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Chapter 1 - prepping to bloat

Molly leaned back against the mass of blankets and pillows behind her, lifting her head up to take the tube leading from the funnel above into her mouth.

"I don't care that I managed to immobilize you unexpectedly, you're getting to 800 come hell or high water, you gluttonous pig."

Molly groaned in arousal, both from her feeders sexy determination and the intense pangs of digestion churning in her distended, engorged belly. She stuffed nearly to the limit with assorted items from the local McDonalds down the street, purposefully done due to the high calorie count, fat content, comforting sensations from being stuffed with it all, and kinky tabooness of being force fed a wholly unhealthy while delicious assortment of burgers, fries, nuggets and assorted high calorie options. For the sake of gains and kinkiness, the diet was intentionally reckless.

Molly curled her toes and groaned, enduring digestion so intense that it was arousing and making her blush, the gurgles and sloshing audible enough to be heard clearly, despite her immense volume of fat making her body several feet in length from her head to her outermost belly shelf, a cellulite laden, gyrating mass of adipose fat that rested on on the mattress, sprawling out close to her what we once her knees, now a log of fat wrapped around obsolete bones and joints. The three shelves of her belly were absolutely inundated with fat and cellulite from the constant of deluge of cake batter and canola oil infused weight gain shakes funneled into her after each large meal, adding thousands more calories on top of what was already consumed.

Molly had spent hours slowly and pleasingly being fed nearly $200 worth of food, belching constantly and cooing at the thought of her digestion literally churning the meal into more fat to load her already blob-like body.

Though she was quite full to the point of being short of breath and fighting the urge to enter a food coma, she wanted to make sure her feeder filled what little space remained with a large amount of gainer shake. He came home with three large tubs, several bottles of vanilla heavy cream, a few large boxes of cake batter and bottles of canola oil to ease it down her throat. As per usual, the feeding wasn't stopped until her calorie chamber of a stomach was stuffed and bloated just before the point of causing pangs of pain and risking internal injury. She didn't eat to fullness, she ate to literal capacity and submitted to his penchant to dominantly force feed her. It turned her on that all of her fat was fed into her by force and willing submission, loving it when he admired his handiwork.
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Carlos Franc... 4 months
Excelente, well done
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This is hot!
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Fuck this is soooo hot 🥵🖤🐷