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Chapter 1 - the night

A noise from aside took their attention. Mrs. Chin tried to help her husband to stand up. He struggled to get on his feed due to his new weight in front of him. His out sticking and stretched gut was bigger and heavier than ever. He couldn’t hide his naked and wonderful new curve. His shirt was much too small to cover his overstuffed belly. Suspenders hold his trousers so that he could walk. He needed help and his wife helped him to get the right balance. Slowly, step by step, she led him to the door. She would drive him home and no one knew what would happen when they lay in bed. But everybody guessed she will caress him, give him a long belly rub and do their best to satisfy him. What a reward.
D. C. I. Marty King was gone. He had problems with his clothes. They all were too snug: his jacket, his trousers and his shirt. Just his pullover was wide enough to cover his new girth. So, he drove home knowing that his wife will shout him.
Mr. Han sent his wife to bed. She had done a good job the whole evening. Now, he will clean the tables and look for the last guests to leave. Mrs. Han followed his order but she knew quite well, that her husband had something special in mind. Because she knows that he adores big bellies; she knows that he likes to feed men or women, but she didn’t care as long as he loved her and no one else. She just was curious what he will do with those two sleeping men: Will he just watch their mountain going up and down or will he do more. Well, it was up to him because she had her own plans what she will do during that night. She went to bed and waited for her husband but it took quite a long time until he entered the room. Soon he snored and then she got up to work on her plan. She went down to those two sleeping men. When she entered the room and turned on the light, she noticed immediately that Mr. Johnsons mountain had grown to new dimensions. He laid on his back and showed his naked and now much more enlarged gut. She touched him, she caressed him and pattered him and she felt how firm and stretched he was. At the same time, she reckoned something strange. She felt how she was turned on by what she did. She felt how wet she became and she was astonished about her thoughts. She wondered if her husband could carry a mountain like this. She wondered how great this would be and she wondered if such a mountain would change their sexual life. Finally, she was sure that she will try it; that she will do her best to let her husband’s potbelly grow and fatten him up until he’s as big as Mr. Johnson now.
With this decision, she went to the kitchen to fulfill her plan. First, she had to test this new herbal tea because she didn’t know anything about his effects on a man. She just knew what the old herbal tea did to her. So, she filled up a pint and went back to Mr. Brown. He was the one who looked skinny compared to Mr. Johnson. She woke him up and told him to drink. Half-sleepy and half-awake he drank. Soon afterwards, she heard his belly grumble and Mr. Brown woke up. He looked around and saw Mrs. Han in front of him. He wanted to say something but his stomach grumbled again – this time very loud. Shocked by the noise he holds both hands onto his amble gut. He started again to say something but was interrupted by another much louder grumble. Finally, he lifted his hands and said: “Give me a helping hand, please. I have to go to the toilet right now.” Of course, she helped him to stand up and to find his balance due to his heavy gut. Then she showed him the way (which he already knew). After a long while, he returned. He smiled bright and told her how wonderful it is to get rid of all that food. Mrs. Han noticed that his belly looked definitely smaller. She was disappointed. But then her mood changed when she heard him say: “I’m hungry. Is there anything to eat?”
“Well, yes of course! Just sit down on the couch. I’ll bring you whatever you want.”
Mr. Brown sits down and Mrs. Han hurries to the guest room where she suspected all the leftovers. She filled a plate and handed it to Mr. Brown. She couldn’t believe her eyes how fast he shuffled the food into his mouth. She fetched another plate with leftovers and Mr. Brown gobbled it down. This went on quite a long time and Mrs. Han watched his steadily growing belly. This was hot. She was turned on and she feared that he will eat all leftovers. Finally, it happened. Everything was gone into his out sticking and ballooned gut and he still looked hungry. She couldn’t believe it.
“Wait, wait a moment” she told him. “I have some fruits like banana, pineapple and others – and I have some boxes of ice crème. What would you prefer?”
“I prefer ice crème, of course.”
“Okay. Please wait a moment. I’ll get it for you.” She returned with a gallon of coconut ice crème. “Well, Mr. Brown that will fill you up. You won’t be hungry afterwards.” Mr. Brown nodded.
“But I think it’s the best when you lay down on the couch and I feed you. Your already enlarged belly will have more room to expand, when you lay.” She helped him to lay on his back and put some pillows under his head. Now, he could easily swallow. She started to feed him spoon after spoon. When nearly half of the gallon was gone, he begged her to stop. He felt more than full. “Well, Mr. Brown you did a good job so fare. And there are just some spoons left. Swallow and we will finish soon.” He hesitated but she put the next spoon in front of his mouth and he opened it. This went on until the box was empty. Mr. Brown laid on the couch holding his globe with both hands. Pain was in his face. Mrs. Han looked satisfied when she stood up and touched her artwork. His newly globe was bigger, harder and rounder than before. Carefully she patterned it and caressed it. “I’m proud of you, Mr. Brown. You have fulfilled my hidden dreams and I‘m sure you won’t regret it. But now, sleep well. I will look after you in the morning.” She left the room and switched off the light. While she went to bed, she thought about her plan to fatten up her husband. Now, she knew how the herbal tea works and she will start with her plan right in the morning.
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