the Canadian, Dutch and French girls seemed to have their own thing going on. Also, the guys from France and Sweden seemed to spend some extra time together as well, so we will see how things go from here. But this is only day one, there is a lot more stuffing to go in the days and weeks ahead. Tomorrow at 8am, it will be back to the competition and these stuffers will have to work hard if they want to avoid elimination at the e
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