two pizzas for lauren

  By Jmir

chapter 1

It was a sunny afternoon. Lauren opened the door to her favourite pizza place and sat down. The cute waiter was at the bar and watched her come in. She sat down at a small table, pushing the chair back to make room for her big, voluptous body. She had long, blonde hair, high cheeks, and dimples. But her face had rounded and softened, and she had a small double chin. Her body was soft, she was short but had wide hips and thick thighs. Her boobs were noticeable, and her low-crop top that hugged her curves tightly emphasized them even more. But her big belly was competing with them for attention, whilst simultaneously providing them with support. It was big and round, with two thick love handles spilling over her hips and big rolls of flesh stretching the fabric of her top. It was still very round, and only had a small hang. As she sat down, she put her hands on her big belly and patted it. "Gosh, I am so hungry" she mumbled to herself, "and I am so fat, too. I can't believe how fat I am." She remembered that she used to be much slimmer. Sure, she had always been curvy, with a bit of a tummy, but not this big. What did she weigh now? She wasn't sure, but she must have gained at least 30kg.

She moved the chair closer to the table so that it pushed into her flesh and she could feel every breath she made as it rested on her lap. Her top was a little too tight and exposed her love handles. She studied the menu intensely, but couldn't decide between a tuna and a pepperoni pizza. Maybe she could get a mix between the two? Or...
The waiter already approached her and, standing very close, asked: "What can I get you?"
"Oh, I can't decide... maybe a Margherita or a Pepperoni? Actually, can I get both?"
His eyes widened slightly. "Both large, please." Now his eyes widened a little more. She could feel his gaze on her oversized midsection, but it was a curious gaze, with timid desire.
"Sure, of course. Any drinks?"
"Yes, a large lemonade, please."
"Ok, it'll be ready in a few minutes."
He went off to place the order and then watched her from the distance, and she enjoyed the attention. She was the only customer. She put her hand on her hips. How big and soft they were. She tried to pull down the top with moderate success. It would stay there for a while, and at least gave her a sense of decency, although she felt that had long gone out of the window. She imagined the waiter thinking about her curves. He did seem interested. He was a bit pudgy himself, and he had a cute face. Big eyes, medium length black hair, a bit of a tan. He seemed a bit shy and she liked the idea of taunting him. That she went to this place, out of all places, was a bit of a show, too. She thought about taking him home, how she would smother him with her big, soft body. Maybe one day he would be hers? She would tease him about his small paunch, and he might call her fatty in return. The thought of him teasing her about her weight turned her on. Making this young man watch her eat two pizzas was part of the game, too. Oh, she could already smell them!

The door opened. A young, hip couple entered. He was muscular and she was a short curvy blonde. "Two pizzas for take away, please... two Margheritas." "Small or large?" the waiter asked. "A large for me and a small for my girlfriend", the guy replied. Lauren noticed an odd look on his partner's face. As the waiter went off to place the order in the kitchen the girl huffed at the guy
"Why do I get a small one, I'm quite hungry?!"
"Well,", the guy lowered his voice, "I don't want you to look like that fat gal over there.", he pointed in Lauren's direction.
"Are you calling me fat?", his girlfriend huffed.
"No, but you've been putting on weight."
"Well, maybe a little bit."
"Yeah, luckily not as much as that lard ball over there."
"Well, it'll come off. I'll go to the gym." Both looked at Lauren's direction with disgust.
"I mean, look at her. And how she dresses. That top is two sizes two small, with all that flab spilling out." Indeed, the top had been riding up her belly again, her love handles were well exposed.
Although they tried to keep their conversation private, Lauren had heard everything, but she couldn't help but feel turned on.
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Robin_Food 6 years
A "pizza margherita" is kind of the standard pizza, with just mozzarella, tomato sauce and a little basil... how can you ponder "a mix of the two" when the other one is basically a margherita with peppers on top? o_O
Jmir 6 years
Thanks, Jazzman.

@singlefeeder - Correct - and fixed now.
Theswordsman 6 years
I thought that a margarita was an alcoholic beverage
Jazzman 7 years
Nice. Good descriptive erotic writing.