too fat for you

Chapter 1 - 2 fat 4 u

She was not just fat, she was ginormous.
She was impossible to not notice.
Her spherical shape caught your attention no matter what direction you turned.
It was as if she had an actual orbit around her that pulled you in, whether you liked it or not.

Most people thought she was disgusting.
A huge mound of blubber that just kept growing and growing.
She knew this too.
And she loved it.
She loved the thought of someone catching a glimpse of her severely overweight figure and literally wanting to vomit because they thought she was so grotesque.

She embraced her obesity.
It was not like there was a way to hide it.
Layers of lard covered every single inch of her just piling up one on top of the other.

She just could not seem to stop growing.
The fatter she became, the more she wanted to become even bigger.
So fat you would not even believe it.

Her belly seemed to take over her entire body.
It stuck out even further than her voluptuous DD cup breasts did.
With every step she takes, her belly sways slightly from side to side.
You better watch out before she hits you with it by mistake.

"Watching her waddle by is like watching a scene out of Jurassic Park."
They would point and laugh as she walked by.
She did not care if anyone thought she should be ashamed.
She fantasized about those she surrounded herself with making fun of her for being such a huge fucking pig.
Laughing behind her back at how she struggles to do things that are easy for them like bending over or even just walking.
Unable to understand how she enjoyed taking on this repulsive form.

Her neck was no longer visible.
Her wrists, barely noticeable.
Cheeks so chubby you could not help but want to squeeze them and make her squeal.

She was the fattest pig in town.
Yet she still wanted to be even fatter.

Too fat for the seats in the movie theater.
Too fat for the backseat of your car.
Too fat for the booth at her favorite restaurant.
Too fat for most, but not too fat for you.........
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Enchanted 1 3 years
Flirting with desire, enhanced by expressed beauty and wanting more.
Exmademefat 3 years
If this is based on you then you are the perfect girl!
MrAdoreYaCurves 3 years
I really enjoyed this story, very well written and the plot was glorious. 😃