too fat to reach

Chapter 1 - part 1

I grunt as I reach around my wobbling gut, wheezing a little and huffing while I make an effort to grab my cock. My fingertips brush against the sensitive tip that just barely pokes out of my overgrown fupa while I lay on my side. I whine as it slips out of my reach and buries itself back into my fatpad. I roll onto my back in frustration, sweat dripping down my face. Its official. I’m too fat to reach my own dick. I’ve been in denial about my weight for a while but now I have no choice but to face the fact that I’m huge now.

I huff and puff as I prepare my 850 pound body to roll over onto my growing belly so I can get out of bed to grab my vibrator wand. The straining bed groans under the shifting of my weight as I successfully roll onto my stomach. My buried member twitches as the blubber smothering it rubs and squeezes along its short length. I wheeze out a moan as I slowly shimmy my lower body off the bed so I can stand up and start the search for the only toy I'm still able to use. My body ripples and sweats uncontrollably as I force myself through the next 5 minutes and I sigh in relief as my chubby feet hit the carpeted floor.

The floor creaks as I waddle across the room towards my dresser. I pant and wheeze while hurriedly searching the top drawer, my buried member throbbing in time to my racing heart. It feels like an eternity until I finally find the dearly treasured toy. I groan as I waddle back to my bed and set myself down on the well worn mattress. I huff as I roll onto my side, propping up one of my huge legs and turning on the vibrator. I desperately shove the toy between my treetrunk thighs and wheeze as I prod around for my lard smothered dick. My breath catches in my chest and I whimper when the vibrator rubs against the tip of my small cock.

The bed continues to groan under me as I try to push the toy further into my pad, wheezing when it finally touches the rest of my buried length. Sweat runs down my face and multiple chins as I shove the vibrator deeper. My massive thighs jiggle and rub while I desperately attempt to hump my suffocated cock against the high speed vibrator. The more winded, tired, and lightheaded I get, the closer I get to finally blowing my load after 2 weeks of not being able to. My chest tightens, my mammoth legs wobble hard, and I lose grip of the handle of the vibrator causing it to get shoved further into my lard as my dick throbs. I wheeze hard as I rock my hips and revel in the feeling of my warm fatpad engulfing my cock as I cum.

It feels like an eternity while I orgasm, my heart feeling as if its skipping a beat while my chest tightens more. I lose the strength to keep myself on my side and roll onto my back and the vibrator manages to stay in its place among my rolls to finish me off. I whimper as my dick throbs for the last time, a fair bit of my cum collecting in my fatpad and the roll between my thigh and fupa. I huff, my chest relaxing and my heartbeat returning to its normal pace while I struggle to properly catch my breath.
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Satana 2 years
I love it! Thanks
GrowingLoveH... 2 years

You make this sound both horrifying and pleasurable. Great job!