unknown to her

chapter 1

That Fateful Night

Ash was a small thin girl. She was 21 years old, 5'3, and weighed in at about 100 pounds. She wore a B size cup bra, size 2 pants, and extra small tops. She was careful to watch her diet and maintain a healthy workout schedule to keep the pounds off. Her skin was tanned and her hair was jet black. Her cheeks were slightly chubbier than your average woman but all in all Ash was a beautiful girl, one that any guy would want. She was only interested in one though. His name was Nick Yovic. Nick was your classic school Jock. He stood at 6'2 and had a very robust figure. He played on the varsity school soccer team and enjoyed going out to frat parties every so often. He shared a few classes with Ash in sophomore year and again in junior but they never really talked much. Not until that fateful night anyway.

It was the end of Junior year and the annual year end party was just around the corner. Ash was not much of a partier but her friend Chloe, a German international student, was going to the party so Ash though she would tag along. Since it was a formal event, the two girls had to go dress shopping. Ash had found a beautiful short-cut dress. It was a black strapless dress that showed a fair amount of cleavage but also left enough to the imagination. The dress was slightly loose on her but nothing too crazy so she went ahead and bought the dress.

A few weeks had passed and Chloe and Ash went to the party together. After a few drinks Chloe was out hooking up with as many guys as she could find which left Ash alone by the bar. Sure enough, Nick was there too. Most of the time, Nick really enjoyed himself at parties but for whatever reason he was not really feeling so good at this one. The only reason he came is because he promised his friend Geoff that he would.

When Ash saw Nick alone, she became overwhelmed with different emotions. Excitement, nervousness, and fear were running through her veins but she knew that this was probably the best chance she would get so she pounced on the opportunity. "Hey Nick! It's been a while since we last talked. How have you been" she said with excitement. Taken slightly by surprised, Nick replied "Go-good! I'm not really feeling this party though." "Yeah, I'm not really much of a partier myself but my friend convinced me to come. She's since ditched me and probably somewhere in that crowd hooking up with some guy that she won't remember in the morning" she said while pointing to the massive gathering of people just in front of them. Nick laughed and said that he too only came because he had promised his friend he would come. Ash laughed and continued to talk with Nick.

They talked for about an hour, drinking beer and cheap alcohol at the same time, until Nick suggested they go out to grab a pizza. Intoxicated and hungry, Ash was super excited about this offer. They took and uber over to Valerio's Pizza, a pizza joint just down the road. When they got there, the alcohol had started to really hit Ash and her rationality. She decided it would be a good idea to get an extra large pizza with extra cheese and pepperoni. Nick paid for the pizza and was slightly hard from the thought of Ash eating such a large amount of pizza. Lucky for him, she was too drunk to notice.

The pizza came after what seemed like forever and Ash could not control her gluttony. She plowed her way through about half of the pizza before slowing down. Nick watched, trying to contain himself, as this small girl took on the extra large pizza. She finally admitted to being full after eating roughly 75% of the pizza. Nick however, was determined to see how much this girl could eat. "It would be a shame for all this pizza to go to waste" he said, "it certainly was not cheap and I'm stuffed". Nick was actually extremely wealthy but not many people knew this about him. This pizza was pretty much pocket change for him. "Do you think you could have another piece? I think you still have some room in your stomach." Ash looked down at the pizza and slurred "Yyyeahh, I guuessss I could have annottter piece. Yooou at most of itt anywayyy". Nick was shocked to see how off her perception was as he barely had two slices of pizza but he was intrigued and continued with the role play. "Yeah, I had most of it. I think you could finish the rest, don't you?" he grinned and tried to hide his raging boner. "Yeah, I guesss sooo" she said as she took another bite of the pizza.

Ash managed to finish the rest of the pizza with some effort but with Nick cheering her on, she polished the whole pizza. "Man I'm stufffedddd" she mumbled under her breath as her bloated belly hugged her dress which was not so loose on her anymore. "Come on, let me take you home" he said thinking about how much food this girl just ate. Nick called her an Uber home and got her number before she left. "I can't wait to fatten her up" he thought as he walked home. "And she won't even know it". He ended the night by masturbating to the thought of her ballooning up and finally falling asleep on his king size bed.
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Feedeeking 4 years
Like the story. Its just too unrealistic. Her belly reaching her knees at 150 along with all the other changes. She sounds more like 350.
Jack-Elray 4 years
Well I do enjoy seeing her like that. Good work as always man. I hope this isn’t the end just yet. Was hopping to get to have her triumphant feeder reveling as he feeds his new fat beauty
Jack-Elray 4 years
But I want to be clear man this is a great chapter and it is absolutely fine as is this is just y 5c worth. Also as a future note I wouldn’t have her truly ‘accept’ her new body just yet, let her come to terms with it slowly.
Jack-Elray 4 years
2. Make the binge a little bigger or at least imply it. She’s given up, she’s defeated, and probably a little depressed about it. It’s time to comfort eat.
Jack-Elray 4 years
1. Her disgust at herself and her feeling of defeat should be stronger/drawn out. She shouldn’t be happy that she is giving up on the diet she just has realised she’ll never be the thin girl she was. She’s giving up on who she was.
Jack-Elray 4 years
I like the new chapter a lot, if you rewrite I would maybe just add a little more to then end, I think her deciding she shouldn’t diet anymore is great but I would add two things to make it more impactful.
2Thick2Care 4 years
Nothing wrong with the new chapter, think it’s fine. If she’s beginning to accept her body, it would be great to write in length her examining herself in front of a mirror. I get the feeling she’s going to decide consciously that she wants to get fatter
Theswordsman 4 years
I like the new chapter if you do change it maybe make it to where she ends up eating more then just cheesecake.
Jack-Elray 4 years
Amazing new chapter man, very good work on this story. Loving it so far
Jack-Elray 4 years
Nice new addition. Hopefully she tries to lose some weight only to find they just doesn’t have the Energy or the will power
Jack-Elray 4 years
Nice new addition. Hopefully she tries to lose some weight only to find they just doesn’t have the Energy or the will power
Aquarius64 4 years
I’m keen to hear what happens next, but watch your spelling.
Jack-Elray 4 years
Good stuff man great gradual gain.
I’m assuming she won’t last long at school before either flunking out for being lazy or just not wanting to go back.
Looking forward to seeing her end up on that couch full time 🙂
Kase1098 4 years
No offense, but her gaining 40 lbs of fast and not realizing it is just not very believable. If it was maybe 15 lbs sure but you don't jump from a size 0 or 2 to a size 8 and just not notice. What about her breasts? Or her belly? She had a flat stomach, i
Kubek23500 4 years
I like your style!. I have plot suggestion. What if she realized what he's planning but without telling she's going along with that?
Fatlilboy 4 years
The slow gain is the best - she will gain plenty over time
Jack-Elray 4 years
Great story so far for sure. Love that it’s gradual looking forward to seeing her become a full fledged pig 🐷
Frostxwatcher 4 years
Seemsike an ok story, but I don't need to hear that the guy is rock hard every three seconds mood killer there
JoeBillyBob 4 years
Very Interesting. Please write more!
Akwolfgrl13 4 years
This is gonna be great!