the would-be sex god

Chapter 1 - the lobby

He'd been working the front desk for a while now, and due to the nature of the resort's usual clientele, oh did he love it. Some of them were even married. And thanks to his imposing masculine presence, not once in the five years of fucking young businessmen, corporate heirs, CEOs-not in one single instance-had a hookup asked him to bottom. Oh, management new about it all right, but on account of exceeding their client quota many times over in this five years, they had an understanding. Hell, when the owner started scrutinizing the accounting and asking around, the only thing employee and client alike said was, "people like this place apparently, we get told that a lot."

A smirk worked it's way on to his clean shaven face as he reviewed reservations.

"Hi, there!" Chimed an unusually unafraid and cheery voice.

The well-defined receptionist looked up and had to contain his surprise for the first time in years. There stood a type of man that he usually described with one word: ***. He didn't have the double chin, and characteristic waddle of most of the obese corporate lords that walked through here at least. On top of that, he was much younger, probably late twenties. Cute face...if the pig had anything going for him in his eyes.

He wore a black suit and had what looked like some pretty expensive luggage trailing behind him as he walked up. His thighs were well beyond what could be called thunder thighs, but were nonetheless solid and not so loose. His paunch was not tucked into his belt, like so many insecure men before him. His ass, though, from what he had seen of it as he grabbed a brochure -and quite deliberately at that, he noted- was sheer godliness. Round, not too abrupt down from the back or up from the thighs, and anything but the impression of a pudgy shelf.

"Can I help you?" Came the sycophantically warm reply.

"Yes, I have a reservation for one."

The receptionist was slightly taken aback by the assuredness of the response. He brought up the list on the monitor and without even looking at the name, blinked at the company account. He recognized the logo. He was an heir, but one of the few that surpassed his predecessors, and in staggering amount as well.
Before he could retrieve the name, a loud crash amidst shouting was heard near the automatic door. The young CEO and muscular receptionist both looked over to see a middle-aged man amidst a rather large pile of fallen luggage, screaming at another receptionist who, despite her stoic smile, was starting to work her hand over to the panic button behind the desk.

The well-defined receptionist sighed,

"I'm sorry sir, could you excuse me for a moment?"

Taking his eyes of the ridiculous scene, he replied,

"By all means."
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