too fat to hula hoop?

Chapter 1

Dana sighed as she clocked out for the day and headed upstairs to grab the stuff from her locker. She hated some of the customers at Hooters, but the friendly ones seemed to make it worth it… that, and she didn’t mind the extra money she made from their tips. On a good day, she could rake in over 400$ in tips for just conversing with the right guy. At 5 ft 4 she was a shorter girl, who if gaining any weight at all, went straight to her bust and to her hips, giving her an hourglass figure that made heads turn with ease. Having been working there a little over a month, all the regulars loved her. She easily made more money than her coworkers, mainly because she was a sponge that soaked up every ounce of attention.

Almost every night, she would come out with a huge smile performing for people accompanied by some props and a skimpy magicians outfit which would help get everyone’s attention. Some nights she would be taking a shot at juggling, which she wasn’t half bad at, however no one was really watching her juggle and more so watching her chest as she focused on keeping the colorful toy bowling pins up in the air. Other nights she would do simple magic or palm readings for fun, making sure she was leaning forward the entire time so nobody would notice how bad she was at it, but notice how good she looked doing it. If there was one thing she enjoyed the most however, it was dancing with her hula hoop to the music there. Being able to shake her hips and show off her body, it was no surprise she made so much in tips. That and her tendency to cool herself down with the occasional water bottle to the chest didn't hurt.

Danas success didn't go unnoticed however. One of the other hooter girls, Brittany, used to be the one making the lion's share of the tips. Brittany was 5 ft 7 with platinum blonde hair and cool blue/green eyes, perky tits, and a bombshell booty and knew it, having no problem flaunting her looks to make a killing. That is, up until Dana sent in her application and worked there. In a matter of weeks, from March to April, all of Brittanys regulars bega requesting Dana, mentioning how attractive she was, and how much they enjoyed having her as their server.

Brittany was oblivious to the fact that people adored Dana’s charisma, instead she blamed it on her physique. Sure she wasn't as curvy as Dana, but she was gorgeous. She couldn't handle the idea that Dana actually had a personality and interacted with the customers, while she was merely a pretty face, nice butt, and a bad attitude.

There might have been a chance for Brittany to regain her old crowd as Dana was sick for a whole week and called out, but cheap tips from somebody who used to tip 50$ slowly eroded her fake niceness. This led to her to become incredibly passive aggressive with her old crowd until they flat out refused her help. She regretted her reaction for all of 2 minutes before instead blaming Dana, justifying that if she hadn't “raised the bar with magic and shit” everything would be how it was. To her credit, Brittany was correct, but it's not like she hadn't stepped on some toes when she was hired herself.

Brittany had debated quitting after all of this, but having been working there a little over 6 months, longer than any other employee there, she was set up for a raise and promised a higher position in time and figured she would see where this went. Well, that and she had other reasons for wanting a higher position. She wanted to use her higher position to cut back Danas hours and prevent her little shows so she could start putting some money back into her own pocket.

However, to her horror, Brittany learned Dana was getting the promotion and raise. To pour salt on the wound, now Dana was going to be getting even more hours at work raking in more and more cash. The idea of all of this baffled Brittany who reached out to her manager who in return told her to stay in her lane and chastised her for her “pisspoor” attitude as of late. “Piss poor?! I lost my crowd to a bitch with a hula hoop you just promoted over me!” she screamed in her head as she bit her tongue. While she was upset she didn't need to go burning any more bridges. Her manager soon apologized for their phrasing and continued to say that in time Brittany would be given a position of manager as well and be getting a pay increase in the coming months.

Along with Danas promotion came a little bonus given to the employees, a meal voucher good for discount food at Hooter. The discount made food 50% off and the card held roughly 100$ on it. If they didn't use all of the money on the card for the month, they’d be handed to a new employee. Once, an employee using the card had started to buy meals for friends and family, eventually going over 100$ past the balance for the month. Not too long after, these girls were fired and then the card was made more strict. If an employee wanted to use the meal voucher, they had to eat the food they bought themselves on the premises. This rule wasn't exactly enforced but management was keen to punish anyone who would get caught.

The downside to Danas new promotion was that her rent went up as a consequence, so getting the meal voucher was certainly a stroke of luck for her, or so she thought. Now she’d basically have to use the voucher if she wanted to have enough money to pay rent and cover some of her reckless spending habits. It wasn’t that Dana was bad with money, she just could never keep track of her “play money” until it was all out. Many times she’d receive her check in the mail, make sure she had enough to pay rent then take the rest out and go out to the bar.

It wasn't uncommon for Dana to blow the money in one night, but that's where these tips came in handy. Until her rent went up. Now she finds herself between a rock and a hard place.

All things that Brittany knew well about, and would plan to use them to her advantage in time.

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