too fat

chapter 1

While Bonnie would never admit to being the jealous type, she definitely was. Her face would burn whenever she would see her roommate bring home yet another man, only to replace him with another a week later. Was it partly because Bonnie had an in-denial crush on her? Maybe. But it also felt so infuriating that Jody could find a boyfriend so fast while her dating apps had been dry for months.

Jody’s current relationship was the longest standing yet, it being a year or so since she had met the guy. While Bonnie was at least partially thankful she knew the man that would be randomly hanging around their apartment on a weekly basis, her heart still sunk whenever she saw them cuddling with one another.

However, that day after finishing up work in her home office, she found Jody curled up on the sofa with discarded tissues decorating the seat next to her and the coffee table. It was obvious she had been trying to hide her crying by keeping it relatively muffled, her face buried in her arms.

Immediately Bonnie went to find out what was wrong, gently placing a hand on her back to alert Jody of her presence, “…Jody? Are you okay?”

Jody merely shook her head in response while Bonnie brushed the tissues onto the floor so that she could join her by her side. After a moment or two, Jody lifted her head to reveal her streaky eyeliner and mascara running down her face.

“He dumped me!” She cried out, voice cracking as uncontrollable sobs left her.

This was obviously fantastic news for Bonnie, yet she did her best to look concerned while wrapping an arm around Jody. “What! But you guys were so good together, what bullshit reason does he have for dumping someone like you?” she asked.

After a few more sobs, Jody wiped her eyes with a tissue before adding it to the pile, “He said I had gotten ‘too fat’ for him! Can you believe that!?”

Gears were starting to turn in Bonnie’s mind. Jody was far from chubby, let alone fat. But…If she could somehow convince her that she was fat, maybe she’ll cool down on the dating scene for a while?

“I mean…” Bonnie began playing up the act, looking rather sceptical, “I don’t want to lie to you, Jo. You *have* been dipping your hand one too many times in the cookie jar lately…”

“I…Have?” Jody looked up at her roommate with big, puppy dog eyes. She was no less than 120 lbs, average and pretty athletic. “Maybe he was right, then…” With a big sniff, Jody wiped her face clean before picking up her phone to dial a number.

Bonnie tried to look at what she was doing yet the phone was already pressed to her ear, “Who are you calling?” She asked, worried Jody might be trying to call her now ex-boyfriend.

To her surprise though Jody merely responded, “Pizza delivery.”
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MikeTehCakeBoy 2 years
LOVE IT! smiley
Adipose_lover 2 years
dude everything about this story and every other one of yours that i've read is amazing. pacing, gain, motivations, characters, the list goes on. You're a really good writer, mate! I look forward to seeing anything else you put out
Bradypig 2 years
Great job!
Saxplayer 2 years
Incredible!!! You must continue this please
Karenjenk 2 years
Ummmmm looks like sleep deprived is your friend when it comes to writing.
grammar mistakes?? ha
who cares with a stoyu this good