ulterior motives

chapter 1 - luring the pig

“My… client wants the job done within the next two weeks. They are very impressed with your previous handiwork, and as such have the highest of expectations for what you are about to do”, said the mysterious figure on the screen. “Included are some pictures of the pig.”
On cue, the four side monitors lit up, displaying a short, curvy girl. Around 5’2, 250 pounds. The rightmost monitor displayed her deviantart and wattpad profile. Multiple stories had been written and viewed from her account with the tags ‘immobility’, ‘force-feeding’, and ‘blob’.
“A feedee”, said Josephine Miller. “Never worked with a feedee before. Most pigs hardly enjoy the process, at least in the beginning.”
“Yes, as I have stated before, you have two weeks. Do you accept the job?” said the figure on the screen. “Yeah, I’ll take the job, you know my rates. I hope your client has a spare basement when I’m done with her.” The figure nodded before vanishing as the video call ended. Josephine leaned back in her chair and glanced at the photos of the girl on the screen. She liked this one.

“How’s your food?” the waitress said in a seemingly bright way that hid a not-so-subtle judgemental tone. “Itsh fantastic”, said Paige Gardener through a mouthful of butter-heavy pasta. “Great, is there anything more I can get you?” asked the waitress. Paiged swallowed, pondered for a second, then asked “Yeah actually, can I have another large coke and an extra-large sundae?” The waitress paused to key something in on her tablet, then said “Sure thing, I’ll be right back with your coke!”
Paige returned to gulping down her pasta, not noticing the odd stare the waitress gave her as she walked away. After completing the huge family-sized serving of pasta, not to mention her three orders of mozzarella sticks and cheese fries, Paige finally felt full. Well, not quite.

She could tell she still had some room left in her plump stomach, and the eventual coke and sundae would help with that. That being said, her pants felt tight, much tighter than usual. After struggling for a bit, she finally managed to push her pants downward, and her belly flopped out in all it’s blubbery glory. Paige let out a sigh of relief and leaned back in her chair, rubbing her belly and relishing the feeling of partial fullness. She felt her cock stiffen, but she wasn’t going to give herself relief now. Not yet, anyway. After dessert.

Paige closed her eyes and leaned her head backwards, enjoying the moment. At least, until she was rudely interrupte-
“Hey! Is the pasta good? I see you’re enjoying it alot!”
Paige’s eyes shot open as she bolted forwards, slightly knocking the table and causing her body to jiggle slightly. Sitting across from her was the most gorgeous woman Paige had ever seen. Tall, tan, curvy yet muscular. Paige had a sudden vision of the woman sitting on her face before snapping back to reality.

“Uh y-yeah, the pasta is great, I rec- I uh, I think it’s good and you should try it” Paige stuttered out while blushing, her social anxiety rearing its ugly head. She rarely got approached, and even rarer so was it by a gorgeous woman.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you!” the woman said with a shocked expression. She then thrust her hand forward in a handshake gesture, showing off her toned arms. “I’m Josephine, nice to meet you! I saw you from the booth and just had to approach you, you’re really cute!” Paige’s internal state went from nervous to full-blown shock. Someone actually thinking she was cute, much less this amazonian?!?

“N-nice to meet you, my name is P-Paige”, she said, shaking Josephine’s hand. “Do you really think I’m cute? Or is this some type of dare, or a bet you lost?” Josephine pulled her hand back from Paige’s. “Ok, maybe I don’t mean cute… What I mean is drop-dead adorable!! It’s honestly taking everything in me to not hug you right now!” Paige was still skeptical, yet she couldn’t help feeling a bit bubbly inside. “Oh, well then thank you!! You’re just absolutely gorgeous yourself, like honestly I wouldn’t mind if you sat on my face-” Paige, realizing what she just said, covered her mouth in embarrassment. “SORRY!! SORRY, I KEEP THINKING WITHOUT SPEAKING, I’M SO SORRY THAT WAS SO RUDE AND-” Josephine looked straight at her, smiled, and said “Wow, at least let me take you out to dinner first. Then, I’ll sit on your face.”

Paige was speechless. Thankfully, the developing awkward silence was broken by the waitress carrying food. “Here you go”, the waitress said, placing Paige’s sundae and coke down on the table. “Anything for you?” The waitress asked Josephine.
“Yes actually,” Josephine said, looking at the waitress and then back to Paige with a sly look on her face. “Can we have a family-sized lava cake, and two extra-large vanilla milkshakes?” The waitress’s eyes went wide for a second before she looked down to type in the order on the tablet. “Alright, be back in a few minutes with your order.” This time, Paige caught the judgemental glimpse on the waitress’s face.

After taking a few bites from her sundae, Paige looked up at Josephine, only to find her looking back. “I hope you’re not too full for dessert!” Josephine exclaimed. “Where I come from, it’s custom to treat someone you’re interested in to a sweet or two. That, and I really like girls who can eat.”

Paige’s stomach growled, despite being almost full a few minutes ago. Josephine then started asking Paige about what she did for a living. Paige worked at a local doughnut shop by day, and wrote erotic weight gain fanfiction by night, so she just said that she was in the food business.
Josephine then launched into a monologue about how much she loved food, owning her own cake brand, and how much she liked seeing other people eat. Paige tried to listen, occasionally interjecting with “Yeah”, “Uh-Huh”, and “Absolutely”, but in reality, Paige’s mind was drifting off to a fantasy of Josephine tying her down and feeding her.
Josephine’s rant about how people should never buy two-percent milk was cut short when the waitress arrived with the milkshakes and cake.

“Thank you so much, can we have the check?” Paige asked. The waitress nodded and walked away. “Nonono, don’t worry about it, I got the check!” Josephine said. “Alright well, dig in!” Paige looked at the cake. It was much bigger than she thought. However, she wasn’t feeling full anymore. On the other hand, she was feeling particularly hungry.

Paige grabbed the nearest fork and spoon and started eating cake, interspersed with the occasional sip of her milkshake. Josephine watched with an interesting look on her face. Paige quickly fell into her own world, eating faster and faster. As she sped up, she became messier and messier, getting cake all over her face, but she didn’t care. It tasted so good, she just had to finish it all. And before she knew it, she did.

Leaning back into the seat, she realized just how full she now felt. She gave her tummy a few rubs, which prompted a few burps. Suddenly she realized Josephine was still sitting across from her and blushed out of embarrassment. “E-excuse me,” she said. Josephine laughed. “Great job, really impressive! Except you missed one small bite.” Josephine reached out, and grabbed a leftover piece of cake. Paige shook her head, “Oh no, I couldn’t, I’m too full-”

Josephine leaned over, her face inches from Paige’s. “Oh come on, don’t tap out now. Be a good girl, will you?” Paige couldn’t help but feel her cock grow between her thighs as Josephine fed her the piece of cake.

“There you go, isn’t that better?” Josephine asked. Paige nodded, trying hard to not show any sign that she was getting hornier by the second. Apparently, her attempts were futile, since Josephine sneakily put her foot between Paige’s fat thighs and wiggled them around, giggling as Paige squirmed and tried not to moan.

Paige is saved by the waitress, who came with the check. After signing it, Josephine gets up, looks at Paige and says “Come on, I’ll take you home.” Paige’s heart skips a beat. Could this really be happening? Paige, despite feeling stuffed to the brim, manages to get out of the booth, tries to tuck her plump tummy into her pants only to have her shirt ride up, exposing the top of her blubbery tummy.

Josephine holds out her hand and winks at Paige. Paige takes it, and they both walk out of the store.
The drive to Paige’s home was a blur, Josephine blabbed on and on about something or other, occasionally asking for directions, while Paige’s mind raced about what just happened. Before she knew it, they were home.

“So, mind if I come in?” Josephine asked. “W-what for? It’s night and-” Josephine giggled as she slowly walked closer and closer to Paige. “You know what for, you think I didn’t notice how hot and bothered you were? I’m not going to pass up an opportunity like that in a million years.”
Paige gulped and tried to keep her legs from shaking. The ride home didn’t help how horny she felt, every bump made her cock rub against her thighs, which only added to the problem.

“Well, when you put it like that, sure.” Paige barely made it three steps inside her apartment before Josephine almost tackled her down on the couch. “I’ve been waiting for this the second I saw you”, Josephine said, while she played with Paige’s nipple with one hand and rubbed her thighs with the other.
Paige suddenly froze. “Josephine, I have a-” Paige was interrupted by Josephine kissing her, while Josephine started to fondle Paige’s cock through her pants. “Aw, this little thing? I love it!” Josephine sped up as Paige’s cock hardened. Paige moaned, she had never felt anything like this.

Josephine slipped her hand into Paige’s pants as she started to slowly jack her off. With her other hand, Josephine slipped her hand into Paige’s bra, slowly fondling her nipple and cock. Paige felt an orgasm building, and it felt like the strongest orgasm she had ever felt. Before she knew it, she came. Paige’s mind was in heaven, she felt like she was floating. “Such a good girl,” Josephine said as she licked her fingers that were covered in Paige’s cum. Josephine leaned in to kiss Paige on the lips, then she opened Paige’s door. Before she left, she turned and gave Paige the biggest wink she had given yet. “This was fun, let’s do it again sometime!” Before Paige could speak, Josephine already closed the door.

Thanks for reading! This is my first story, so CC is welcome! More chapters to come, so stay tuned!
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