too much ice cream

Chapter 1

It was movie night at the House of Lamentation, and it was Sara’s turn to choose a movie. Everyone grabbed snacks and drinks before they settled in on the couch, chairs, or floor to watch it.

Sara sat on the couch between Beelzebub and Mammon, eating the ice cream they’d gotten that evening. Beel was finishing his 50th bowl of ice cream which wasn’t unusual for him, while Mammon was starting on his 7th bowl, which WAS unusual.

“If you’re trying to eat like Beel… why?” Sara asked.

“I ain’t tryin to eat like him! I’m just enjoyin’ some ice cream is all.”

“Whatever, greedy guts.” Sara teased as she poked at his side.

Mammon growled and batted at her hand. “You take that back! Beel over there is the one hoggin’ all the ice cream!”

“Just don’t eat too much and give yourself a stomachache...that goes for all of you.” Lucifer growled, effectively silencing everyone.


After the movie, Sara started getting ready to go to sleep. When she returned to her room, she found Mammon sitting on her bed. This didn’t come as a surprise, since Sara often found one demon brother or another in her room unannounced, but today Mammon

“So what’s your excuse for visiting me this time?” Sara asked as she pulled back the covers.

“C’mon, after that movie, everyone will want to try and snuggle up in bed with you. But you’re lucky because the Great Mammon got here first!” Mammon’s cocky grin wavered.

Sara frowned upon seeing this. “Hey, is everything okay Mammon? You look like you’re in pain….and your jacket is zipped, you never zip it.”

“Well it’s definitely not because I ate too much ice cream!”

“Aww, you gave yourself a tummy ache, didn’t you? You really are greedy! don’t need to hide it from me, you know.”

“No way!! Unlike a certain brother of mine, THE Mammon knows when to stop eating…” Mammon winced as his stomach rumbled loudly.

“Sounds like an upset stomach to me.”

“Th-that’s just digestion!”

“Oh yeah? Well, let me see then.” Sara leaned forward and tried to unzip his jacket, but the demon just leaned out of reach and playfully growled at her. But his growl quickly turned into a groan of pain.

“Mammon, please, I want to help! You sound like you’re in a lot of pain…”

“I’m fine!-“ Mammon gritted his teeth as he wrapped his arms around his stomach.

“I didn’t want to have to do this but...move your arms and unzip your jacket, now.”

Under a pact with Sara, Mammon had no choice but to obey her order. He loudly protested as his arms moved of their own accord and he unzipped his jacket to reveal the black shirt hugging his bloated stomach.

“You really did overeat… I think I know how to help you, just relax.” Sara gently placed their hands on Mammon’s belly and soothingly rubbed back and forth while it gurgled angrily beneath them.

“Get your mitts off me, human, I...ah…” Mammon’s expression started to relax as he melted into Sara’s bed.

“How’s this feel?” Sara pressed her hands a bit deeper.

“Feels fine I guess but I told ya I ain’t got a - urp! -“ The demon’s eyes went wide as the burp caught them both by surprise.

Mammon blushed while Sara just chuckled and kept rubbing. “I bet that felt better, huh?”

“It...did feel good. Yeah. C’mon, I ain’t fragile like you, ya harder, like this.” Mammon pressed Sara’s hands deeper into his belly, which forced out another, much louder belch.

Sara blushed and rubbed deep circles around on Mammon’s tummy while he panted and moaned between burps and hiccups. His shirt had ridden up a bit, and when Sara started to pull it back down, he yanked his shirt up to his chest to give her access to his bare stomach.

Sara’s rubbing eventually slowed to a stop as she watched him pant heavily with his eyes closed. Mammon, Avatar of Greed, was one of the most powerful demons in the Devildom, and yet here he was, vulnerable and in pain before her.

After a moment, Mammon opened one eye to look at her. “Hey, human, why’d ya quit yer rubbin’? It….it’s makin’ me feel better, alright? please? Keep rubbin’ my belly?”

“Of course,” Sara started to rub his bare stomach with her palms, applying enough pressure to squeeze more burps out of him. Eventually, the growls coming from his stomach became less angry and his pain seemed to subside, but he looked exhausted from the ordeal.

“Ah….ya better not tell my brothers about this, okay?”

“I won’t...only if you admit to me that you had a tummy ache!”

“Tch, fine...I ate too much ice cream and I gave myself a tummy ache.” Mammon’s expression softened. “But you took the pain away. Are ya happy now, human?”

“Very,” Sara threw their arms around the demon and hugged him carefully, snuggling up under his chin.

Mammon smiled and put his arm around her. “Thanks, Sara. I love you.”
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