chapter 1-3

Chapter one: The cookies. Lucy put the jar of cookies on her kitchen table. The new shop definatelly sold good confectionary. She could smell the fresh, creamy scent of the buscuits through the jar. She picked the jar back up and read the label again. "Ingredients: Flour, water, sugar, chocolate, thickener." Lucy put the jar back down, opened it and ate a buscuit. There where only a few cookies in the jar to begin with, and Lucy quickly finished them all off.
"Ah, that was amazing!" Said Lucy. As the effect of the cookies began to wear off, their main function began to kick in. A brief wave of ecstasy washed over Lucy as she felt her hips, ass and thighs begin to tingle. She instinctively put her hands over them and felt fat expand through her jeans. She stumbled upstairs to her bedroom and looked in the mirror, just in time to see her pants rip appart under the wave of fat growing over her lower half.

Chapter two: A Larger Lucy. Before she ate the cookies, Lucy had been a fairly slim young woman. She had blonde hair, a somewhat round face, decent c-cup breasts and an average, flat ass. Now, her top half remained the same, but from the waist down it was different. Lucy now had hips almost a foot wider than before, now wider than her shoulders. Her ass had doubled in size, with each cheek being as fat as her entire butt was before. Lucy's thighs were fat enough that they squished against each other and spread her legs slightly outwards. All this was barely held in by an incredibly overstressed pair of underpants. Lucy pulled of the underpants and began admiring her new curves in the mirror. "I guess they meant a different type of thickener than I assumed" she mused. Lucy spent a lot of the afternoon enjoying her new body, like by pulling her ass cheeks appart and letting them wobble pack into place, and sitting on the floor and watching her great thighs spread out. She went to bed that night with no pants on.

Chapter three: New clothes. Lucy woke up and realised she had to go to work tomorrow. She flung open her drawers looking for something to wear. The only thing she found that would keep herself modest was a ldress, which was still tight around her waist. Lucy didn't even bother trying to put on underpants.
Lucy drove to the mall, which was thankfully mostly empty. She had to go to a plus-size store for underpants and trousers, since she was just out of range of normal shops. She bought a full assortment of clothing. Then, however, she walked past the bakery she had got the cookies from. Realising what she wanted, she returned the clothing to the store she had got them from, and replaced them with items of the largest size the store carried. Then Lucy bought 2 more jars of thickening cookies and drove home.
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