trip of a lifetime (preview)

Chapter 1 - prologue

"Guys, come on, it's the trip of a lifetime!" Saamia pulled the ad up on her phone. "All-inclusive package vacation for ten days in Las Vegas, and it includes the hotel and plane tickets!"

"Doesn't this seem a little too good to be true?" Olivia sounded suspicious.

"It's just a good deal," Saamia brushed her off and turned to appeal to Claire, ever the easy target for an alliance. "You're into the idea, right Claire?"

Claire chewed her bottom lip and looked at the floor. She had never learned to stand up to Saamia the way Olivia had, and she was used to getting dragged along on her wild adventures.

"I guess it could be fun..." Claire twirled her blonde hair around her finger nervously.

"It won't just be fun; it'll be legendary!" Saamia was bouncing with excitement. "Think about it, the three of us tanning by a pool with a swim-up bar, hot waiters catering to our every need, neon lights everywhere. Sin City, baby!"
"Like Claire can even get a tan with all those freckles," Olivia rolled her eyes.

"You're Latina; you have an unfair advantage," said Claire.

"We can't all be born perfect, Clair-bear," Olivia smirked. "But don't you guys think it's a little weird they want photos of us before we book the trip?"

"It's just for advertising stuff and promotional materials," Saamia explained.

"It is kinda creepy, Saams," Claire for once agreed with Olivia on something. "Why do they care what we look like?"

"Well, there's one little thing I forgot to mention...the reason it's so cheap is that part of the deal is we agree to have photos and videos taken of us while we're there, and the company wants to use pretty American girls to advertise their trips."

Saamia gave her friends the saddest puppy eyes she could. Vegas was so close she could almost taste the cocktails beckoning her. The idea of spending yet another summer in this two-star town was unbearable. Who cared if the travel agency wanted a few pictures of her dancing and gambling?

"Do you promise that's all?" Olivia asked. "We don't have to work or anything on this trip, right?'

"Promise," Saamia was winning; she could feel it. "Can I book our perfect girls' summer vacay now, please?"

Claire and Olivia exchanged looks and seemed to come to a silent agreement.

"Okay, book the trip," sighed Olivia. "This better not be some weird scam. I love you, but I will kick your ass if you get us kidnapped or something."

"Threat noted," Saamia grinned wildly. "I'm booking it now, and we should get a confirmation in a day."

In two weeks, they'd be in Vegas, living out their fantasies of being wealthy jet-setters. Despite their reservations, Claire and Olivia both squealed in excitement and piled on top of Saamia, giggling madly, limbs flying everywhere while Saamia struggled to finish typing the reservation. They were so distracted none of them noticed the green webcam indicator light turn on.

Many thousands of miles away, They watched with interest.

"Excellent subjects, good variety."

"An Arabic girl, a Latina, and a white girl, all 21. We even got three totally different body types."

"Not beautiful enough for the market?"

"They're pretty, but not up to standard."

"They're fine for our needs then."

"Delivery in two weeks. See you soon, ladies."
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