violet unleashed

Chapter 1

Violet shivered as the breeze crept up her uncovered legs. Although she was wearing a thick puffy coat, she felt exposed waiting to get inside of the club. Her feeder’s strong arms wrapped around her, his hands resting gently and almost instinctively on her belly. He whispered in her ear, “You okay, Vi? Still feeling good about this?”

Her heart warmed, despite the biting cold. He was so good to her and she felt incredibly safe knowing that despite the weeks worth of planning and organizing that he had put into tonight, he would cancel it all without hesitation if she were having second thoughts.

“I’m okay,” She said, nuzzling deeper into his body. “Better than. I’m excited.” She was rewarded with a smile that brightened his whole face.

Tonight, Violet was eating for charity. Unleashed, the biggest kink club in their area, was holding a fundraising event to support local queer youth and Violet had offered up her gut for the cause.

After greeting the staff at the front desk, they made their way to the booth sent up for them. Boxes of donuts, liters of soda, and her funnel were sitting on the table next to a wide, plush chair. A ticket jar, labeled with cute pink cursive proclaimed: Fill the Pig. Her stomach growled at the sight. Although he was unhappy to do it, her feeder had allowed her to skip her meals for the day so that she could sell as many tickets as possible with her empty belly.

He noticed the tell tale signs of her arousal– her increased breathing, flushed cheeks, and thighs clenching together– as she thought about the night ahead. He pulled her close and tucked her hair behind her ears before whispering, “Don’t worry, piggy. We don’t have to wait until we get home to take care of you. There’s a private room with a bench in the back. We can even leave the door open, if you want, so that everyone can watch.”

His words sent a shiver down her spine. He helped her out of her coat, leaving her in a lacey black one piece under jean shorts. The lingerie did little to support her curves, leaving her heavy breasts to hang and her fat arms on display at her sides. The shorts were so tight that they showed off every roll of fat in her belly, outlined her fupa, and dug into her thighs. She knew how swollen and obese she already looked, even after her day of fasting. She knew, too, that her feeder was showing her off, making her fattened body the center of attention. It sent a thrill of need and anticipation through her. Lastly, her feeder took out a pretty dark green headband and pushed it through her hair. It served two purposes: keeping her hair out of the way while she fed and signaling that she was okay to touch to the fellow club goers.

A pretty redhead in a leather harness and matching skirt made her way over to them. Intricate Japanese floral tattoos wound their way up her slender thighs and arms. She greeted Violet’s feeder and then turned her attention to Violet. “Oh, is this your new feedee? I’m Jules.”

Violet introduced herself and the woman smiled sweetly at her. “You are absolutely adorable! Are you huggable?” When Violet nodded, the woman wrapped her up in a tight hug.

“So soft!” Jules exclaimed. “Can I?” She asked, motioning to Violet’s barely restrained belly. Once Violet gave the “okay,” Jules squeezed the apron of fat and gave it a few testing lifts before letting her gut drop with a big shake. Jules gave the side of her belly a few approving pats and turned her head back to look at Violet’s feeder. “That gut is already so fucking heavy. Seems like we might have to roll her out by last call.”

Her feeder chuckled. “Zeus gave me the parking spot right next to the door. She won’t have to walk far.”

“Good,” Jules said, running the back of her hand down Violet’s round cheek. “Don’t want to waste any of those calories. I’m running the wax station right over there, so you need anything, you let me know, okay?”

After Jules left, her feeder took her hand and helped her into the chair, which Violet realized was on a raised platform. She felt like a queen waiting to be pampered and watched by her subjects.

As people started to fill the club, Violet began to get concerned. Other stations were filling up and tickets were being exchanged, but no one had come over yet. She eyed the donuts in longing, her hunger bearing down on her. Of course, he noticed immediately and opened the thick box. The scent of sugar, chocolate, and fried dough filled the air. Her stomach rumbled so loudly that it got the attention of a few people at the neighboring booths.

“Poor fatty,” he sighed, dramatically. “You’re starving aren’t you?”

He took out a donut with pink icing and sprinkles, then held it up to her lips. She took the first bite and moaned in pleasure. It was even more delicious since she hadn’t eaten all day. He fed her, bite by bite, his free hand alternating between rubbing and jiggling her belly. When she had eaten the whole thing, he gave her gut a sharp slap that could be heard even over the background music. She whimpered, looking over at the open box on the table.

“More,” she pleaded.

“You want more?” He asked. He wiped a finger around her lips, gathering the icing left behind and placed it in her mouth. She sucked the sugar off enthusiastically. “Greedy girl. Look at you. Don’t you think you are fat enough?”

“No,” She said, breathlessly. “I want more.”

He turned out to the crowd that had started to gather while she was distracted. “Did you hear that? My piggy wants to get fatter. Any takers?”

The line formed quickly after that.

It took twenty-two more donuts and over a liter of coke for her button to finally pop. The woman feeding her let out a gasp of surprise and bent down to pick up the little silver button. She held it out in triumph and the little crowd that had been watching let out a cheer.

The pressure against her swollen gut lessened as the top of her shorts gaped open and the relief of finally having more room to grow felt incredible. Violet swallowed and looked down into her lap where the top of her huge belly doubled over to cover her ruined bottoms. She was splayed out, laying back in the chair with her hands laying over the arms. The metal heart shaped clasps that held her lingerie together were digging into her swollen gut, leaving little red marks behind.

Her feeder gently grasped her under her arms to help her stand. She could sense the grunt he was holding back as he took on some of her weight. “Alright darling, let’s get those tight pants off.”

He fisted the material of her waistband, struggling to get his fingers between the shorts and her overflowing love handles. He yanked and pulled the daisy dukes down an inch at a time, nearly peeling them off, until they reached midway to her thighs and finally dropped to the floor. If she could have, she would have sighed at the release, but her breath was coming out in shallow pants. The skin below her bellybutton was red and tender. Deep marks lined her belly from just how tight the shorts had become.

Her feeder turned her to the side, so that the crowd could see exactly how round and stuffed her belly was from all of their donations. The woman who had been feeding her ran a hand down the center of Violet’s gut, accentuating the curve.

“Shit, she looks about eight months pregnant,” someone from the crowd said. A few nods and chuckles followed. Her feeder gave her a knowing smirk, as if he could sense just how hot she found that comment to be.

“Open up,” said the woman in front of her. She grasped the sides of Violet’s face in one hand and with the other shoved the third of the remaining donut into her mouth. A dollop of thick custard landed on her exposed cleavage.

Suddenly, her feeder grabbed hold of her hair at the roots, holding her still. The small amount of pain and the feeling of being trapped made her heart pound faster. “Looks so sweet smeared on my pig’s fat tits,” he said. “Why don’t you have a taste?”

The woman slowly stepped closer to Violet, running her hands all the way down from her breasts to the bottom of her belly, which was straining out the sides of her black lingerie. Violet’s nipples hardened in response and she watched with wide eyes as the woman bent down to lick the mess off of her.

“Mmm,” the woman moaned in approval. She grabbed two handfuls of fat on Violet’s belly and gave it a shake. All of the blubber on Violet’s body jiggled in response. “So delicious. I almost don’t blame you for losing control and blowing up into a huge, fat pig.”

Violet gasped at the words, feeling herself getting wetter in response. Her feeder’s praise and attention, along with the pain and fullness of each stuffing was usually just the thing to get her off, but being shown off and teased in public like this was something else entirely. Her feeder and the woman took turns playing with her swollen, stretched gut. They slapped, rubbed, picked up and dropped her hefty belly, much to the crowd’s delight. They spun her around in a slow circle so that every curve and angle could be examined. She had never felt more like the blue ribboned hog her feeder promised her she would be as she did in that moment.

The woman stepped down from the platform and her feeder helped her back into the chair. Her belly took up a huge part of her lap, resting heavily on her dimpled thighs. She put both hands on her belly, pressing and rubbing to try and relieve some of the pressure. Her gut strained under her hand, making her feel as though she were about to pop, but she knew these moments were only a brief respite. The donation jar was not yet full, and so she couldn’t be either.

Her feeder couched down next to her, placing a warm, gentle hand on her belly.

“I’m so proud of you,” he said. “Once you finish the next box, I’m going to take you into the back and put you on your knees so they can all see how close that big belly is to reaching the floor. Then, I’m going to pound that fat pussy out in the open. You’re going to like that, aren’t you? Everyone seeing how my girl gets off on being a big, greedy piggy?”

She whimpered at both the arousing images he was putting into her mind and the thought of how much more she would be stuffed with another dozen donuts packed into her already hard, tight gut. He smiled wickedly, as if he could read her mind.

He stood and faced the crowd once more. “Who’s next?”
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Karenjenk 1 month
Having been in the situation where i needed help to stand. i can say it is erotic. exciting... and kind of frightening
i enjoyed your work