tim's unfortunate accident

Chapter 1

Timothy or Tim as he was known to his friends was known for being a bit of a fitness freak through school, college and into his first job as a low level office worker for an accounting firm.
That was until a workplace injury caused by the idiot son of one of the executives happened. That idiot who no one liked had been carrying too much like usual and dropped many papers and plastic folders on the tiled floor and instead of going to pick them up straight away he tried to flirt miserably with one of the receptionists who always ignored his attempts leading to the accident.
Tim who had then come along had slipped on them badly because there was little friction between the plastic and the tiled floor, before landing awkwardly and the result was a small but painful fracture to his leg.

Off work for a while Tim soon grew bored with all the free time and began to look forward to returning to work, that was until he got a visit by his normally easy going manager who explained the situation to him.
In essence Tim was being let go on the wishes of that executive to avoid his son's issues. Even though the manager said that the company was giving him a year's worth of salary in compensation which wasn't bad, good references for future employers and a formal letter of apology signed by the son but obviously written by the father. Either way Tim wasn't happy to be out of work for such a stupid thing.
The manager repeatedly apologized as he left while Tim simply sighed and shook his head. For the next few weeks partially out of depression and also due to the injury Tim overindulged in takeaways for two meals a day until his last doctor's appointment. When the female doctor commented on his loss of muscle mass and 20 pound weight gain. Tim looked to himself and promised aloud that he would return to his old weight and body condition soon.
That first time back in the gym was as expected a little difficult but as a veteran of working out, Tim soon got back into the swing of things and lost nearly 10 pounds by the end of three weeks gaining back some muscle mass. But then unexpectedly he had a run in with the idiot who commented loudly to his friends, that he got Tim let go from the firm.
While some laughed, others sighed and looked apologetically at Tim. Who didn't notice he simply turned, forgot about going to the gym, headed home and ordered a massive amount of food from the takeaway and didn't stop till it was all gone. As a result the following day he stayed in bed and forgot about the gym and wondered for hours if that idiot or his father would ever get punished. For his dinner he ordered the same as the night before saying to himself it was okay as he hadn't had lunch or breakfast and so a new routine began for Tim.

His habit of one large meal a day along with no visits to the gym lead to further loss of muscle mass and a huge gain of nearly 40 pounds. As he realized his changes after those two months Tim grew very disappointed in himself and planned to return to the gym until he suddenly got a job offer.
This job offer was for a similar office position in a different company who dealt with insurance. In order to start the job with a good impression, Tim bought a new office outfit that was a loose fit on his heavier body compared to his old suit. The job started well and he made a few friends but Tim soon found himself having to skip lunches and work late to cover his heavy workload. This obviously led to Tim continuing his takeaway routine even increasing his orders so that he could make it through the following day's work. In work his only sustenance was sugary sodas and bags of sweets.
When Tim started to outgrow his work outfits he ignored his gain and simply bought a larger size. The only thing on his mind was the following day's work shift and whether or not he should try out the new takeaway in his area which had made offers going on.
Tim's life followed this pattern until a Christmas visit across the country to his parents, shocked and left them commenting frequently that their son was finally following in the footsteps of the rest of the family. Compared to Tim's low 220 pounds, his father and mother were over 300 pounds each and his sister was about 260 pounds.
After returning home looking in the mirror at his overweight self, lifting his sizable man boobs that could easily fill a C cup bra and seeing his massive gain on the scale. Tim couldn't help but smile, laugh out loud and say to himself it is just like my parents thought, while he used to be the odd one out in their family for going to the gym it looks like fate had other plans. Once he stopped laughing he looked his body over in the mirror again before the thought crossed his mind that maybe he could outgrow his parents top weight.
Instead of denying the thought Tim grabbed his phone and ordered double his usual order and when it arrived he drooled as he unwrapped it while muttering to himself I can't wait, next visit I will surprise my parents maybe we can make a competition of our gains alongside my sister.

It was a year later when Tim passed 330 pounds that he heard that the idiot had died after a drunk driving incident had killed several people and that the compensation settlement ordered by the courts had left the executive bankrupt. In response he rubbed his large belly, burped then laughed loudly and thought it was time for his next meal/stuffing.
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