chapter 1

Sitting in my bed I am chugging my gallon of water. I have moved past being quenched to being mesmerized by the sloshing sound that the water makes when it hits my stomach. I love the feeling I've being so overwhelmingly filled. I'm starting to actually feel nauseated, but I push last it and can feel my stomach ache. I slowly unbutton my shorts and watch my hard extended stomach jump out and push the zipper half way down. By no stretch of the imagination am I fat. I don't really want to be either. But that feeling of a large, hard gut is so fucking sexy to me. Each time I indulge myself I think if the part in pulp fiction where Butch's wife says she wants everything else to be tight, but have a nice bit belly. God, do I want that here and now, in the secret of my own home. In this moment I wish I could chug water for hours and my stomach would be hard and grow past my knees. I want to cradle it as I fall asleep on my side, imagining my partner being behind me and struggling to fit their arm around my widening belly. I want to look like I'm holding one of those comically large beach balls in my arms when I walk around. I want my partner to kiss it, and worship me. I want my partner to fuck me and I can't see their face because of how swollen and tight my enormous belly is. I love seeing the words Swollen Belly. It is such an aesthetically pleasing phrase. Such a sexy image in my mind. I love imagining my partner rubbing my belly, my swollen belly, giving it special attention. Licking it. My stomach so big and so tight that my skin stretches and my partner is worried it will tear like tissues paper with how thin it got. In public I want people to stare because it looks like I stuck a large balloon under my shirt. I want people to think I'm strange, pretending to be pregnant, not that it's my actual belly. But only if know it is real. Really real. About now is the time I wake up from my fantasy to realize I have to pee, and I chug more water from my jug. Pushing me harder and tighter. Being this uncomfortable makes me aroused beyond belief. I feel so close to throwing up, but I'm so fuckin close to cumming. I burp and make more room in my stomach and think that's the sign I need to finish off tonight more bloated than I've ever been able to make myself before. I've never had my men's shirt feel taught around me and that too excites me. It makes me want to put on a tight dress and admire how extended my belly is.
I am swollen.
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Slimthickred... 3 years
I am still learning what works for me and trying to feel happy no matter what I find is good. I'm glad that you felt a connection here, and I hope you too find something that works. If you find out why it affects your breathing sometimes let me know? I ha
Karenjenk 3 years
I love your description
detailed and believeable.
and the situations about other people reacting. not understanding.
Recently i started experimenting with liquid growth. I get to the point where it affects my breathing some.
This is a nice way