till death do them apart

chapter 1

It was probably towards the end of the second year of their captivity, when she tried to escape. Her husband was being tortured by the psychos that had kept them there, leaving her unattended. Heaving her now 340 pound body up, she tried to run out of the basement and up the stairs. She barely made it to the top when one of them noticed, and took chase after her.
Her name was Coleen, and her husband, Jason and herself had been taken hostage by a group of people who were adamant on fattening them to death. Yes, death. They had been told that their crimes against others was the case for this, but because they were married, they would “allow” them to be fed together. Pissing off the wrong people had bad consequences.

She was waddling as fast as she could when someone grabbed her by the hair and yanked her back, causing her to let out a loud yelp as she smacked the ground. She began to cry at this point, being hysterical.

“Shut the hell up you stupid fat cow.” A swift and hard punch to her face left her dazed, and sent her world spinning.

“Since you want to try and escape, we will make sure you never move again.” Another punch knocked her out completely, several teeth going flying.

She woke up fully restrained, and also finding it harder to breathe. She looked down and noticed she was much larger, and her husband was also restrained across the room from her, also much much larger. One of the captors approached her.
“Glad to see you’re awake. We kept you in a coma for a few months while we fed you so you wouldn’t try anything stupid again. Your current weight is exactly 616 pounds, and your husband is 750. We broke him while you were out, and we hope to do the same to you now.”

At that moment, 3 naked women entered the room, all eyeing Jason. They were gorgeous, looking almost like they were models. Skinny and fit, they approached him with giddy excitement.
“Oh my god, he’s even fatter than the pictures!” They began touching his fat, feeling his rolls.

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