this isn't high school anymore

chapter 1

This Isn’t High School Anymore

By Jake (JMJ) and ST​

The bar was dead, though it was to be expected on a random Tuesday night in September. A few women were trying to dance out on the small dance floor but for the most part people huddled around the bar.

“Um, bartender, can I have another bourbon? Rocks. Thanks.”

Eric Banner pulled out his wallet and left a ten on the bar. He sloshed the small whiskey glass around for a moment before taking a sip.

He was back in his old hometown of Massapequa for the night and he was glad to see that none of his old friends were around. At 31 he had grown apart from everyone he grew up with, having spent his four years of college over in Michigan. He would come back for the holidays but it wasn’t the same. It seemed as though if you didn’t go to college locally or stayed in the area, you meant nothing.

“Oh well, doesn’t mean much now” he said as he took another sip.

He looked out on the dance floor and smiled. There were two VERY big girls all trying to dance, with what appeared to be a friend who was looking on disapprovingly. She shook her head and returned to her vodka, clearly annoyed at what she was watching.

Eric watched her and was amazed by how beautiful she looked. She didn’t look a day over 21, her long brown hair pushed past her shoulders, her tan, angular face with not a blemish on it. The rest of her body was just as amazing, she was about 5’3 and about 120 pounds, all of it distributed in the right places, giving her a real hourglass shape. She had a tattoo of a rose in between her thumb and pointer finger. He did his best not to gawk at her but he was certain she had seen him. He turned around and went back to watching the baseball game on the TV.

After ordering another drink, he peeked back over to see that the girls were now seated. He did his best not to appear to obvious but one of the drunk girls saw him and waved. He sheepishly waved back and went back to the game.

He overheard the sober one telling them she got them an uber and that they should go. He watched them all file out, taking extra note of the brown haired girls full tush and how nice it looked in comparison to the other girls massive rears and shook his head with how stupid he probably looked.

“Man, you’re such an idiot” he said out loud.

“Well, you might not be an idiot, but you’re definitely not that discrete.”

He turned to see that the brunette was now standing next to him.

“I, I.”

“It’s ok. But if you stare at someone for that long, you’re supposed to at least offer to buy them a drink.”

She laughed and sat down in the stool next to him.

“Um, yeah. What, what are you drinking?”

“Vodka club.”


He motioned for the bartender.

“I’ll take another bourbon and the lady will have a vodka club.”

“Kettle One again, Maria?”

“Yep. Thanks Tony.”

Eric looked over at the girl and then the bartender.

“I’m Eric by the way. Since he knows your name, I guess you come here often?”

She giggled.

“Been coming here since I was 19, but don’t tell the guy at the door that, he’d be pissed”, she said snickering.

“Ah, you grew up around here? Me too. Class of 2006.”

Her eyes almost bulged out of her head.

“Get the fuck out of here. So was I! I’m Maria, Maria Castellano.”

Eric almost spilled his drink. Maria Castellano was one of the most attractive women in his graduating class. All his friends had crushes on her, hell he did too. There was no way she could be sitting next to him now, just no way.

“Maria Castellano? Of Joey Garber and Maria Castellano?”

Maria laughed.

“Oh that was a while ago. Saw Joe a few months ago actually. He’s married, two kids. His wife is a lovely woman.”

Eric was still in shock.

“I’m, I’m sitting next to Maria Castellano? I can’t believe it!”

He nervously sipped his drink again, hoping to get courage.

“Ha, you say it like that again and you won’t be sitting next to Maria Castellano.

Eric put his drink down.

“I’m sorry. I sound like an idiot. It’s just you know. You were almost Prom Queen. You were the girl everyone looked up to. I wouldn’t expect to ever get a ‘Hi!’ from you, let alone a drink.”

She laughed once more.

“Yeah, we’re not in high school anymore. I don’t even associate with people really from high school anymore, present company POSSIBLY excluded. Get me?”

She picked up her vodka and gave him a look. He knew he was blowing it.

“You’re right. I’m sorry. What have you been up to then, since high school?”

“Not too much. I’m web designer, independent. I work out of my house for most projects which is nice, let’s me keep my own hours and I don’t have to deal with too many people unless I want to. How about you?”

“I’m working in some crappy job as a claims manager for an insurance company. The work sucks and it’s so boring. The benefits, pay and some stock options aren’t bad but otherwise it sucks. Total waste of going to college.”

“Oh I know all about that, ha-ha. I went for photography and when I do take pictures, well let’s just say they’re not exactly for the New York Times.”

They both laughed.

“Is what it is. Long as you’re not miserable, keep doing it. That’s my motto.”

He went to finish up his drink but realized it was finished. He groaned and glanced over at hers to see she was still carrying almost a full glass. Not wanting to look bad, he instead put it down and resumed talking to her.

“You could get another drink, Eric.”

“What? Nah, it’s ok. I probably shouldn’t anyway, I eventually have to drive. No worries.”

He signaled for the bartender again.

“If you say so. That’s why I took an uber, so now I can do what I want. More fun that way.

The two former classmates talked for about an hour before Maria decided to end things.

“My uber will be here in a minute.”

“Oh, ok. Well, it was good to catch up with you, Maria.”

He extended his hand to shake hers and she again shook her head at his stupidity.

“Don’t get mad when I ask this question, but you haven’t gone out with that many girls have you?”


“Eric. I came over here. I had two drinks with you. We talked for over an hour. Do you think I did that just to get a handshake and a ‘nice talking to you’?”

Eric almost fell out his chair.

“I’m sorry. Beautiful women don’t talk to me much. I uh, I had a girlfriend in college. It’s been pretty hit or miss since.”

He stood to give her a hug but she just kissed him on the lips before lifting up his phone.

“I’m sending myself a text from your phone. Call me.”

With that, she turned and walked out of the bar, letting him catch her butt jiggle so slightly in her tight jeans.

“I need another drink” Eric said before grabbing his keys and heading home to get said drink.
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