waddle class

chapter 1

I had come on this cruise at the behest of my doctor. During a checkup she had discovered a cancer tumor in a place that was generally considered inoperable. There have been some new theories about cancer treatments that are far more holistic and far less invasive. One of those treatments is to rapidly gain a substantial amount of weight. Studies have shown that the fat cells over whelm the cancer cells and literally starve them out.

My doctor had great success with this form of treatment. Even insurance companies believe in the results since lots of rich food is still cheaper than chemo. There are now hotels, resorts and cruise lines catering to this new method of treatment.

The cruise line caters to this by providing eight week cruises, food services running twenty four hours a day, no exercise at all, very, very sedentary activities, all to maximize weight gain and fat cell production. The best part is your insurance company willingly pays for it! My wife, Katie, even got to come along.

Over the first six weeks I gorged myself to my hearts and belly’s content. I gained over forty pounds. Katie, was five four and one hundred and ninety pounds, her figure was awesome, all belly and bottom! I had been in the reserves (military) for over twenty years. I was in fairly decent shape when I was finally able to retire. I had always had fantasies about gaining weight and growing a big round belly.

It was the end of the sixth week on the cruise. It was early in the morning, before our morning breakfast cart would be delivered. I was worried about a class I had signed up for later in the morning. It was a class on mobility issues, specifically how to get around carrying substantial weight in your buttocks and thighs. I had checked online and I was the only guy signed up and I was thinking of canceling my reservation.

My wife stirred. “Nat are you awake honey?” “Yeah Babe I am, did I wake you, I’m sorry if I did.” “No dear you did not, has our breakfast cart arrived yet?” “No Katie, it has not, but it should be here any minute.” Just then there was a knock at the cabin door. “Just a minute” I called. I struggled to a sitting position and swung my feet to the deck. I then leaned forward and started to rock to get some momentum to stand up. With a grunt I was on my feet. I pulled a robe on and moved toward the door. I opened it and our lovely, plump little stewardess and grinning standing beside a cart covered in rich, fattening breakfast treats. “Good Morning Mr. Fox, Here’s your breakfast!” she giggled. I struggled to close the robe around my protruding belly. “Thank you Jenny, it looks awesome as usual!” I replied. She giggled again, “You two enjoy! I will be back to get the cart in an hour.

Katie said, “Nat are going to the mobility class this morning?” “Uh, I am not sure, honey. I am the only guy registered and I am already embarrassed about my little problem.” “Hey if anyone needs to go to that class it is you dear! Don’t be embarrassed, I think you look so hot with your ghetto booty.” I blushed. “Don’t call it that, ok?” “Oh I’m sorry sweetie, I don’t mean to embarrass you.”

I had grown a pretty good belly nearly forty eight inches around my waist, just what I had dreamed about. However, there was one side effect of my gain that I had not expected. I gained considerable weight and girth in my buttocks and thighs. I felt I was “pear shaped” and embarrassed to go to the pools or even walk (which was a struggle) around the ship. I love bikini brief style under wear and I did like showing off my belly wearing tight nylon brief/bikini bathing suits. I usually wrapped a towel round me to cover up my huge ass when we went up to one of the pools or to eat.

“Burp, Oh excuse me honey! That was an awesome breakfast, I am so stuffed right now.” I stated, patting my engorged belly. Katie prodded me, “Nat, are you going to your class, it is almost time. I really think it would help you, sweetie!” I sighed, “Yeah, you are right, I will go.”

I showered quickly,(I loved to shower where I could rub my belly with soap, feeling it jiggle.) pulled on a size forty-two black nylon brief/bikini bathing suit, I found a t-shirt and pulled it on, it only covered about a third of my belly, which now bulged over the waist band of my bathing suit. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist to hide my “ghetto booty” and headed to the room where the class was to be held.

I walked (best I could) into the room and as I knew, I was the only guy. The view was nearly worth the embarrassment though. There were fifteen mostly young women and all of them, like me, had gained serious weight on the cruise. Every one of them had wide round bottoms and thick thighs and to top off the view, they were all wearing bikinis or briefs! I sat down and much to my chagrin; I could feel my ass sagging between the back rest and the bottom of the seat.

I sat quietly listening to my classmates tell each other how much weight they and their spouses had gained, which of the many kiosks had the best junk food and how much food they ate at the buffets.
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