their first hex

chapter 1

Britney was the pinnacle of what society deemed sexually attractive of a woman in the US. Long, slightly wavy, dark brown hair. Bright blue, doe like eyes. Hourglass shape with long legs. Standing at 5'7, she could probably be a Victoria's Secret model if she wanted to. She was well aware of what she had to offer and what it did to those around her.

Max rolled their eyes at the sight of the tall brunette checking herself out in her floor length mirror. Again. Why did they have to get stuck being a roommate with someone so vain? The two of them were like polar opposites. With short, bright green hair and a set of snake bites, that might have all anyone needed to know how "opposite" the roommates are. But on top of that, Max only managed to reach 5'1 before their body unfairly decided to focus their growth in a different direction, as their hips flared out. The chubby, short art major stood out too sharply compared to their bombshell education major roommate.

"What do you think, Max?" the brunette asked, giving a twirl in her skin-tight white cocktail dress that just barely covered her unmentionables and her cheap little wings and halo from Spirit Halloween. "Do you think I'll be the cutest angel at the Halloween party?"

"I think the description you're looking for is 'most sexy'," they said with a shrug, barely looking up from the project they were working on that was due in the next few days.

Britney smiled brightly. "Aww, thanks, Max! Are you sure you don't want to come? I know a lot of cute pan peeps I could introduce you to~"

Max shook their head, finally bothering to make eye contact. "Samhain is tonight, and it's a blue moon. I'm going to head outside to do some prayers closer to midnight when the moon is high."

"Ohhh right, witchy stuff, gotcha," Britney said awkwardly before checking the time on her phone. "Oop, the girls are waiting for me downstairs. I gotta go, but be safe out there. If anyone gives you any trouble, don't be afraid to call me!"

She bounced around the room to grab everything she would need for the party and Max waved at her as she finally left, closing the door behind her.

Max stood up and grabbed the green jar under their bed, opening it up to reveal it was filled with brown hair and a few finger nails. They headed over to the kitchenette in their dorm room and picked out a couple items from most of the junk food in their cabinets - surprisingly, most of which belonged to Britney. She had a hell of a sweet tooth, but an even stronger metabolism.

Well, if things work out, this would be the last night she has such a strong metabolism. Britney was nice and all, but Max couldn't help but feel like she was far too obsessed with her figure. They had enough and were hoping that maybe, just maybe, tonight they could work a little magic.

They sealed up the jar again, loading it up into their duffle bag along with their prayer beads, a blanket, a hand shovel, and Britney's favorite pumpkin spice scented candle.

As Max expected, they weren't the only student that wanted to head out into the small woodland area that occupied the back of the campus. Some were partying, some were camping out for the night as a dare, and some were just there to try and scare everyone else.

Somehow though, Max managed to find a nice spot between the trees that had a nice view of the full moon above. They got right to work spreading out the blanket on top of the leaves, making sure to slip off their shoes before stepping onto it and sitting down. They set down the candle about a foot in front of them, with the jar directly in front of them and the prayer beads in their left hand.

After lighting the candle, they began their prayers to Adephagia, the goddess of gluttony and daughter of Dionysus, while holding onto the jar and picturing Britney clearly in their mind. After a few moments of this, they turned to their side and pulled out the small shovel, digging through the luckily soft soil from the light rain the night before. When it was finally deep enough, Max slowly buried the jar into the hole, all while giving a continuous prayer to Adephagia.

"And now we play the waiting game," Max mumbled to herself before blowing out the candle.

It was nearly two in the morning before Britney came stumbling back into their cramped door room, giggling to herself and holding a McDonald's bag. When Max glanced up at her from their bed, she slapped a hand over her mouth with wide eyes before whispering "Oopsie, did I wake you? I'm sorry~"

Max shook their head and sat up, trying no to stare at the fast food bag. "Nah, I only just got back not that long ago myself. How was the party?"

"Soooo much fuuun," the brunette slurred with a goofy smile as she struggled to pop off her heels and props before flopping down onto her bed. "I think I had a bit too much to drink, BUT I was a good girl and got me some greasy food to help with the hangover!" She held up the bag proudly before looking over at Max. "I got you some too if you're hungry~!"

"I'm good, I already ate," Max told her with a shrug. "Just eat what you can and put the rest in the fridge. I'm not really a fan of microwaving fast food."

"You're too sweet, ya know that?" Britney told her roommate before reaching into the bag and pulling out a double cheeseburger. "You're free to steal all the fries you want!"

A loud grumble erupted from her slim stomach, making the drunk giggle. "Okay, maybe not ALLLLL the fries. But definitely some!"
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Azismiss 2 years
I absolutely love this story. Sexy and wholesome.

I'd want it to be my love story.
Bishman 2 years
Good story. Grammer is trash though.
Kittymoshing 2 years
such a wholesome ending ~
Karenjenk 2 years
I love it
college weight gain is a given but ruining her like this is soo much fun to read