Chapter 1 - the case

When I approached the motel on Friday morning, I initially thought to keep at the reception to inquire. But then, when Mr. Brown drove into the driveway, I saw where we had to go. At the other end of the reception were two police cars and the officers spoke with some people to satisfy their curiosity. Mr. Brown drove to the police car and stopped. We got out. It was clear that we had to go to room 38. When I entered the room, I immediately noticed that the room was very simply furnished: an unused king-size bed, just an open suitcase laid on top, including some ironed clothes. A couch, a small table in front of it, an armchair, a television, bathroom and toilet. In addition, many various boxes laid around and were scattered everywhere in the room. The coroner had already expected us. Mr. Rosenberg stood behind the sofa and looked at something on the floor. When we turned around the sofa, we saw what he studied: A very big man laid on the floor with some stretch marks on his belly, but also with a few hematoma on it as well as on his breast. The cheeks in his face were red as well. Somebody might have slapped his face. But the most astonishing thing was his tremendous huge and out sticking gut. He was laying on his back and his belly stood up proud of his body. The skin was shiny and tight. He was nearly naked. Only dressed with his boxer shorts and his socks. Other clothes were scattered in the room. He was dead and I wondered what happened. Mr. Rosenberg might have seen the confused look in my face because he said, “I also wonder, what happened, Detective Inspector Johnson. I stand here quite a while and I’m still confused and curious. I’ve never seen a bigger man like him – and I’ve seen a lot as you know. And if you ask me why he is dead I would say he ate too much. He ate himself to death. Look at all this stretch marks and at the size and height of his mountain. It’s unbelievable how firm and swollen this gut is. I touched it and it is still rock hard, ready to bursting. The weight of his giant and huge belly must have pinned him to the floor. Furthermore, due to the weight and the size of his gut, he was not able to defend himself. Further, look at all those small and big boxes around here. Nobody can eat that much without harming oneself. So, at least, it’s a suicide, Inspector.”
“I see, Mr. Rosenberg, I see! Everything looks the way you explained so far. However, I still have some questions. For example, when did he die? Why are there two glasses on the table? Why does he have hematomas on his belly and his breast? Finally, look at his face. Did someone slap his face? Can somebody eat such an amount of food without help? How did he order the food? I can’t see a mobile phone. Did you find one? You didn’t, am I right? Therefore, I can’t close the case, Mr. Rosenberg. You will understand that, won’t you? I’ve to investigate several things and Detective Constable Brown will do it for me. You know him already.”
Mr. Rosenberg nods. He understands me quite well.
“But first of all: Do you know who found him and when he died?”
“Yes, of course. He died before midnight or shortly after midnight. The housekeeping found him late in the morning. That’s all I knew. You’ll get more information at the reception.”
“That’s helpful, Mr. Rosenberg. Thank you. When will you inform me about your results?”
“O, this will take a while. I need to examine three more bodies and the weekend starts. I’ll inform you as soon as possible, Inspector.”
“That’s fine, coroner. I’m waiting for it. Meanwhile, we have to investigate a lot to get behind the secret of his death. So, let’s go to the reception to start our investigation.”
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Seahorse 2 years
Thanks. It's the first time I publish a story.
Bbman30 2 years
This is different, I like it.