under my control

chapter 1

I timidly walked into the big building, ever so slightly intimidated by the professional exterior as I walked into the big doors. The inside of the building was even more impressive. Everything from the wide halls to the tall ceilings was a clean white colour, the hospital smell of cleaning products very present.

I found my bearings again by the person at the reception clearing their throat which made me blush with embarrassment as I hurried towards him. “Hello miss how can I help you?” The man asked boredly as he looked me up and down. I reached into my purse, pulling out an application before handing it to the man. “I’m here for the experiment?” I said not entirely sure if I had made the right decision but I handed it over anyway.

My friend had done it before and nothing had happened to her so it should be fine. But more importantly it pays well. “Ah I’ll call someone to come pick you up. In the mean time please fill in this form as correctly as possible.” The man said still very bored but maybe a bit more interested this time as he handed me a new piece of paper and a pen. “Thank you.” I smiled politely before I walked towards the benches that were placed in the lobby, noticing that they were quite reinforced for lobby benches but shrugging it off nevertheless as I let my eyes wander over the paper that had been given to me.

I began filling out the basic information they needed such as my name, gender, weight and hight before I got into the real questions.
I frowned my eyebrows ever so slightly as I read over them. Am I really comfortable with discussing my sexual fetishes with a total stranger? I asked myself but shrugged after a little contemplation, the pay makes the uncomfortable moment worth it I figured so I started filling out the form.

Please fill in this part of the form in as correct as possible for the experiment to go right.

“These questions are really something.” I mumbled to myself as I placed the past X, looking over the paper to see if there were any other questions but there weren’t any left. There was only a little disclaimer at the bottom that I was supposed to read.

We at body centric human psychology lab are not responsible for any changes in behaviour or appearance from our participants. The participant is informed of these risks and accepts them as they are and will not try to sue the company.

The disclaimer was a little weird but I guess that I’ll sign. What can they do after all and so I scribbled my neat signature onto the paper just in time as my name was being called from not too far from me. “Miss Raven Blue?” I stood up at the mention of my name, quickly gathering my things as I approached the friendly looking woman. “Hello I’m Raven How are you?” I asked, sticking out my hand which she returned. “Pleasure. I’m doctor Smith, you may follow me.” And so I did, following her trough the maze-like structure before we reached our destination it seems.

She opened the door to what seemed to be her office as she mentioned me to sit down at the desk. “So did you fill in the document that was given to you when you entered?” She enquired which made me hand her the paper. “Very well.” She said as she scanned her eyes over the answers that I had put in. I calmed my nerves a little by thinking about the fact that if this is a study about sexual fetishes, mine are probably rather tame so there is no need to feel ashamed. “Do you have any questions about the document that you just filled in?” She asked me, looking at me again, adjusting the glasses on her nose as she did so.

“No I don’t.” I said automatically even tho I was a bit confused as to what was going to happen. “Alright then I’ll explain to you how this is going to work.” She said gleefully as she put the paper into a machine that seemed to scan it.

“So this experiment is aimed towards trying to figure out if people are able to change their fetishes or if it is impossible to change your nature. The computer will analyse your results and will come up with a fetish that might suite you and will project this onto you. These fetishes are not only limited to the ones mentioned in the document you just filled out.” She told me as I listened carefully to what she was saying, not wanting to miss a single piece of information. This far it does not seem too bad, it’s actually quite cool if I have to say so.

“This is how we go to work. Before we start you’ll be shown a high frequency video with pictures of different fetishes to see how your brain reacts to them. When you’re done with that you will be fitted with a device that will stimulate pleasure in you while we show you the fetish that the computed chose for you. This may be virtual reality or the computer might chose that you see it happen on another subject. At the end you are supposed to take a test again where we show you pictured to a high speed to see how your reactions on the fetishes changed, or stayed the same.” I thought this trough so they will basically just try to see if they are able to change my sexual needs, is what I concluded from her explanation.

“So now that you’ve had the explanation are you ready to start?” She asked me, expectantly which I replied to by standing up and nodding, a tiny smile on my face as I was a little more comfortable with what was going to happen now. It did not seem so intimidating anymore. She lead me away from the room, telling me to put my stuff into a locker which I did before she lead me to a dark room, fitting a band around my head before she urged me to watch the wall. The pictures started slow but speed up more and more until I could not make out anything anymore that they were showing me no matter how much I tried to focus on the video.

I started to get a slight headache because of the constant overwhelmed state my brain was in before the video cut off. I blinked a few times to clear my head before I pulled the band off, handing it back to the doctor. “All ready the computer has chosen your fetish. All that rests us now is getting you ready.”

I followed her to yet another room, this time I wasn’t met with the strong cleaning smell but with a much more musky smell. “Alright there are the changing rooms. Put this on, you can chose if you keep on your top or not.” She pointed me towards the changing rooms as she started setting things up for me. And so I walked there with the strange machine in hand. As I put it on I noticed that it was very similar to a vibrator and it probably worked like that too.
Once I was finished putting it on, closing to keep my top on for now, I walked out, seeing that there was now a soft looking chair in the middle of the room, facing what seemed to be a window. “Ah you are ready. Now the computed has chosen for you to see your fetish live.” She said, motioning towards the window as I sat down on the comfortable chair. I looked up seeing a male about my age in a chair similar to mine, only his was quite a bit bigger then mine. I saw him drinking something that his doctor gave him before he sat straight as she left the room. “He can not see or hear you but you can. He however does know that you can see him. Now this is the remote. There are 5 levels on this machine and you are supposed to spend at least 2 minutes on each level you can however chose to stay longer if that is what you wish.” She told me, handing me a small remote before she too left the room, leaving me to take everything in for a second, looking at the remote in my hand.

“You can start whenever you’re ready.” I could hear the voice of my doctor say over the intercom which made me look around in panic. “Don’t worry we can not see what is going on inside the room, we can only see what the machines are doing and how your body reacts to it.” She quickly reassured me.

So I took the remote, putting it on the lowest level, immediately feeling the tingling sensation it sent trough me. I looked around to see what the fetish was that was about to be shown to me but I saw nothing out of the ordinary in my room so I focussed my attention back on my counterpart. I saw that he was quite enjoying himself which made me smirk I took this moment to really observe his body. He was quite muscular, not quite six-pack abs but definitely a body of someone who regularly visits the gym.

My eyes travelled downwards towards his hips to see that they were actually a bit bigger than what I’d expect from a gymrat. They didn’t seem to be completely muscle either. That is when I saw that his stomach seemed to be a little less defined than it had been a few seconds ago. What is happening here? What is the fetish that they had chosen for me? I noticed that the guy had noticed too that something was changing as his hands went to his hips in astonishment. I suddenly felt my finger creep up towards the next level as I saw him explore his body before my eyes.

As I felt the vibrations get a bit more intense I saw that he looked up in surprise too, moaning a little silent moan which could be heard by me. I moaned softly too as I felt the vibrations go trough me as I watched him gain a little more weight with each passing second. I felt really confused but kept following the orders that were given to me, moving to a higher level after 2 minutes and seemingly an extra 50 pounds on my counterpart. The new vibrations made him more vocal as well as he steadily got fatter before my eyes. It seems like with each level he gains weight faster. “You control me.” He moaned, knowing that I can hear him.

I liked the sound of that. I smirked to myself, as I watched him go from chubby to fat in a matter of minutes. The chair seemed to get a little tight as I moaned to my surprise. Did I really just moan watching a guys ass get too big for a chair? But I did not care this is what they wanted after all.
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