chapter 1

Pouring melted butter, lard, cookie dough, sugar and heavy cream into the trough, I marveled at the slop. I would never eat it as is, but my pigs would. I walked over to the leather strap I had by the door, and began forcefully pulling on it. “Come on, girl. Breakfast is ready, and you need all the calories you can get.” Sometimes they needed more motivation, which wasn’t a problem for me. Tugging on the leash harder now, she came into view around the doorway. Crawling on all fours, her belly dragged on the cold ground. Her breathing was ragged and sounded awful, but I did just make her crawl 20 meters. She struggled to squeeze her hips through the doorway, a good sign of my work on her. Oh, she was crying again.

“What’s wrong, girl? Why are you crying?” She looked up at me with teary eyes, her soft cheeks pushing her lips out.

“I don’t wanna be here!” She cried. “I haven’t seen my parents in two years, you keep making me eat this awful slop, I’ve gained so much weight-“ a quick tug on her leash cut her off, before I dragged her closer to the trough.

Grabbing her hair tightly, I pulled her head back. “You’re lucky I don’t hook you up to the tube and feed you until your stomach bursts for that outburst. Let’s get something clear that I think you may have forgotten.” Shoving her head into the trough, she struggled to breathe through the slop, her fat arms flailing. I pulled her back up after a few seconds, her breathing extremely ragged now. “You’re not leaving, you’re not going home, you’re not losing weight. Your entire purpose here is to eat this f**king slop until your heart is clogged with grease, you stupid cow.” One of my attendants came over and grabbed her hands, holding them down. I produced a wooden paddle with holes in it, before pressing it up against her enormous, soft rear.

“Start eating that slop if you want me to stop.”

I hit her fat cheeks as hard as I could, the paddle leaving angry red marks on her pale skin. She tried to swallow as fast as she could, but I was faster. I knew she had no chance.

I wanted to prove a point, and didn’t ease up. At this point she was begging me to stop, real tears coming down, but the hits kept coming. I didn’t stop until she was blacked out on the floor from the pain, her face covered in the slop and her eyes still red.

“Take her fat a** back to her cell and start her on the accelerated feeding program. Don’t stop until her heart explodes.”
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