twice the love

chapter 1

In Arcata, California lives two twin brothers who own a extremely popular restaurant in their small town. The twin's names are: Dylan and Dalton Love is their names.

The twins own and cook in their restaurant, almost everyday, except on Sundays when the restaurant is closed.

Anyone whose never met the Love twins before, will be completely confused on who is who. Cause the twins are carbon copies of each other. Both brothers, have the same tall height of 6'5, same tan and muscler bodies with 6 pack abs, same short brown hair and chocolate brown eyes.

Both brothers practically do everything together, and are so close, they share everything. Even lovers. As both brother's where in high school and college, they dated before. But their past lovers were either submissive or hidden feedees. But they have not found that one person who completes the both of them.
As both brothers were begging to lose hope on finding that special someone, who completes the both of them, is not dating them to get their money, or a heath freak who loathes to even gain 1 lb.

They soon meet someone who is new to town.


Alle n King is a 22 year old graduate, who works at an elementary school. Allen is very smart for his age, as he graduated from high school at only 16 years old, and has become a literature/English teacher for an elementary school in Arcata and sometimes subbing in the middle school.

Allen has loved kids, and want's his own, someday but because he is into men, he thinks the chances of finding a guy are slim to none.

Now despite his age, Allen is short and has a baby face, making him look like a freshman in high school and only at 5'7 in height, and pale skin.

One day, after his successful day at Arcata elementary school, Allen and his best friend since middle school: Lisa Hamilton who moved down with Allen to the small town, go to celebrate at a restaurant called: Love's Kitchen. (Which is owned by Dylan and Dalton Love)

Allen was never the type of person to worry about how much he ate, considering he played sports all his life. He never really cared if he was over weight, he loves his body and no body can change that about him.

Later that day, Allen meets both the Love brothers and sparks fly from then onwards.
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