upon further reflection

Chapter 1 - upon further reflection

Just after getting dressed this morning, as my love is rushing towards the outside world, she catches a glimpse of herself in the full-length mirror near the front door: this is the very first moment that my love realizes that she's beginning to like what she sees. It's enough of a change that she stops in her tracks to let her gaze linger. In this moment she's finally savoring the first thrills that come from wearing her growth as a monument to our intimate encounters which have added to her frame: each new ounce of flesh is a trophy and she'll soon need a new case to hold them.

Carrying our growing monument, though, has its costs: my love's mundane daily activities require more and more exertion to complete and she knows it. Until this moment at the mirror, her reflection yielded only dread. Now, though, is the first time my love sees its promise. Any apprehension my love feels while she looks herself over, any dread of carrying more while carrying on, any toll from carrying these new parts of herself through the public world--my love now finally realizes--these feelings build her anticipation for our private moments that put them there. These past few weeks "taking a load off" at the end of each day has felt better and better with more and more load.

After looking at herself from head to toe, my love can't help but close her eyes and imagine what's in store once she carries herself back home and the work clothes come off again. This morning she hungers for my gentle touch when through her open lips my fingertips would bring another indulgent morsel to her palate. This morning she hungers for my gentle touch when through her open lips my fingertips would bring another climax to quell her intertwined hungers.

Turning away from the mirror and taking the first step away, my love feels the moist heat between her legs that's been building since first catching sight of her reflection. Before she takes a second step towards the door, the thought of breakfast has her salivating. Between the mirror and the front door, her plan was set: she'd make a detour this morning to celebrate.
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Georgekoobi 3 years
This was just going to be one comment in a thread about our dream bbws, but I found that it just kept growing and growing. It needs revision and (like so many things) expansion, but I thought people here might like it in its current state.
Jazzman 3 years
Beautiful prose.Some sentences are just way too long.You seem to be very gifted with description. Please consider more Periods.