Chapter 1 - her

She walked down the hall, her hips swaying in an exaggerated way. She turned and winked and lightly spanks herself making her ass jiggle within her thighs black spandex. Her thighs rub as she sways away. She turns again and motions to you with one finger around the corner for you to come to her. You follow and turn the corner. She pins you against the wall and grabs your arms and wraps them around her wide waist. You squeeze only to have your hands enveloped in soft flesh. She pressed herself against you and u can feel her slightly chubby midsection. Her hazel eyes beam into your own and she bites her lip showing her pleasure. She turns and rubs her thick backside on you. She turns back staring intently. She kisses you with her moist lips. They taste great but also feel great. You feel her hand running down to your groin and your arms are still gripping her ass tight. Her hands find the target and unzip you pants and slowly pull them down. She grips your member and strokes as you almost lose control. She kisses you again with the same feeling as before. She begins to stroke faster as her eyes sparkle in the light looking at you. She smiles. Such a sweet smile. The kind that could melt a demons heart. "Spank me " she whispers. You do as your told and spank her swiftly. She lets out a light Yelp as a loud clap echos. You can feel the mass wobbling and you use your hands to contain it and feel every jiggle and wobble. "Harder". Again you hit with a more ferocious slap and again her ass wobbles like gelatin. She then kneels down and gently places her moist sweet lips on your member. She begins the routine. The best you have ever felt. Her ass juts out behind her like a cliff face. She winks knowing that you are enjoying yourself as much as she is . You moan and tremble as she gets more and more aggressive. She continues still as your close your eyes savoring the pleasure. She stands back up, plants a kiss on your cheek and swiftly turns and walks back down the hall. She turns and coily winks and places a finger to her lips as if to shush you.
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