this is your fault

chapter 1

“This is your fault, you fat disgusting pig.” I shove a Swiss roll into her mouth, not giving her time to chew the last one. She’s frantically trying to swallow. Tears are forming in her eyes.
“You’re 21 god damn years old and 754 pounds of useless, fat lard. All because you can’t stop eating, for a fucking second.” Another pastry is jammed into her mouth, her tears falling heavy now. She knows what she’s done. I get up close to her, grabbing her fat face and bringing it close to mine.

“You’re going to die down here, you worthless pig. You’re going to eat yourself to death before you’re 23. I’m sure of it. I’ve seen your vitals, done the tests. You’re heading to an early grave, all because of your greed.” I force my hand under her enormous belly, in between her thighs, until I find what I’m looking for. She’s beyond wet.

“You’ll never find someone who loves you, you’ll never get married, have children, none of that. Your parents will outlive you, all because their daughter is a disgusting, obese, pig.” Her breathing was picking up now, more akin to wheezing, her tears still coming down.

“And the worst part is? This turns you on. All of it. You get off to throwing your life away for a sick sexual kink, only worrying about when you get to cum next.” The tears start rolling now. “Don’t cry, pig! You wanted all of this. You told me you wanted it, and I’ve made it real for you.”

I walk over to the bottom of her bed, finding her navel. It’s deep and inviting, stretch marks on both sides of it showing her terrible gain the last few years. All the horrible, disgusting junk I’ve forced down her throat, has led to this. Trans fats, processed foods, anything and everything humans were not meant to eat in excess, I have made her main diet. Honestly, I don’t expect her to last another year. She’s on the verge of a heart attack, and her weak body surely can’t handle it. My hand pushes deep into her belly.

“You know what I’m gonna do, you fat waste of space? Fuck your belly button. It looks deep too, it can probably swallow my whole cock. Isn’t that screwed up? That you’re fat enough for that? Don’t worry, by the time you kick the bucket here, I’ll be using every roll on your body.”

My cock felt like it was being caressed on all sides, pure jelly fat covering it. She could only watch as I treated her like the useless piece of meat she was. I came hard into her navel, with cum dripping out and down the sides of her belly button.

Walking over to her, I already had another pack of pastry’s ready to go.
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