Chapter 1



The hot summer sun beamed down onto Tiffany's black hair as she walked slowly to her aunts house. It was her spring break and she was invited to stay with her for the week. Tiffany was 18 years old and as you would expect she didn't want to sit around her aunts old house on break. She dragged her 5'6 157 pound frame up the stairs lugging her suit cases behind her. By the time she reached the top her aunt opened to door and threw her arms around Tiffany.

"Hello Tiff, I haven't seen you in ages!"

"I know its been what 5 years?"

"At least, Her aunt said, Stepping back and looking her over"

"Your so thin your parents aren't staving you i hope! She said with a laugh

"No, i just don't like to cook and my mom allays makes vegetarian food.

"Well come in and sit down i have lunch prepared for us"

As Tiffany walked inside she smelled the aroma of chicken and sweet corn bread tempting her from the kitchen.

Aunt Mae walked in after her plopping her bag on the ground.

Ill Unpack later for you, lets eat, OK tiff?

Sure im starving aunt Mae

Good I've made your favorites.

Tiff thought to herself for a minute but couldn't remember having any favorites.

She followed aunt Mae into the kitchen and asked her what she meant by favorites.

Oh honey you probably don't remember but I used to cook up a storm for you when you were younger. And all you wanted was ice cream floats and home made pizza when you were little. You parents allays scolded me but i couldn't resist making them anyways.

Could i have been so forgetful tiff thought to herself. How could i forget eating such good food? Well why don't you sit down and ill fix you a plate. Tiff took a seat and looked around the kitchen waiting for aunt mea to come out with lunch. She spotted a picture that caught her eye on a table and walked over to examine it. It was a portly little girl with a huge smile on her face and here parents in the background looking almost worried. Here you go sweetie, aunt Mea said as she walked in and placed there lunch down on the table. Oh i see you already found your old photos. Those were the days Mae said and sighed. Your parents dropped you off for the weekend and we would have so much fun. Tiffany put the picture down and turned to her aunt. I cant believe how i looked back then! I know you were as pretty as you are now said aunt Mae. Tiffany was startled and didn't know what to say but a quite thank you. She sat down and started small talk with Aunt Mae. She listened to her aunt talk about the adventures they had and all the fun times tiff and her had when she was younger. As Tiffany listened and ate at a steadily faster pace as she grew more interested in the tales Aunt was telling her. She quickly slid a hot piece of pork into her mouth and nearly swallowed it whole.

She grabbed her spoon and took a big scoop of buttery gravy covered mashed potatoes and shoved it in. Before she knew it her plate was clean and auntie Mae had taken it and replaced it with a huge ice cream float topped with cherries and a big piece of triple chocolate cake. Tiffany couldn't resist and dug in. She greedily slurped the float and ate the cake with her fingers while here aunt did the dishes. Tiffany looked down at her belly and was shocked to see it was sticking out under her shirt. Aunt Mae walked in smiling and went over to Tiffany and wiped the cake and remaining ice cream off of her face. I'm glad you enjoyed lunch sweetie Aunt Mea said as she leaned in and softly patted Tiffany little belly. Oh it was great Aunty i really don't eat that much usually, i swear. It's fine honey im glad you liked my food. How about you go unpack and ill start dinner? Ok, i guess Tiffany said a little confused. Why is auntie mae starting dinner so soon its was 12:00 in the afternoon. She went in her room and headed straight for the bed were she fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.
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Lispoiledpri... 8 years
Ever going finish any of these stories? 7yrs now. smiley
Hazardose 13 years
Very imaginative. I liked it. I just think you needn't have been so mean to the poor aunt. Just because you had Tiff getting spoilt, didn't mean she had to be rude to her aunt. Because why on earth would any aunt want to keep a girl who was rude, when they were so nice to them. She already had all the food she wanted from aunt.
Hellofang2000 13 years
Great Story.
Tiffanny 13 years
hmm it was pretty good... a little gross but pretty good
13 years
i liked the story, i prefer ssbbw compared to pot belly girls