this little piggy went to market

chapter 1

This Little Piggy: A female weight gain story
By cfbrown1

We all know the nursery rhyme. But something about it never felt right. It seems like it is backwards to me. Shouldn't it end with the piggy going to market?
Not to ruin your childhood but the true meaning of the nursery rhyme is probably closer to this:
1. This little piggy goes to market- Yummmmm, Bacon
2. This little piggy stayed home- Most likely kept for breeding
3. This little piggy had roast beef- Omnivores, will eat virtually anything
4. This little piggy had none- The pigs are usually not fed the day they go to market
5. This little piggy went wee wee wee all the way home- Either she escaped or wet herself
Here is my reworking of the classic tale.

Chapter 1
This little Piggy went wee wee wee all the way home

Cassidy was just out of high school, and attractive 18 year old natural blond, 5'5" tall and weighted 147 lbs. The few extra pounds she carried were all in the right places. 36 inch bust filling out her D cup bra, 38 inch hips and the a 28 inch waste. Her late mom was a classic apple body type and Cassidy definitely inherited her genes. She knew she was bound to get fat as she aged but she had no idea how quickly that was going to happen. Her parents had recently died in an automobile accident and her grandparents had taken her in while she finished her last year of high school. Cassidy had no interest in attending college and was looking for a career she would be happy with. She loved her grandparents but was ready to strike out on her on. Although she grew up in the city, she really loved the country. She saw an add online looking for interns for an experimental farm in rural Nebraska. The add stated they were recruiting a total of five people for the positions. Cassidy submitted her application online and was thrilled to get an interview. Initially she had a phone interview with Mr Smith, who explained what they were looking for in a candidate, what the job required etc. The internship was for a full year, included room and board and a small salary. Mr Smith stated their was the potential for a full time position after the year was up and that they usually kept one of that years interns on full time. Two weeks passed and she heard nothing back from Mr Smith. She was continuing her job search and had an interview scheduled that afternoon with a local factory. It was not something she really wanted, but she had to find something that would cover her expenses so she could move out of her grandparents house. While sitting in the waiting room in HR at the factory, she gets a call from Mr Smith. He tells her she is one of the 10 finalists for a position and wants her to come in for a personal interview in a week. They will cover her expenses for the trip including the flight from her home in Atlanta. She eagerly agrees, but completes her interview at the factory as a potential fall back option.
Tuesday morning she received a call from HR at the factory. They offered her a position and she had until 5PM Friday to accept. As she boarded the plane for the flight to Nebraska she was hoping this trip would go well. Tonight she would meet the other nine candidates, and the next day the actual interviews would be conducted. The meet and greet went well, but she was surprised to see all the other candidates were also young women who had just graduated high school like herself. They also all were carrying a few extra pounds. No one was fat by any means, but they mostly had the same apple body type as Cassidy. What she did not know was that they all had very little or no family, just like Cassidy. The next morning after breakfast all ten of them were taken to a group interview. After the interview they were driven to the farm for lunch and a tour. After the tour they were then told what the job would entail. The farm was testing experimental new feed varieties on the pigs, looking for that formula that would fatten them as quickly as possible. They were told that the sooner the farmer could get his animals to market, the less his expenses were resulting in a higher profit for the farmers. Each of them would be assigned a group of pigs and a specific formula to feed them. Their job would be to help feed the animals the various products, record their weight gain from each product and help compose and analyze the data to determine which formula is the overall winner. Friday morning as she was waiting to board her flight back home to Atlanta, she got the call from Mr Smith offering her a job. The young woman was thrilled and went "wee wee wee all the way home".
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