tony part 2 (games)

chapter 1

Tony was standing in his workout clothes looking in the mirror. The shorts dug into his soft sides a bit even though they were supposed to be basketball shorts, he had never played basketball. He lifted up his shirt a bit and placed his palm on his stomach. It sank in a bit. He shook his soft new layer of fat around. It was quite flabby.

I guess I am getting soft. I wonder if I can even do a workout. He started off with jumping jacks. He felt his soft belly bounce with every movement. He only made it to 15 before he was out of breath.

"Okay so jumping jacks suck. Let's try push-ups." He dropped down into plank and attempted the first pushup. He was shaking the whole way down. With horror he realized he couldn't get back up. He fell on his belly and felt its extra cushion.

"Okay maybe on my knees?" He tried again but on his knees. He got to about five and then again collapsed onto his belly.

"Ughhhh so hard" he lay there panting on his stomach head turned to the side arms out to the side.

"Okay uh sit-ups that will be fine cause I'll be on the floor." He dragged himself into a seated position and looked down and saw his soft belly pooch over his shorts.

"Ughh how do people enjoy this? Okay let's do this" he plopped down on his back and put his hands behind his head. "One, ughh Agghhhh uffff, huff huff. Two uffff hufff huffff. Gotta take a break." He stayed on his back trying to catch his breath. He watched his soft belly move with his breath his shirt had ridden up.

"Okay, lets get back to it, gotta get rid of this jiggle," he gave his belly a shake. "Threeeeee uffff," he didn't even make it all the way up. "Fourrrrrrrrr aghhh Ughh ufff hufff hufff" he fell back onto his back feeling his new softness jiggle a bit more than him.

He heard giggling. He went red as he saw the girls were watching from the door.

"How long have you been there?"

"Oh long enough" Alice smirked while eyeing his soft middle.

"Aren't you going to keep going" Lizzie asked.

"Um well it's weird with you guys watching."

"No it's not. What are you worried about?" Alice laughed. "You worried we will see how out of shape you are?" She poked the sliver of exposed belly. "Or how you jiggle slightly with every move?"

"Ooo oooo or maybe how he can't even do a push-up with plopping down onto his belly." Lizzie grabbed his soft sides. "I love how it just spills out to the sides a bit when he lays on it."

"Stop it that tickles"

"Oooo he's got more cushion for the pushing." She poked and prodded his sides.

"Ooo you are right Lizzie it's like memory foam. So soft lots of cushion."

"Stop it!"

"Awww what's the matter Tony, are you sensitive about how much you are filling out?" Both girls giggled.

"Stop it I'm trying to workout." That only made them laugh more.

"Tell you what Tony why don't you let Lizzie and I help you. We can make a game out of it. Right Lizzie?"

"What kind of game?" Tony was hopeful but suspicious.

"Oh I don't know, how about for every push-up or sit-up or whatever you get a treat." Lizzie said grinning. Tony's ears perked up at the mention of treats.

"What kind of treat?" He had a million things going through his head.
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FrecherTyp 3 years
oh please continue this sexy story.... smiley
GrowingLoveH... 4 years
I love how they tease him into eating even more.

They are wicked — and I wouldn’t mind succumbing to their exercise regimen, although I’d probably end up morbidly obese.

As always, excellent.
Aquarius64 4 years
Considering you wrote this on your phone, you are doing very well so far.
GrowingLoveH... 4 years
What a great scene, and you write it well!!

Thanks for the freebie. You’re really enticing me to go premium just for your stories.