chapter 1

As I recall back to the beginning when I met Trish little did I know her walking the street with her partner was to see if any guy would take notice of her, and notice her I did. I'm Rick and I've lived in this neighbourhood for the last 10 years and it's a nice laid back community and after selling my company I just wanted to get out of the big city and chill. It was about a year ago I was sitting on my front porch when I noticed this guy and woman walking he was super thin and around 6' 4" and she was I'd guess 5' 6" and on the large size and I suppose they saw me looking and waved and said hi. Well this went on everyday they would be out for their walk and wave and say hi and then it stopped, nothing for a week or so I thought maybe they were just visiting someone and left until one day I was outside working and she was coming down the sidewalk by herself and on my side of the street. She stopped and introduced herself as Trish and I said I'm Rick nice to finally meet you. I said I wondered where you and your partner got to that I hadn't seen them for awhile. Trish said we broke up she couldn't take the pressure to always go walking and him constantly pressuring her to try and lose weight. I was just about to let it out of the bag and tell her if it was up to me I would help her put a little more weight on when she said why not come over to her place she had a pool and she just wanted to get out of the heat. I said sure a cool dip would go great just as soon as I finish up here I'll pop over. Trish gave me her address which was just around the corner and up the street and went on her way. I finished up what I was doing and hopped into the shower then threw on some shorts and a top and put my trunks and a bottle of wine into a bag and headed over. It was only about an hour and a bit until I got to her place and when I rang the doorbell Trish came over a speaker and said I'm out by the pool come around and lock the gate I left it unlocked for you. When I saw Trish all I could think was "Wow", she had the smallest string bikini on and was literally spilling out everywhere and I knew that it wouldn't be too long and I would be rock hard, and Trish noticed. She said I think you like what you see here and you can tell me one way or the other I'm a big girl I can take it, so I went along with her tease and said I would like to see a lot more of her body. Trish was sitting up in the lounge chair and reached around and untied her bikini top and her massive breasts flopped to her belly and asked if I would rub her with suntan lotion and I was more than happy to oblige her. As I rubbed lotion all over her breasts and big belly she kept the tease going to get me good and hard and it was working at any moment she would see my cock out the leg of my shorts and she did. Trish asked me to stand and she turned and sat on the lounge chair in front of me and pulled my shorts down and blurted out "My God" is this real, you tell me. She stroked it with both hands it was thick about the thickness of a beer bottle and at 11" it did hamper me from having a lot of sex. After Trish finished licking it she said I need that inside me and she took my hand and went to her bed room and when we got there she said I'm already wet so just get to fucking me and she got on all four on the bed. I started to slowly enter her so that her pussy would relax and I couldn't believe how wet Trish was and she kept saying give me all of it and after about 10 minutes I was fully engulfed by her pussy and she was screaming asking me to *** harder and more. This went on for about an hour just both of us not wanting to end it when finally I shot a huge load of cum into Trish who let out one final scream and we both collapsed beside each other trying to catch our breath. After we calmed down she said let's have a swim and forget any swimsuit which you could go nude with the privacy fence around the yard. I asked Trish what she did and she told me she wrote novels and books and worked from home. Trish asked what I did and I said I developed specific supplements that were used for the treatment of anorexia and sold the company to a large drug company and was retired at 30 and now I was just turned 40. Trish told me she had the house for 5 years but really never went out until a friend introduced her to Sam about the time when I would notice them walking so it wasn't that long of a relationship and she decided that if the way she was or looked wasn't good enough for Sam then she told him to hit the road and threw him out of her house. At that point I thought just tell her the type of woman you like so I did and Trish said she was not surprised by the way we had sex she said she could feel it in the way I rubbed and fondled every part of her body. She then said so if she was to get fatter you would love it even more and I told her I would help her if that was what she wanted and I saw a strange sparkle in her eyes when I said that. We got out of the pool and Trish said she was going to order a pizza and I could eat with her, I said sure but I'm buying. We sat out back drinking a few beers until the pizza arrived and when the bell rang Trish said around back so I got up to go pay for it and didn't notice when I went into my shorts for money I went to the gate with nothing on and realized it when the delivery guy almost dropped the pizza's which that was surprising there were two extra large pizza's. I brought them over to the table and Trish said she thought she would start right then adding some extra fat and weight. Each pizza was 16 large slices and I could only eat two but Trish had the other 14 slices done in no time and then said she wanted me to feed her the other pizza and hearing those words out of her mouth was getting me hard. Trish went to a lounge chair and I pulled the other chair close and started to feed her the pizza all the while she was rubbing my cock that was rock hard with everything going on. In no time Trish had ate the whole other pizza and sat up and with both of her hands around my hard cock she jerked me off and then said she wanted it all in her mouth and I let a long hot stream of cum down her throat and all over her face and breasts. We sat out until it was dark and Trish was a little drunk so she said she needed to lie down so we went to her bedroom and she crawled into bed while I went to the washroom and when I returned there she was on all fours but this time she said she wanted me in her ass. I was just about to ask if she had some lube when she reached behind and handed me a tube so I could lube her ass and my cock. Now I really had to be careful lube or not my cock could rip her ass apart so I took my time slowly pushing a bit at a time and after 20 minutes and much more lube I was in her about six inches rocking back and forth and either it was the booze or a mixture of everything Trish kept telling me to fuck this fat cow and that got me to keep going until she let out a huge scream I had pushed all 11" of my cock into her and she was coming all over the bed. When it was over both exhausted we fell asleep until the sun peaked into the window and morning was here. I went to the kitchen thinking of coffee but put my clothes on and decided I would walk to the coffee shop on the corner and get us something. On the way back to Trish's place I saw different people I knew and everyone asked the same, where was I going I had a box of donuts and two coffee's not that it was any of their business but I couldn't care less. When I got inside Trish was already up and outside in the hot tub so I took the coffee and donuts out to her and with a sly look on her face she said feed her the donuts. I fed her 12 donuts and when she finished she said that was a nice little snack, this woman has a good appetite so come lunch I'll go big. It was now mid morning and I said that I would be leaving and Trish asked your coming back?. I assured her I was just going home for a change and to do a few things, why a change of clothes when I hardly had the clothes on. At home I showered and changed then phoned the sandwich shop and ordered a 28" submarine sandwich to be delivered to her address at noon then went to pick up snacks and candies and some beer and got back to Trisha's place before noon. I just went around back and then locked the gate and there was Trish fully nude and looking beautiful on the lounge chair and we talked about the night before. She said that she felt she knew me from her walks and that when we finally first spoke she intended that to happen. I was going to be truthful with her but add a little tease in as well and told her that when I first saw her I got a hard on and went inside and relieved my self jacking off you looked so hot to me. Trish smiled and said well let me try and get that cock of yours in my mouth which she did but her mouth was fully stretched and she couldn't do much more so I pulled it out of her mouth and she jacked me off until I cum all over her and she loved it. I told her I was worried about when we had anal that I could really hurt her and Trish said she wanted me to *** ass everyday until she could handle me easily and not have to worry. Trish went on to tell me that she weighed herself when I was gone and that she was 240 and she wants to go first to 350 and she what she looks like and then from there.
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