Chapter 1 - engorged satisfaction

I can't look down anymore. My titties are so full, swollen, and round, that they press into my chin. My belly has taken over my entire body. it is a perfect sphere and makes me look like a balloon animal, it's so round. My love handles, my back fat, all converge in my belly and make me full and heavy. my belly is so big, I can't stay upright when I sit down, my belly pushes me back and my full titties keep my eyes looking nearly up at the ceiling, I almost can't watch tv, I'm so full of...fat. my nipples are big and swollen and sit on top of my near dome shaped and bulbous chest. my beachball belly completes my mickey mouse shaped body. I weigh 450 pounds. My butt and thighs are so wide, I can feel the walls with my hips when I walk down the hall. While that makes me seem like I am pear shaped, my belly is just as big and just as wide. When I walk, I feel my weight shift from side to side. Jiggle, Jiggle. Waddle, Waddle. My big healthy milkshake moobs shift from side to side. My underbelly, the most sensitive part of my swollen upper body, ripples just slightly enough to turn me on. I can't even reach my dick anymore, I can barely look down enough to see my belly's crest hide it from view. I can feel it, surrounded by softness. My fupa, my sweet juicy fupa is swollen and supple, engulfs all but the tip of my dick and teases me with every jiggling step. Knowing that with every bite of food I take, my dick gets smaller and smaller is such a turn on. I'm so fat now, all that's left is the highly reactive and very sensitive tip, surrounded in the plushest fat, sensitive and pleasurable to the touch. When I get horny is when I fall into the cycle. I can't reach over my belly and it turns me on. I can't pleasure myself and it turns me on. I can't roll over and pleasure myself with pressure because my belly is too big, it keeps my wide, heavy hips from touching the bed. It's paradise, it's hell. I want to eat more.
I strain to sit upright, i use my arms and swing my girth foreward, but my big round belly pushes me back, it always wants me to lay back and relax, my belly, my titties, my body always fights me when i want to move, like it wants to remain still and grow and grow. I was born to be fat. defeated by my own fatness, I sit on the couch in pleasurable defeat and rub my belly, it's round and swollen sides, i squeeze my love handles, bigger than my hand, I tease my own nipples, puffy and filled with fat, i moan a big chub moan. "Look at how fat you've made yourself, " I whisper, weak with pleasure and satisfaction. "You've gotten a little chunky, huh, porker? what a whale, what a plump and juicy whale you've become...MMM swollen like a balloon, fat..."
Trying to reach around my belly turns me on, But I can't reach and that turns me on. it's paradise, it's hell. I'm hungry.
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CrowsEye 7 years
I just wanna know where you found the pic for the icon for this story holy dooley.
Built4com4t 7 years
short and sweet...nice
Ffancy 7 years
Wow! Hot stuff.
Fatlilboy 7 years
Erotic bliss!