to the max

Chapter 1 - max

"Just slip this into his coffee, or on something he's eating and then you're done," the middle aged lady mumbled, grudgingly handing over a small, blue vial.

Meg Matthews held it up to the light. It looked like such a small amount. How could it hold such extraordinary magic as to make her crush fall for her?

"And now, we're even?" the lady grunted with slight aggression. "I want the evidence," she demanded, holding out her hand.

"This had better work," Meg warned her, trying to echo her hostility, holding out a hard-drive and looking in to her eyes to check her sincerity.

"It will work," the lady scoffed, ripping the hard-drive from her hands. "But I never want to see you again," she finished bitterly, pointing to her front door.

"Likewise," Meg replied, making her way out. She couldn't wait to use her new acquisition; she was already turned on at the thought.
It had been a stroke of genius finding all this dirt on Madam Azarov, the infamous back-street mystic. Meg had heard, through whispered conversations, how she would conjure up all sorts for people; at a very handsome price. Although, Meg had no idea what she spent it all on, looking at her unkempt flat above the store where she sold her trinkets and spells. When she had gone to see her last week, she had asked for the same thing she was holding in her hand right now. But Madam Azarov had just laughed and demanded a six figure sum in return. That was when Meg knew she had to get creative.

Women like Madam Azarov always had some sort of dirt to be dragged up, and indeed the amount of tax evasion she was involved in was enough to see her behind bars for sure. It didn't really matter that she had to get her hands dirty, hacking into her computer; she now had in her hands what she had wanted all along.

The door slammed behind her and Meg was out once again on the busy street. She hadn't realised how clammy she was from the adrenaline, until the bitter cold hit her face once again. She grinned, tapping the vial in her pocket, then set off to find Max.

Meg had never met a man she was more attracted to in her life. Max was a tall, incredibly handsome guy, with wide shoulders and a naturally strapping physique. If anyone had won the lottery when it came to their genes, it was Max. Some girls would pretend not to like him: "He's too tall," one might say, or, "He's too muscly for me," another may comment. But Meg knew that, deep down, everyone wanted a piece of him. That's why it was so crazy that Max always stayed single, only briefly dating girls who were way below his league; usually short, chubby girls who never lasted long with him before he moved on to the next one. Meg had lost track of the number of times she had tried to buy him a drink, or flirt with him. He just shot her down every time. But Meg was used to getting what she wanted. And she wanted Max. That was why she had to resort to this.

Max was working on a construction site close by and so Meg parked her car and gazed about. It must have been almost time for them to finish since they were all clearing up.

"Hello," Meg called out, not wanting to get in to trouble for being there. Max looked over and nodded, looking confused as to why a girl he barely knew was looking for him, here of all places. His shirt was off, exposing his naturally built frame and large arms. Meg found it hard to keep looking at his face.

"What's the matter?" Max asked, a little bemused to see Meg there.

"I've come to offer you a bribe," she explained, handing over the coffee cup she had poured Madam Azarov's mixture into. "It's a nice, warm cappuccino," Meg continued, knowing it was Max's favourite.

"A bribe for what?" Max asked, taking it and holding the cup in his hand, with a confused expression on his face.

"I heard that you built a shed for someone recently. I'm useless with tools and stuff and wondered whether you wanted some extra cash for the weekend?" Meg lied. "It's just a flat pack," she finished.

Max thought about it. "Yeah, why not," he nodded, still holding the cup, but not taking a sip. "Text me your address and I'll come and have a look," he instructed, lifting the cup to take a sip, but then pausing. "When were you thinking?"

Meg's heart was beating fast. Why couldn't Max just drink it already? "Whenever, really," she mumbled on. "I'm in no rush."

"Sure," Max nodded again, feeling a little awkward. "Thanks for the coffee," he finished, putting his thumb up in the air and turning to walk away.

"Is it hot enough?" Meg shot, trying to ensure that Max drank some. "It was a bit of a drive to get here. I hope it's not gone cold."

Max paused, lifted off the lid and put it close to his lips. "It feels it, yeah," he responded, only just concealing his slight impatience with her.

"I've got some sugar in my pocket if it's not sweet enough," Meg tried one last time.

Max rolled his eyes and took a huge swig. "No that's..." he started. He seemed to lose his thought, as if light-headed, and he stumbled back a step.

"Are you alright?" Meg asked, a little concerned. She hadn't expected that.

"Yeah," Max replied, shaking his head and taking another large mouthful. He seemed to be starting at Meg a little differently now. "So, I'll be over shortly..." he smiled.

"I'll see you then!" Meg replied, barely containing the grin that was spreading through her face.
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Slyfoxx1 1 year
I always love when women’s plans backfire and they end up becoming Fattys smiley
Jack-Elray 4 years
Yeah it wasn’t the whole story it was kinda like the last chapter of this. That’s how I found the story they linked it there. Might wanna look into it 🤷🏽‍♂️
Feeder862 4 years
Thanks Jack-Elray. I wasn't aware that anyone had posted it on deviant art. They certainly haven't asked for permission.
Jack-Elray 4 years
Love your stories.

Saw this the other day on deviantart looks like someone did an alt ending.... not sure if I’m allowed to post it here but I thought it was interesting
Feeder862 4 years
This story is now complete.

I hope that you enjoyed it; personally, I think this is one of my favourites that I have written.

Feel free to check out my other stories.
Gramor26 4 years
Is the story over?
Supercode 4 years
Great story so far! I wonder if Max gave Meg a love potion too? That would be just desserts indeed, and possibly make Meg and Max a happy feedee/ feeder couple...Please continue this soon!
Kate2409 4 years
This is turning into one of my favorites you have written so far. Can’t wait for more. smiley
Theswordsman 4 years
Judging by how the potion has affected him i doubt he would leave without putting up a fight
MikeTehCakeBoy 4 years
Very sexy work. Please keep going smiley
Td0057 4 years
Really enjoying where you're going with this. You have a great writing style. Thanks for this.
Nok 4 years
oh my god yes. Talk about biting off more than you can chew...
Math Machine 4 years


GET IT?????
Lpark435 4 years
Liking where this is going, look forward to reading more!