time to grow

chapter 1

She walked inside of the coffee like every Wednesday with her tight sports clothes showing her small and fit body with an hourglass shape, she went to the counter and asked for a light tea no sugar, while she was waiting for her order she paid and then walked to my table as usual. Then saying "hi" she sat just in front of me whit her sweet and cute smile, I just smiled back and said "good morning Gaby". We had our breakfast, I drank my coffee and ate my toast and she had her light tea and half an orange. Then she looks at her clock and leaving with her angel face saying bye I was unable to think on something else than she was the one I would marry with.
Gabriela, or Gaby as I call her had been a friend of mine since we were on middle school. She was the nice next door Latin girl, with her slightly tanned skin, big hazel eyes and long brown hair, she was the girl of heart since back then, she used to be a bit podgy when we were little and it was cute. I remember I used to dream about how would it feels to poke her cute tummy and hug her soft body. But most of the school didn't think the same way as me that she was gorgeous even being a bit chubby, they bug her a lot, and soon she started to stop eating and exercise getting in shape, she was still pretty and hot, but I didn't know why I preferred her being a bit chunkier.
Besides her body, Gaby is a super sweet person, she is always nice and kind with people, smiling and making people happy, she was my best friend. When we finished school I wanted to take her to the graduation ball but before I could she was dating Ricky the basketball player and I lost my opportunity to date her, and then she moved to college and I did the same. We kept writing mails, and calling to know how things were going and after college both of us like a destiny game we came back to our town hired by good companies and we decided to see each other again.
During the time I was in college, I found out that big girls turns me on more than thin girls, and searching on internet I found the fat admirers and the feeders, I read all the things about it and I found that my biggest fantasy wasn't really to get a fat girl for me, no, I wanted to live all the process and make someone go from skinny to a sexy and fat woman. I experienced a bit feeding girls I dated and spoiling them helping them to gain the freshmen 15 or some more, but things never went deeper because I never really connected with them, my heart was still on Gaby.
The day we met again I was waiting for her in the park, we were going to walk in the park and talk, I offered go to a restaurant but she said that she would prefer just walk. While I was waiting I wondered and really expected to see her with the freshmen 15 and maybe some more, but when I saw her, I was a bit disappointed, she lost even more weight during the college and now she was like a model, she was gorgeous and sexy but super skinny. We kept our friendship, going out together and having small meetings like the Wednesday breakfast, but I really wanted to go further and become more than friends.
The months went by and I finally confessed her my love, we were happy, I finally after many years I had my angel, I knew how worried she was about being thin and fit and I just supported her for love, but deep inside I only wanted to make her grow fatter and blossom into the sexy big woman she could be. Things went ok for almost a year but then we finally decided to move in and my desires became stronger, with each month things turned harder for me, she was almost perfect, always lovely and all, but I really wanted her to eat and enjoy food, to let herself go and stop starving herself and exercise so much just to keep being so thin.
During all that day after our breakfast and during my work I decided I would make the big question, I really love her so why not just get marry, and maybe with that she would relax a bit and gain a bit, maybe we could even have kids and that would help me to fatten her up a bit. I bought the ring and that night during a romantic dinner where she barely ate a small salad and water I got the yes. I was super happy, and when we got home we made love, even being so thin she had so nice big boobs and butt. Now good things would be going to happen.
After the wedding Gaby was moved from the front to the administration, so now she was going to be more sit and still, I thought it would make her relax a bit but instead of it she started eating even less and exercising even more, I didn't notice she was losing more weight with her regimen until one day after making love and fell asleep I saw all her bones sticking out, her ribs and spine were super visible under her skin, I woke up and went to the bathroom, I knew she weighed herself before making love when she had a shower and found on the scale memory something that really worried me, her weight was 85 pounds. That was really low even for a 5 2ยด woman, so I went to bed having in mind that this must stop, now was time to grow.
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Beautybelly 7 years
ph my god!! love your story so much! i hope yo continue soon!! smiley
Akwolfgrl13 7 years
I love it! So good!
Ellegirl 7 years
reminds me of myself smiley
Keep it up please
Nok 7 years
One of the best stories I have ever read. Fantastic job, an instant classic.
GrowingLoveH... 7 years
The power of such storytelling certainly overcomes any grammar problems or language barriers. Fat is a language we all can enjoy!
Gemfromabox 7 years
It is very good but there are quite a few grammatical mistakes. I can edit for you? Send me the whole story by email and I can send it back and you can repost it.

My email is gem from a box at Gmail dot com. No spaces obviously and at symbol and dot
Emmafeeder94 7 years
Hi, this is my very first story and also this is not my mother language so if there is any mistake please let me know, I will be thankful for that. in adition if theres is any advice or suggestion im open to recive them thankfully too. I hope you enjoy an